Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It Was A Busy Morning......... Yesterday!

Hello sweet blog family,

Our story continues to unfold. This is one of my favorite times of the day, when someone adds to the life of Sarah. We need a name for the story,

any ideas?

Would love for you to come and write with us over at "Will You Help Me Write A Story?" Click. and leave a comment with your addition to the story if you like. If you have already written......... come back and write again!!!! Also don't forget to read the story. It is turning out very sweet and I love all that you ladies have added.

It was such a busy morning yesterday. It was our first day for orientation. We made sure we looked nice and wanted to be early for the first time. Grandma Jo, said when you went to town you needed to look nice. Sweet memory. We got their at 8:45, our meeting was at 9:00 so we thought. We found out that the meeting was not until 10. Okay............so lets go see Momma and Miss Clarice. Momma was adorable in her pink headband and pearls. I love how the ladies at the manor are making her look so sweet with her necklace and hairbands. Makes my day! They were both doing well. I told Miss Clarice that she was in our story and that she was a fabric shop owner. She giggled with delight at that. Made her feel a little special I think. Older people need to be loved, even if some are not lovable. I know now, because I met a lady at the school that had nothing nice say. I think she is going to be the one I am going to love on the most. Have any ideas of what I can do? She must have had some hurts in her life to be so grumpy. Maybe it was just a grumpy day for her and another day will be better. We had a step Grandma in Phil's family that was quite harsh and abrupt. I loved that lady so much. She ended up loving me also. I remember when she crocheted me a blanket. She literly threw it at me. Said, Here I made this for you." I was totally shocked. Ya know, I kept doing little things to bless her life and she ended up being the sweetest lady to me. My children were taught to call her Grandma even thought she was the step grandma. She loved them. I think it gave her purpose. Phil couldn't believe it, because she was always kind of.......not nice, but she started to be more kind as we gave her honor. Do you have someone in your life like that? I think we all do. God usually uses them to change us. Smile!

We made it to the meeting yesterday 15 minutes early. There were lots of ladies and a few men. Some of these ladies had worked there for 15, 18, some only 3 years. It was obvious by some of the language, that this was going to be different. It finally hit me that we were going to be in a different world. Not in my home as I have been for 36 years of marriage. I can't begin to tell you how I think this might be harder than I thought. One thing I am so grateful for is that I will still be with our girls off by ourselves. I am realizing how much I love what God designed and that is the family. We sat at the table and all the information that we were hearing was a bit overwhelming. We signed so many papers, that I felt like my life was being signed away. The company we work for sounds almost to good to be true. We will have benefits that we have never had. Then Quintin (one of our bosses) said that there were 700 plus students signed up for college. SEVEN HUNDRED STUDENTS! Okay, by this time I am PANICED! Keep calm, Linda. I was reminded of the scripture, So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10. I can tell you I will be holding on to this verse. I will make up a card for our work area and keep it close to my heart! This will be different for sure, but our family knows without a doubt, the Lord has a plan and the road is straight for our family. We will walk right behind Him, one step at a time. We have asked Him to make a way for us. This is part of it........ we are sure. For the first time we will be leaving our farm every day to go out and make a living. I have always been a stay at home mom and have loved every minute of it. I loved having my children around me and pouring everything I had into their lives. One thing I am so grateful for is God is letting us go together. What of are the odds of that happening? It is only because we have asked Him to ordain our life. We are on an unknown journey........at least we can be together. Father," I am so thankful you are my keeper of my family."

This is what we came home to. I know I am one of the most blessed Mommy's out there. It was so num! Tressy had made barbecue spareribs. We don't usually have this, but we found a large package for $4.95. She made up her own sauce and it was delicious. She cooked rice, fresh steamed green beans and a yellow squash dish she makes with almonds and parmesan cheese. She is such a good little cook, going to make some man happy someday!

We went to pick up our van that Lloyd our friend said was fixed. It was only a little wire that was out of place. The sad thing is that the girls car is dead. It was a fantastic little car for them and when we called home to tell the girls they were so sad. Now when we so badly need two cars. Hmmmm...... Father, here we are again! We will wait and see what He will provide. Life is hard isn't it. Just when you think you might be getting ahead a little bit. Life happens. We are praying. The girls will be making good money, so they will be buying the next one. That will be good for them.

My email for our blog always goes out at 1 every day. I was so hoping to get a party going this morning, but it is not going to happen. I will have it ready by the afternoon........ so check in later in the day if you would like to be a part! I have so been trying to do this forever it seems...... and today is the day. Can't wait! I think you will like!!!!!!

I heart you all!!!

Going to be making pickles, putting up some more tomatoes and cleaning around the house today. We want to be organized before next Monday for our first day at work (what ever that is) . All the football players are going to be back. I think this is going to be interesting............. ladies............Lord make us a blessing!!!!!!!!!! Smile! Pray for strength for us please. I am usually a busy bee most of the time, but I think it is different when you are at home. Now we will be going out and using a lot of energy.......... I get a little scared .............I have to admit. Trusting though myself with HIM!!!!!!!! Smiling. Maybe this won't have to be forever?!!!?


