Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just A Few Happens!

Hello sweet ladies,
It has been brought to my attention that the type on my posts has been small. I AM SO SORRY! When I put up my post I sometimes use a font that was different then what blogger gives. I wanted my blog to be unique to me. Sorry, but I didn't know that it wasn't looking the same for you, what it looked like for me. I don't want it to be so tiny for you to have to try to read. Thank you for your understanding and thank you to the one who let me know! I love you bunches!

Mrs. Red and her babies

I haven't shown you the newest babies yet. With all the celebration of getting ready for the 4th, Tressa's graduation and all, I forgot. Mrs. Red is the proud Momma of 4. She had a few bad eggs and the others were not fertile, but we are very happy with our new flock of chickens that will be wonderful for new eggs. I haven't counted how many the momma's have hatched this year, but it will be nice!

They are the sweetest little babies.

She is teaching them to scratch for their food. She has been getting a little rough though. Sometimes they go a flying, if they are under her feet. Yesterday I put her in time out, outside for a little while to give the babies a rest.

Remember the little duck named Jack that was born premature, because we thought it was a bad egg and I let my grandson throw it (story here). It ended up having a live baby duck inside?

Well, now they look like this. The one on the right is Bartholomew and the one on the left is Little Jack. They are so adorable when they are little and then when they start growing up they get a little homely. When they are full grown they get beautiful!

Flowers mean potatoes!

Today we are going to be make a meal for a family in our church. The Momma is pregant and has a foot broken in 3 places. Their family went on a family trip and she fell. It has been very hard on them, so we wanted to help out a little. Last week we called and told them that we wanted to fix a meal just for she and the Mr. It was going to be a surprise meal and we would bring everything to set it up. We also said we would take their son for the evening. We are all excited. I went to go get the potatoes in the garden this morning. They are best, when they are little and brand new!

I took a pail filled with water and a strainer. This way I clean the potatoes when I am in the garden and don't have to mess up the kitchen with the dirt. Our Taylor will be making her famous new potatoes with garlic, butter and a little bit of herbs. They are so NUMMY!


Thought you would like to see what our son harvested on his land. It was beautiful hay this year! This is all my grandkids except for one that couldn't be there. Love this pic!
The Lord has filled our quiver!!!!!

Well, we are off today to go see about building another fence this morning. Remember the fence we built a few weeks back? The family loved it. That was nice and they want another one!!!!!

There is a very sweet lady that follows our blog that prays for work for us. Well, the Lord is listening to her and we are so grateful for those of you who pray for us in this transition in our life, after farming for 30 plus years. Thank you for those of you who pray for our family. I am still praying for you!


Blessings from the farm,



  1. Thank you for changing your font! =] I was just thinking on that last post how I wished I had a magnifying glass so I could read it and my eyes aren't that bad YET!.

    The baby chicks are so adorable Linda! I can understand about momma needing a break. Sometimes when my little chickies chirp, chirp, chirp all day long I get a little testy too. Maybe I need to start giving myself a time out. Hehe!

    Sounds like a yummy meal and a wonderful evening for the family. What a blessing you all are!

    The picture of your grandkids is so cute. What a neat idea, they look so darling!

  2. Linda....
    You are such a sweetheart!!!! I love reading your posts..:) :) I've thought about using a different font on my blog..and was wondering how easy is it to switch from what blogger uses, versus a non-blogger font? I'ld like to try that!!!

    I showed my dad your post today and he's so funny...I was oohing and ahing over Mrs Red's babies....two red ones and two black ones...all super cute in their fluffiness. My dad asks "How did she get black ones if she's red?" My reply "I'm not sure...probably the roostser dad has black feathers"..I don't know anything about chicken DNA...hee hee hee :) :)

    Then I was just ecstatic about Bartholomew and Little Jack...both so cute and "grown up"...My dad again..."He's not little Jack anymore...he's Half Jack"..hee hee hee :) :) well, both are fine looking ducks :) :) :)

    And back to the baby chickens...chicks...I came up with a new word for those fluffy baby cuties..."chicklets"... :) :) :)

    I'm so glad you and hubby are getting work. I'll start praying for more work for you both...and lots more orders of your nice patterns and things!!!

    Extra love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Oh,...I forgot about the family you're making the meal for...What a blessing you are to them. I'm sure that meal is tasty...and potatoes...I love potatoes. I hope the mother recovers soon. You're right...that can't be easy!!! I'll add them to the prayer list!!!

    More love and hugs from Oregon, Heather

    p.s. Thanks for enlarging the font...but I would still read anyway...your blog is awesome!!!!

  4. Good Morning Linda :)

    The chicks are too adorable! And Jack and Bartholomew are still cute to me :) God is so faithful in providing for our needs isn't He? What a great harvest of Hay, I love the photo :) OUr neighbors just finished their first cut of Alfalfa. I love the evenings when there is a breeze blowing frm the window of Alfalfa, so delightful. I look forward to it every evening while doing my dishes. Have a blessed day in Jesus!

  5. always love your happy posts, they make me smile.
    love to you and yours xx

  6. Oh I love all those babies, nothing as cute as baby chicks, I have no rooster so there will be no babies, boohoo but I love my hens, they are laying good and giving us enough eggs where I never buy them any longer, *Yeah* loved your post, and yes the type is much better, hugs and blessings my friend.

  7. Thanks so much for the bigger font! The babies are beautiful sooooooooo Cute!! Washing the potatoes before they come inside is so smart.Wonderful crop of hay the children look as if they are having a ball standing on the trailer and posing for the picture. God Bless you have a wonderful day.

  8. Linda..Hello to you too..what a blessing you are to so many! I can just imagine how your friend will really appreciate your thoughtfulness with food and care.

    Love the baby chicks...they are so cute! And Jack and Bartholomew are really growing, what a blessing from God to save Jack's little life (a couple times)..

    I know the font change really has to help..what I did..on my bottom bar it shows 100% so I would increase the size to where I could read it:) However, this is soooo much better! I must remember to always do that on my blog also. Sometimes it's just easier to use the default one!

    Oh I keep forgetting to ask...but what did you name your little 'black' calf??

    Have a blessed day and good luck on your next fence two are amazing!!

    xoxo Gert

  9. Good Afternoon Linda,
    Just stopping by for about two minutes before I had on down the beaten path to Mammaw & Pappaw's house, with the babies, to stay over night and help my mama pack a bit (Hopefully we will really get packing done and not just chat the night away, it is so easy to do that! Smile). What a sweet post, I love stopping in and seeing what is going on on your farm. Ihope to have some chickens some day... I've been waiting for the babies to be a little bit older so that they can help, maybe two more years, we'll see. Oh those chicklets (like Heather said) are so cute and fluffy! I like the ducks too! Do you have to have a pond on your land in order to have ducks??
    I love your picture of the potatoes in the garden, good idea to clean them outside like that. What a servants heart you have....The family that you are helping will truly be blessed! That poor Mama!
    Oh my goodness that picture of your grandbabies on that hay wagon is priceless!!! So glad you shared it with us.

    I better go for now... I will be praying for you and your family... That the Lord will meet your needs!
    Lots of love, Carissa

  10. I need a chicken! :-) Love the pictures! Your containment for the chickens looks smart - an elevated woven wire floor. I'll have to remember that.

  11. Darling hen and chicks..I am so glad to be back and enjoying your the grandkids photo...God bless!

  12. I just started following your blog ' and I love the pics you shared , especially the hay with all but one grandchild ...lovely & I have to tell ya we have a few things in common ..I to have hens , ducks so it was kinda nice to see your pics and reading your blog ..brings a smile...God bless you , protect you & family ..Hugs


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