Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dinner Is Always Simple When You Have Guests!

You are welcome to use my picture on your blog, if you like.

I had these flowers on our table last night. Simple, but pretty! I used a little pitcher, tied a ribbon around the handle and went and picked flowers and mint on the farm. If you use your mint in your flowers it gives a wonderful aroma to the sitting area.

Hello sweetie ladies,
Last night we had guests in our little Potter's Shed. Some of you might not know what that is. My Mother In Love (who is now with the Lord) used it as a shed for her mowers and tools. I wanted to fix it up as a place to put my veggies and flowers in the trough and also a place to entertain. Over the years it has become a place of refuge for family and friends. The header on my blog is the entrance to the Potter's Shed. The roof was blown off years back when a very gusty wind came through the farm. I like it that way, because when the night time falls and the moon and stars come out, it is a little hideaway. I also have CHRISTmas lights all around the top edge of the shed. Well, last night we had some friends of the family come for supper. The young man asked why was it named the Potter's Shed. I got to tell him that it has been a place where the Potter (Jesus) has let us encourage weary families in their journey here on earth. I truly believe that our homes are to be used to entertain and nurture. In the summer I get to use this sweet little hideaway to do that. We as Christians must have encouragement and reach out to those the Lord puts in our path. Not everyone, just those we touch shoulders with in the day to day life. It is a privilege to do. I remember a wise lady. She said when you entertain, make it simple. Plan the day before and be prepared. Don't make it a burden. I have always remembered that, because with my life it has to be simple or I can't do it and won't because it would become a burden. I entertained even when my kids were little. Sometimes I only made soup and homemade bread. We can learned so much from others when we eat together. That was the case last night. I had young ladies and a young man that sat at my table. I remember sitting at other families tables when I was young with my little family and I would gleaned from them, just by eating with them. I watched everything they did. How they set the table, what they prepared, their conversation and what they said. They would always encourage me as a young Mother and I loved it. I can do that now and we did in simple ways last night. We all walked away blessed. Talking about the Lord and the plans that He had for their lives. It was a sweet night. The meal again was simple. The conversation was made into a memory.

I thought I would show you little places in the Potter's Shed of pictures I have shot.

This door leads into the silo. It is not used anymore,
but it is still a special place on the farm.
I want to make a Secret Garden in it some day.

I love this latch. Look at the little cut pieces of steel to help hold
the nail in. Farmer's are wise.

A shelf full of my clay pots.

The morning sun, in the Potter's shed, welcoming the day!

Yesterday Heather from Heather's Blog-o-rama asked me what kind of camera I use.
It is a very simple one.

A Nikon COOLPIX L22. I love it and think the pic's turn out wonderful for what I need
it for. I want something very simple and it is not expensive either.

Also Angie from Blissfully Blessed said,

"Don't you just love fresh fruit and all that can be done with it. Jellies, jams, cobblers, pies(yum, yum). Not every made the jams or jellies but willing to try. Someone gave me a quart of blackberry juice, if you know what I can do with it please let me know) God is so good."

I told Angie that I use Ball Easy Gel Liquid Fruit Pectin or my jams and jellies. This was the only picture I could find, not very big. Sorry! It will work great for the black berry juice that was given to her. How fun for you Angie that you were blessed so nice!

My girls just called. They just left to go running with their friend, Micah. They are running every morning and then starting on Monday they are going to be doing a Mark Driscoll Bible study on the book of Ruth. It is an excellent study. We did it last year and it is on the web. I will tell you about it tomorrow and maybe you can go through it with yourself or daughter. I'll see what the girls might want to get started on their blogs. Hmmmm sounds fun! Anyway, I told the girls I would fix up the Potter's Shed and fix them breakfast this morning. Remember easy? Scones, strawberries and whip cream. I will get to sit and listen to their girl talk. It will be a good morning. Not what I planned, but I wouldn't miss it for anything. I wish you could come!

I will go light the candles and get everything ready.
They will like to be pampered by their Momma and Auntie!

Have a special day, you make the sunshine in my life! I will be putting up apricots for the winter today and finishing up some sewing that has to be finished!

Love you bunches, from the farm



  1. Linda, what a wonderful home/farm you have. So much fun to be had. What a sweet place to entertain too. I like simple. I am a simple girl. Wild flowers in a pitcher to me, is allowing the artist ( our Lord) to bless us with his beauty. You are greatly talented in so many ways.

    I also wanted to mention that Beth Moore is currently doing a Siesta Summer bible study with the book of Ruth. A book written by Kelly Minter Ruth~ Loss, Love and legacy. I would love to do this.

  2. Linda,
    Coming to your blog is like rest for my soul. I am so blessed by this beautiful post!
    Simple dining is a good reminder. I love the idea of soup and bread!
    And having guest in that wonderful POTTERS shed is a perfect place to rest and have fellowship.
    Beautiful post!
    Blessings and love,

  3. I LOVE your potter's shed! I have a small shed on my proterty that I want to make into a potting shed. I just love the old stuff!

    You can do so many things with that blackberry juice! Myself, I would make wine, but that's just me. Aside from jelly, which I'm sure you know how to do, you can make a several other things:

    1) Blackberry cake. Just use a good quality storebought plain white cake mix and use the juice instead of water. Use the juice in place of water to make the frosting too.

    2) Make blackberry homemade ice cream! Follow a simple vanilla ice cream recipe from on line and use the juice in place of some of the cream/milk. Put it in a metal bowl in the fride. Let it freeze for about 1/2 hour, then remove and beat well with mixer. Return to freezer. Take out and beat about every 10-15 mins after that for another hour or so. Then let it sit in the freezer until you want to eat it.

    3) Blackberry syrup (use on pancakes, waffles, ice cream, cakes, etc.) Add equal amounts of sugar to syrup in pot on stove. Heat on med, stirring constantly. When dissolved let cook until thickened OR add a little sugar, heat up and thicken with a bit of corn starch, dissolved in a bit of cold juice.

    4) Blackberry biscuits and muffins. Use the juice in place of fluid in the biscuits or muffins.

    5) freeze it in ice cube trays then take out and store in freezer in large freezer bag. Take out one cube at a time to use for little things or quick fancy juice drinks when entertaining in your "Potter's Shed". These will make thick slush drinks when blendered, as well.

  4. Great post! Yes it's about BLESSING not IMPRESSING!

  5. Sounds lovely. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Hello, Hi Amy, thank you for the info on Beth. I love her. Went to see her a few months back. Very good! I will go to her blog and check things out! I used to listen every day to her.Thank you for coming over and all your sweetness.

    Yvonne, You are so kind!I took my daughters and Micah over to your blog today. It is sooooo beautiful. Love all your plates and everything! I would love to sit at your table!

    Sheryl, look at you!!!!! Thank you for all the info. I loved it. You must like to cook!

    Cheyenne, Cute what you said! Thank you!

    Hi Patty, It was lovely and simple. You have a wonderful day also!.

    Blessings ladies, Linda

  7. Oh Linda..your blog is always so interesting. I just love to come here everyday and hear from you what a lovely day you make it!! Yes, each day is what we make of it and you always trust in the Lord and show others how Christ like you and your family are.

    Thank you for sharing......

    xoxo Gert

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