Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hello, everyone!!!! You are the Sweetest!!!!!!

Herb Garden Ciabatta ready for rising

Baked! It will be for sandwiches on Wednesday.
They have tons of fresh herbs to cook with.

Hello!!!!!!!! I am still alive! We did do better today. Well, until my boss said that tomorrow will be a big cooking day! I thought everyday has been a big cooking day!!!! Smile! Right before we left he said that we had to make 10 big pans of homemade cornbread! Then he added that I needed to make little peach tarts for the President's wife, because she is going to have a ladies luncheon for 30. Now it is not hard to cook for kids especially football players that don't even look at their food and only inhale it, but a ladies...............luncheon. Oh MAN, what have I gotten myself into. I will be okay, right? We will have Tressa there for the first time, so that will be special. I will focus on that!!

Well, how did the day go? The kitchen does not have but one little clock on the wall a little ways away from our station. Also, they don't have any timers. That was not a good deal as you know, because we burnt cookies yesterday. A lot of cookies. Okay, so I bought 2 timers. I wear an apron and it doesn't have a pocket on the sides or on the little top front part. So I put it inside the top part of the apron (looks a little strange but it is close to my heart. heehee. That way when it goes off it will do two things, 1. wake me up and 2. tell me that the cookies are done. We had to then get on to fixing the plates up for the lunch desserts. We forgot the cookies. THE ALARM DIDN'T GO OFF! How did that happen? I set the silly thing! Anyway we both rushed (you can't run in the kitchen) to the oven. They were burnt again! Good it was only 4 dozen and not 8 the day before. Now Quintin our boss said that things like this would happen. They happened!!!!! He told us that we could have the mistakes for our chickens. We could not believe it!!!!!!!! A chef that works with Mr. Phil came by, I told him that the timer didn't work. He showed us what you had to do. So, we just kept going. After we got the plates done Quintin wanted us to make a bread that I had shown him earlier......... that I bake at home. He wanted 6 loaves. We went to the big machine we used yesterday. Being very careful to not put it on fast again and setting the dial..................now mind you it had tonssssss of flour in the big big steal bowl. Tay and I were standing together again.....in front..........of the bowl...........and flour went all over us. I got the giggles as I looked at Tay with flour......... all over her, I had it allover me also, but that wasn't as funny. I said, "I feel like Lucy" and she said as serious as could be .............. "Well, I refuse to be Ethel". I laughed so hard.............it was just like home!! My girls have truly been such a blessings to us over all of the years as I have been a keeper of the home. Like I said........ today was so much better and the day went so fast! They fed us breakfast and that helped me tons. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Your emails were so precious that you wrote today and yesterday. What love you have shown my family and we just know each other from the internet!

My sis called and we giggled so hard. It was a good medicine. Everyone keeps telling me I will make it..........smile......... I know that the Lord will not leave me!!!!!!! I love Him so! He has used all of you who have written in a major way. Thank you!!!!!!

When we got home I saw these two little strawberries growing in my galvanized bucket. Loved it!!! , I guess I am appreciating the little things more! I will always want my home. That is a good thing.

I then went straight to my chickens and ducks. Then off to the garden. I had my little praise time with the Lord and it felt so good to be back on the farm. I picked tomatoes, cucumbers and a cantaloupe. It felt wonderful. I put up 6 gallons of tomatoes for the freezer and separated the really good tomatoes and we will sell Quintin some tomorrow for the college. That will be a good thing. He has said he will buy other produce from us. God is good!

My honey was such an encourager today. Kept walking by me and would ask how are you doing? He knows this leaving the home, is very hard for me. I know he was praying...........he told me so. I am praying for him. I am so proud of him and he looks so cute in his outfit. Now me? That is a totally different story! Honest I look so funny in the silly hat you have to wear, but ya know what? It doesn't matter, right? I just get the giggles looking at myself in the reflection of the refrigerator window. You might think. Oh, it can't be that bad. Yes, it can!!!!!!!!!! Heehee!

"God use us to love on the kids that are in the kitchen and the other men and women"!!!!! I love my lady boss Sherry. She is a sweet heart. She works so hard. I want to do little acts of kindness for her. Any ideas? She came and told my Tay that she was doing a great job!!!!! That was special for Tay. She beamed! I was a happy momma, that she would say something so nice.

I am taking pickles tomorrow for everyone in the kitchen. Hmmmm nummy!

DON'T forget the drawing on Friday at Noon. I will not be able to announce until Saturday. With working and all. Sorry!!! We will reveal the winner at 1:00. Sooo can't wait to see who wins the Bundle of Christmas!

Oh one more thing, remember I said I was entering the contest for the cookie thing? Well I took it on Monday to show Quintin. He is interested in things like that. We had to take the truck in to work on Monday, because remember the girl's car died and Tressa had to use our van. Well I left the cookie in the truck, because my hands were full. I left it..............the window was rolled down..............a cat got in and ate it........., not nice kitty!!! It ate my CCCCCCookie!!! I was not happy! Guess it was a good cookie. Hope Create and Decorate thinks it is good!! Can't wait for the drawing. Hmmmmm, ya know, I don't know when it is. I will have to look that up!

Anyway, I love you all...........bunches. Tomorrow "I refuse to be Lucy".......no more flour all over us! Smile!

WELCOME TO ALL THE NEW FOLLOWERS! You have been noticed!!!!

Blessings from the farm,



  1. Hey, no pressure with the eternal LIST of baked goods, huh? Right now I think I would be happy just sitting by the oven watching your cookies for you to make sure they don't burn :) Still praying for you, and amazed at your energy!

  2. Soooo sorry about your cookie! I'm glad that today went better for you. I thought of you during my prayer time and I prayed for you and your family. I'm new to your blog, but I just know from what I've read so far, that God has a special plan for you all, working in that kitchen! I can't wait to see how His plan unfolds. Thank you for your blog, it is encouraging to me ...

  3. Dear Linda ~ Just stopping in to say hello to you! What a fun post...you write it out so wonderfully...I can just picture you telling these stories all animated and sweetly! LOL...I liked it when your girl said she refused to be Ethel! Emma likes "I Love Lucy"...what scrapes she got herself in hey? That story with the flour sounds like you had a "Lucy" moment...how precious that you can laugh about it! :)

    In His Love,

  4. I am *so* happy your day went better today. I will pray that every new day will be a little easier for you and your family. Your day sounds exhausting but inspiring too. It sounds so interesting, maybe even something that I would like to do someday?

    I am so glad God has this plan for you. Keep up the good work!


  5. Lovely to hear from you Linda. 2 days down and 3 to go and then you'll get 2 lovely days on your farm. I do hope thats how it works. Really enjoying your posts.

    Blessings Gail

  6. That herb garden ciabatta looks fantastic! What a great idea. :-)

  7. Linda, I am praying for your family. Glad that things in the kitchen are getting easier for you. By next week, ya'll will be pros in the college kitchen. Maybe you can share the ciabatta bread recipe with us. Please drop over visit my blog when you have a minute. I think you will enjoy.


  8. Just think of all the great memories you are making that will have you laughing for years to come! It does sound like a Lucy show. I received my NOTEBOOK KEEPER today and it is SUPER CUTE! Your design is awesome Linda!
    Thank you and God bless you! Love, Jeannie

  9. I want some of that yummy bread! It sounds like you had fun even though you were all working so hard. I love stopping by. Linda you are such a joy to know. I am having so much fun knwoing you. Anne


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