Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fresh Tomatoes, Onions and a Really Good Hamburger for the 4th!

We love our hamburgers with a little spice! This is the easiest recipe. All you need is this little bottle of...............

You will need to buy a bottle of Grill Mates, Montreal Steak seasoning. We usually use it on steak, but our girls are always coming up with fun meals from our farm kitchen. They tried this and now we want it like this every time! For each pound of hamburger mix in 1 Tablespoon of the seasoning. Shape into hamburgers.

Shake more seasoning to taste on the top of each hamburger.
Press the seasoning into each shaped burger. Grill on the grill!
I was so excited to beable to slice our tomatoes from our garden!!!! To think this tiny seed planted in a cup and it grows to gives us lots and lots of tomatoes for our family! God is soooooo good to us. Hope we always notice! Also pulled a few onions. They aren't real big, but they worked for us!
Our daughters were at some friends house for dinner. The momma made her hamburger buns this way and so we have started to do the same. Use real butter. Butter each side of the hamburger bun.
Cook on the skillet.
Build your hamburger and eat. Mmmmmm num! Tell me what you think! It really is so good. We will be eating these for the 4th of July. Do you make anything special or do anything special for the 4th? I would love to hear your traditions. Ours is to go to our city lake. It is so beautiful when they shoot the fireworks over it. We have a big family and so we bring quilts and chairs. I always get to lay with the grandkids looking up at all the fireworks. Beautiful!

Today my grandson is going to help me go and cut down some branches. We are going to make something special together. I will put it up on Friday. It is simple and a fun decorating idea.



  1. Yum! I love steak spice on just about the winter I will do similar burger patties up and pour mushroom soup over them with more steak spice.....serve over mashed potatoes!

  2. Oh yum! Would you like to join my recipe exchange? If so, check my blog for details and spread the word if you wish. Around the World Recipe Exchange!

  3. I love hamburgers..and I love that Montreal steak spice too...who knew the too went so well together :) :) :) My father and I don't really have any traditions for the 4th of July. We try and go see fireworks somewhere. What's really fun is they do a big fireworks show here in town..and people will literally line the streets and be sitting onchairs, blankets..whatever....waiting for the fireworks :) :) :) Love and hugs, Heather :)

  4. Yum! Have a wonderful and very blessed weekend.

  5. Sounds good! We use this same seasoning with our corn on the cob. Just throw in some butter, add some seasoning and the corn on the cob and cook as usual ~ it's great. We use to have a big family gathering for the 4th. Now that my parents are older it does not happen as often. I miss it.

  6. Sounds just outstanding-- I have to try the burgers made that way. On the 4th my daughters and thier husbands come and we have a big cookout on the grill-- This year we plan to grill Brats and have baked beans homemade of course with herbed baked potatoes. Watermelon and peanut butter pie to follow.Oh and fireworks when darkness falls. I love being with my family and enjoy the life God has given me. God Bless You and enjoy your grandson.

  7. Linda...Oh these burgers look amazing!! There is nothing like a grilled bun! This is how I learnt to grill the bun years ago..when I was about 16 and worked in a small town cafe! So now when someone gives me a 'cold' bun...I'm like what is this?? lol We've never tried the Montreal Steak grill mate..will have to tell my Tom about it!! Thanks for sharing......

    xoxo Gert

  8. We use this as well. Try the smokey mesquite sometime; it's a winner as well!!!

  9. Sounds Good!!! We use a steak seasoning,but I don't think it is that one, I'll be excited to try it! My little boy turned five on Wednesday, but his daddy worked all day, so we are celebrating this Saturday. He loves the United States and the American flag, and being that it is the 4th of July weekend we are decorating everything red, white & blue for him. Really it is festive for everyone, but he thinks it is all for him! :-) I'm making a flag cake and a United States jello mold. Of course the grill will be going too!
    Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  10. Hi Linda,

    PS The blueberries that we picked were not on our property, I wasn't sure if I made it sound like that or not?? Don't want to mislead! :-)
    I have to say though, I would love to have some blueberry bushes!!! We have several blueberry farms by our house, so we go pick them there. It is so pretty to see rows and rows of fresh blueberries!
    I finally got some pictures up (with you in mind) of some of the things that are growing in the garden.
    Take Care,

  11. MMmm, they look really delicious! Here in Italy we don't celebrate 4th july, but it's always time to stay togheter and have a great time, so on Sunday the 4th we are going to meet lots of friends for dinner. About my baby, he is kicking a lot, my tummy is really big and I think it's wonderful! A strong hug from Italy!!!

  12. I have this seasoning in my home but have only used it on steak but think I will give the burgers a try with this added. I recently purchased the one they have for chicken but have not used it yet. Have a fun 4th of July.

  13. Yum! I make a dish my sis concocted. You slice an onion, add whole or diced mild chilies(fresh or canned) and fresh or canned mushrooms. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper and oil on top and fold into an envelope of foil for the grill. Also good on the stove top or microwave in a casserole dish. Top those burgers and dogs with it! Yummy! I am a bread person! I want a yummy bun for my burger!


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