Saturday, July 10, 2010

Second "Simple Post" Today!

Hello, again!

We had our simple little breakfast this morning out in the Potter's Shed. It was delightful! While it was still fresh in my mind I wanted to post about it. We talked and giggled and had such a sweet time and made a memory. The girls and I came up with a plan. I will tell you at the end of this post.

Fresh cut up strawberries with sugar,
Homemade whip cream made/powdered sugar
(the best way),
grapes and
Strawberry Water.

I was able to use the flowers for the table again. It was a very nice morning.

Fill jar with lots of ice, add frozen strawberries and water.
In Mexico they have every kind of fruit water Micah said.
I love my large mason jar water pitcher.

Placed some mint and flowers on the plate of scones.
Just adds a little loveliness to it. When I make my scones I pat into a circle,
cut in 8ths and pull each section away from the circle. They will puff up
beautifully! You can also use a heart shaped cookie cutter. Very sweet!

Mmmmm, delish! Melts in your mouth Num for sure! Very easy to make.

Tressa and Micah both have blogs. Our youngest daughter Taylor does not have one yet.

Tressa is our daughter and Micah is a very special friend of our family.
She calls me Aunt Linda and I love it!

Tressa's blog is Walking In His Path

Micah's blog is Unfading Beauty

We talked over breakfast and they are going to be doing a Bible Study starting on Monday called Redeeming Ruth. Anyone that wants to join are welcome. I want to give a little disclaimer here. Pastor Mark sometimes is a little brash. He preaches in the Seattle area and there are so many people who do not know Jesus personally. His message is powerful though. Love how He opens the word of God. Please, if you are a young person still under the care of your Father and Mother, please ask them first what they think. The girls are not trying to assert authority over the parent. They are just trying to get some other ladies and if they have daughters, involved in a Bible study with them. Be sure, if you go through it, have your Bible before you. Whenever you listen to anyone preach, you need to have the word in front of you as your guide! Sign up on their blog, if you are interested. They are just three young women walking daily with the Lord. I am so excited to see what the Lord will do with this simple act of obedience.

Please do not feel pressured to do the study!

Hope you like the recipe if you haven't gotten it from
me before. It is really, really easy to make. I use a food processor. Takes seconds to make up!

P.S. I wanted to tell you that Mr. Phil walked away from the doctors visit very well. The doctor said that the bruise was a surface wound and not internally. We were so thankful! He has a little bit of high blood pressure, so he gave him something to help with that until he can get that down. He has always been so healthy except for allergies. We are very thankful to the Lord that is wasn't anything serious. Thank you all for praying for him. He was really encouraged by your comments. You are all sweeties.

Blessings and hugs from the farm,



  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pastor Driscoll, and Redeeming Ruth is my favorite sermon series of his so far, followed closely by the "Peasant Princess" series he did. LOVE!

  2. He may be brash, but he can sure preach the Word! Even though he makes me nervous at times, I so appreciate him and his heart for the lost. I also love the heart of your precious family. I thank God for you! Gloria

  3. What a beautiful breakfast spread you had! I wish I were there with you. You always have the best times with your daughters and friends. Hugs Anne

  4. always I just loved reading your post. What a beautiful breakfast you prepared, oh so lovely... Wish I had been there! But your photos made me feel like I was there virtually!!

    xoxo Gert

  5. Your photo of the scones and strawberries is making my mouth water at 11 PM. That is not a good sign. I think I better go to bed lest I whip up a batch of scones or start grazing.

  6. What a lovely breakfast.. your such a sweet mama!

  7. Hello,

    Gretchen, Yes it is good! I haven't done the other series. I will look into it.

    Gloria, so glad you have heard about him. Did you see his video on Haiti? It was so good and now he has one on Israel.

    Anne, you are so sweet! I do have the best time with my girls. I was not the best daughter growing up. We had lots of sad issues in our home. I did love my Momma, but she was hurting so because of alcohol. I vowed I would not do that to my family. God has spared me from so much heartache in not hurting my kids.

    Gert, you always leave me the nicest comments. It makes me feel special. Wish you all could have been there. We should have some kind of blog Reunion! Tents? On the farm? Heehee!

    Cranberry, you need to make some scones up. They are so easy! and nummy too!

    Amy, I have read your wonderful blog and you are a sweet Mama also!!!! It is wonderful being able to bless our children so!

    Love, Linda


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