Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Day At the Auction and Grandpa Jack's Red Truck!

Grandpa's Red Truck, in place ready to be auctioned off.

Yesterday morning came soooooo early to my brain. My body just did not want to get out of bed. Both Mr. Phil and I have have been so tired lately. Mr. Phil came in at 6 and tapped me on my toes and said it was time to get up. The day I have dreaded for along time was here. I gave the Lord my day and as we drove Mr. Phil asked the Lord for His help. It set the tone. I had a choice to rest in Him and and trust what the Lord had for us.

The auction was to start at 9:30. I wish every one of you could have come with. Wouldn't that have been a party! A herd of women, husbands, children, and grandchildren? Anyway, we were not able to get the red truck down to the the auction the night before. There was some complication for Mr. Phil in getting it started. He worked way into the night trying to no avail. As it turned out we had to tow it all the way down. We got to the auction a little after 7.

When we got there we drove the truck into the place they wanted it to be. Right at the entrance of the auction! The young man put the farm # on the truck. Now Grandpa Jack's truck was just a number. That was hard! We then went over to the trailer to get our auction number. It was #50. We were ready for the day!

Wonder how many times I have opened this door over the years. Smile

There was so much stuff, as I looked around the auction. Others were still bringing in some of their things. Everything you can imagine!!!!!!!!!! You can't believe how much fun it can be!!!!!

This antique mower was really neat.

This old ringer washer would have been fun with flowers in it. I new it would go high.

I have always liked little oil cans.

This little tractor went for over $200.

Before the auction started I went to look around at some of the things
I would want to bid on.

I went over to check on the picket fence. Still laying there (it wanted to go home with, I could just tell). I couldn’t wait to bid on it. I am really cheep when it comes to bidding though. I looked around a little bit more and found a potato fork and a really cool wooden handled cement shovel. I liked them both. Thought I would bid on those also, because we need a cement shovel for our other fencing job. Have I told you about that? That will be for another day. I ended up getting the potato fork and cement shovel. $3.00 each. Yes!!!

Anyway, I found an adorable kerosene heater. I wanted to bid on that, if it went low also. That was all I found. Lots and lots of men were coming as the small things were winding up, that meant maybe they wouldn’t want my girly stuff. I was ready when they started bidding. I ended up getting the kerosene heater for 7.00. I was soo excited. Isn’t it cute? I will use it in the potters shed when the weather gets nippy in the fall. We can cuddle around it.

The sale was going strong. The trucks and tractors would be later in the sale.

They had two sales going on at the same time. One on the North section and one on the South. We were at the north side because Mr. Phil was trying to see what some of the things were going for. We missed my picket fences. We were about 8 items to late. I couldn’t believe it. Stink, as Grandma Jo always said! I went up to a lady and asked her if she knew who bid on the picket fence? She said that no one wanted it so this one lady (who writes down the amounts of the items bid on) bought them, but really wanted the just the windmill part for her garden! She told me who the lady was and off I went! I asked the lady about the fence and she said, "Would you pay ONE DOLLAR for it"? Can you believe it? I was ecstatic. GOD was so merciful to me! Even if He hadn't worked it out He would still be merciful, right?

A young man brought a puppy, my grand daughter loved it.

So did my grandson.
My littlest grandson joined in and played for hours.

It came time to sell the truck. The first one for sale. I was praying that the Lord would let us buy it. Our middle son had called his Dad and said he would put up $200.oo, because at this time we could not afford it. It sold to us for $175.00.
It is ours!!!!!!!!

So, Grandpa Jack, we are asking Jesus to tell you, that it is here on your farm. A memory of you, who worked so hard to make this farm a place of refuge for those who will come behind us and those who are living now. We will leave a note in the glove compartment. A picture of you and a story about you,
in memory of you!
We love you, Grandpa Jack!

Love and hugs from the farm!



  1. Oh Linda, what a banner day! Grandpa Jack's truck, the picket fence, the special time with family! How wonderful our Lord is! I am so happy it all worked out for you and your family!


  2. Linda,
    I am so happy Grampa Jacks truck is still at the farm...and I can hardly wait to see what you do with the fence!!

    Stay cool in our hot Kansas.

    Lynn from Hutch

  3. Yeah..Linda!!!
    I'll comment more on all the super cool things you saw and bought...and what a blessing on that fence :) :) ) You know what, I was praying that you'd be able to keep the truck and God would provide a way somehow!!! I didn't want to tell you though...kept it secret :) He did..God answered my prayer for you and your family :) :) :) :) Now that truck is Y-O-U-R-S!!!
    So awesome. What a blessing!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  4. Linda you are so blessed to have such a generous and loving son. Please tell him how proud I am of him for honoring his Grandpa in such a way. I know ya'll will enjoy every ride in Grandpa Joe's old truck. I am glad that you got some items that you wanted at the auction. We all know God is good. Jason is hanging in there, one of the tumors that they have been treating is now gone. So we are making progress. Please continue to pray for healing and that he will soon find work.

    Have a blessed day.