Blessings and hugs from our little farm,



  1. I know what you mean about some people being cranky, My daughter years ago had a teacher that was not so nice. It would upset her I told her to smile at her often, be as sweet as she can to her. You know she never did change (the teacher), my son had her this past year, I didn't know if we would make it. She was always yelling which caused him to shut down in her class. But again I told him to respect her and threat her nice as you can. She hasn't changed, but it did make my children understand sometimes people are not always nice, but they are still to treat them in a loving manner. So something come out of it. I am praying for your daughters a car. We are fixing to be down to one. My daughter carries hers to college with her and my husbands motor blew up in his truck. And at this time we can not have it fixed. I have a suv that he is using for a work truck. You just have to do what you can sometimes. It is all good.

    Love and prayers always,


  2. Oh my! Cooking for 700 people would be scary! But, you are right... God gave you this job and so he must know best. He WILL provide the strength you need. What a blessing to be personally involved in so many lives. I can just tell already that they are going to love this lady and her daughters who are making their meals so special. Some may have never been able in their whole lives to have such a special meal. You will be a blessing. I am so happy for you and the possibilites that are endless. I am looking forward with you to all the many ways that God will sustain you and provide strength for you. His promises are true and give such hope. It is just like an adventure serving the Lord! You never know what may be around the next bend, but you know WHO will be with you!

  3. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

    And we know that the Stubbs family has been called according to Your purpose, Lord. So we look expectantly and gratefully to You working all things together for their good....for they LOVE YOU SO.

    Thank You and praise You that Your promises are faithful and true....hallelujah --- to God be the glory. In Jesus' awesome name I pray. AMEN and AMEN

  4. Linda, hang in there, watch and learn and trust in yourself and everything will work out just fine. Try not to take the things that people say too seriously, most people are good but they are scared and unsure of themselves too. Praying that all goes well as you travel out into the world.

  5. Hi Linda,
    My hubby was a teacher at Sterling College in the Communication Department when we lived in Sterling in the last half of the 90s. God has placed you in a special place at the College--all students eat! The students there need you, your family and your influence in their lives, but if you've adopted students in the past you know that. They need to be loved on as well as the other employees. What a great ministry opportunity for you as a family :)

  6. Hi Angie, You are a good momma. I would have wanted to take them out! I am sure they are the stronger for it. Thank you for praying for us on the car and I am praying for you and your truck! You are right that you have to do what you have to do!. WE have been having to go in our truck all 4 of us. It is good we are not real big. The girls buckle in one, me in another and dad in his. Has to work for us!

    Anna, I am going to miss my home so much. I love being at home and this will be real different. I am so thankful we can all be together though. You said so much sweetness to me. Thank you. I don't want to loose my focus as a mommy to my own and my grandbabies. I have been able to help them anytime they need. I will trust!

    Becky, thank you for the encouragement. You are so right. We do love Him so. Thank you for praying!!

    Patty, You are so sweet. I so agree with you. I have found in my life time the ones that talk so hurtful are the very ones that have been hurt. I am asking the Lord for unique ways to love this one lady. It was really cool. She was so grumpy and our boss Quintin said. You need a hug and hugged her. How precious is that?

    Connie, I didn't know your honey was a teacher!!!! How cool. wish I new you then. I lived south on highway 96 south of the bridge coming out of Sterling. Hmm we would have had fun! Yes we know some of the faculty. It should be fun. I still would love to be home though! I am thankful that we are all together. Isn't that amazing?

    Hugs to you all!

  7. I know what you mean about grumpy people - I have a little saying that I remind myself of "there's always a reason why people are like they are" ... we can never know the hurts that some people have gone through and I think their grumpiness is their way of protecting themselves against more hurt. You're *so* right Linda - all we can do is love them!

    I do so hope your job works out ok - it's so hard being away from the home when it's a place you love to be. Remember though, whilst this job is needed right now, nothing is written in stone and it may lead you to other jobs or situations you might feel more comfortable in. I wish you and your family all the very best wishes as you start out on this journey together.

    Love Willow xxx

  8. I'll be praying, Linda! We have friends that are ministering (that word looks funny...) to the athletes at the local public university over here, and what a blessing they've been as they've poured their lives into these young guys who are away from home and needing family so much! I really think they are impacting these men, and you will too! And just a thought: you might want to put a paper bag over your girls' pretty heads! Unless of course, this is an all girls school???? :)
    LOL and big hugs,

  9. Hello Willow, thank you for the sweet encouragement. I find myself kind of going into a little panic and then I catch myself and run to the Lord. I do so enjoy my home. Can't believe I have to leave it, but I will leave it with my family! That is a good thing.

    Kathy, you just make me smile, maybe it's because we are family! smile!
    I know that the Lord is going to use us and that is the only reason that He has us there. Bag over head? Yes, I am so thankful that we will be in the back of the kitchen. We will spend most of our time there, definitely during meals, we will be in the back. I am thankful for that. Please keep us in your prayers. We said something to our 18 year old that maybe she would meet her husband there. Not a good idea, she is not interested. That can change fast though.

    Come back ladies and sign up for the giveaway at my blog!

    Blessings, Linda


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