    Old Machala Farm

  5. Our God is an awesome God! Wow, what an amazing day He gave you in so many ways. Loved the little puppy too. Can I ask for a personal prayer from y'all? Tomorrow I have jury duty which isn't a big deal, but the day after I have a dr appointment for my cancer check and I really want to be able to make it. I know God is in control and already has all the details of jury duty and doctors worked out, but I thought I'd step out in faith and ask. If God can give you Grandpa's truck back surely He can give me a one day jury service. If He doesn't that's okay too.Thank you so much. Rejoicing with you,
    Jeannie Schlitt

  6. Oh Linda,
    This is the most amazing story--I am in tears!!! It reminds me of that song "Private Malone." (The letter in the glove box.) I came here via Heather's Blog-O-Rama...

    You have the most amazing blog, amazing story, and amazing spirit!
    I have a blog called I Owe it All to Him--it is an inspirational blog...only 3 weeks old.
    I'm having a link party today--would you mind linking this blog up to it??? I know everyone would love to read this!

    Well, I am signing off for now...I want to show my husband this story...It is so touching. God bless you..

  7. Linda, I am glad you had a winner day, but the part about the truck just tore me to pieces. I have a "Grandpa Jack" in my life, too. My best to you and yours, Gerry

  8. Okay...Linda...I'm still so in awe of Grandpa Jack..the loving memories and God provided a way for you to keep the truck!! That's so cool how God answers prayer in such unexpected ways.

    I wish I could have been at that auction with you today. I loved the photos of all the fun items. That ringer washer was just adorable. now I'd actually use it for real...because I love vintage appliances!!! The oil cans...I liked those too and the white fence..That's so sweet..will you repaint it or leave it the way it is? I could see some beautiful flowers cascading over the top!!1 I saw that on a neighbor's white picket fence yesterday. It was so pretty!!!
    I would have gone crazy ...crazy in a good this auction with all those things for sale :) :) The photo of your grandchildren with that puppy is just too cute. That puppy was just giving kisses to everyone : :) :) Have a great rest of the weekend and a good upcoming week!!! Much love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  9. Oh Linda,
    I'm so excited you linked this up! I'm going to write a note to ask people to come to read's amazing!!!

  10. Sorry to come on again, but just wanted to tell you that my honey loved the story too...
    And I want to say that I love that picture of the beautiful bed with the Christmas's like a movie! I LOVE it!

  11. Linda, what a wonderful day and post. Your story made me cry. I'm sure that it didn't help that I left my dad in Houston this morning. He and my sister drove back to MS and I drove home to West TX. I won't see him again until December or next March when I go meet my new grandbaby. That's another sad thing that my MS grandbabies only see their Nonna once a year.

  12. Hello, came here from Cindy's blog, I Owe It All To Him. Loved your story and I am so happy you and your family have the truck. God Bless!

  13. Yay! So glad you got to keep the truck! :) Now I can take you to China again. Hehe!

  14. Hi Linda~ I just hopped over from I Owe It All To Him...I love your blog and have really enjoyed reading this post! I look forward to reading more...I am a new follower!

  15. Linda Praise the Lord! He is so good! I am so glad you got the truck. I love that red truck. It must look at home on the farm.

    You always make me smile and I am happy because I had a long weekend and need to get to bed. But this post made me smile from ear to ear! :) Anne

  16. Hi Linda,

    Found your blog from Heather's. What a wonderful, moving post! I am so glad this worked out in your favor. I feel God works in mysterious ways sometimes, and he's always listening to us, and providing. Love the pictures of the children with the puppy! Such joy. You have a lovely blog, thanks for sharing! Have a great day.
    Blessings, Jill

  17. Dear Linda ~ What a WONDERFUL post! How precious these special things are...directly from the HAND of our LOVING Heavenly Father!! I am so happy for you! Loved all the pictures. :)


  18. GOD was so merciful to me! Even if He hadn't worked it out He would still be merciful, right?

    amen amen amen..and oh girl..that KNOW I would love it,,lol.

    Just finished leaving a comment at Heather's blog telling her I just love you,,lol. ((hugs))

  19. Now that's truly knowing the history of a vehicle!

  20. Praise The Lord!!!! Isn't the Lord wonderful!!! I'm so happy that the day turned out like this for you!! You have your Grandpas's truck and your picket fence.
    Contentment for sure!! This was a great post!!! I was just drinking in the auction... I love to go to places like this and hunt for treasures. Mama and I are plopping the kids in the car and heading off to my friends corn field...They said their sweet corn was ready and that we could come and pick some if we would like to. I like to freeze corn for the winter so this is just another blessing from the Lord!!
    Love you!

  21. Oh my what a wonderful story Linda, praise God he allowed you to buy this precious truck, I seen lots of things in those photos too one the old may tag washer, I had one just like it when I was young, heehee God is so good, and I cannot praise him enough. Hugs my friend

  22. Praise the Lord, how beautiful and wonderful are the hands of our Heavenly Father! He loves us and loves giving us blessings. Sometimes even through the hands of our own children. What an awesome day...thank you for sharing. And Jeannie I'm adding you to my prayer list. NOw off to check out the other blogs... blessings!

  23. Linda,
    I so grieved with you as you prepared the red truck for auction. I had pictured the sad face of the truck as it was taken from "home" and put on the lot with the other "cast-offs". I was so sad. I thought to the Lord, wouldn't it be neat if You could work a way for them to keep "Red"! How silly of me to not think that God would give you the desires of your heart! God is so good! Blessings upon blessings are heaped upon His children! I'm so glad you got all the goodies! There is a stack of picket fence on a neighbors land and oh how I've looked at it! I'm so glad for you!

  24. Oh Linda,
    I love the header pic!!!! It's precious!!!


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