Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baking New York Cheesecake.......easier then I thought!

Hello Sweet ladies,

One more day and I am going to be Home........ getting ready for CHRISTmas. Can't wait. It will be so wonderful! I have so many things I want to do......I will have to definitely give my day and time to the Lord. I am a little on the excited side! 

Today Tressa and I did some catering baking. We had to make 8- 12" New York Raspberry Cheesecakes for 120 people. You can find the recipe on my Pinterest College. It tastes wonderful! The only thing we changed in the recipe, was to make a raspberry syrup and drizzled it on the top. Using a toothpick we swirled it around the cheesecake before baking. 

Hung a little jar with a candle on an old cupboard tonight. Thought it turned out sweet. I will be doing a lot more decorating and sharing with you on how to make some of the things. 

Checked the baby chick eggs tonight again. They are really filling up the egg! They will be hatching in less than a week. It will be so much fun to be able to watch them hatch all day long and not have to be gone!

Have you been doing any decorating over at your blog? Please let us know and we will come and see!

Hugs, Linda

P.S. I just received an email from Delainey's Grammy. It is so sad.
Here is what Sue said,

Pulmonary catheter indicated surgery would not help her heart or the pressure in her lungs.  Waited too long??!!
Christy is very upset, please pray for her.
I'm numb.  We wanted to help her all we could and this is very frustrating. 
I appreciate all your support in prayer and in loving kindness.
Please ladies continue to pray for this precious family and every other family across the world that are suffering so! Life is so fragile.  Made my heart so sad. Thank you ladies for being there for Tim, her daddy, Christy, her Mommy, John, her Poppa and Sue her Grammy! You are so precious!

Let's pray........Father, you are the one that we can run to when our hearts feel like they are breaking in two. We are so thankful that you understand our sorrows. We ask in the Name of Jesus, that you bind up this precious families broken hearts. That you would give them the strength for the days ahead, that they would keep their eyes on you and not what is going on around them. Precious Father.......we entrust this family to your care...and know that you will meet their every need. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen


  1. This CHEESECAKE looks divine... I will definitely have to try the recipe.

    BLESSINGS & I dearly love your blog...

  2. Hi Pamela, thank you for the sweetness!!!!!!! I just went over to your blog. I knew that you were new. I love your blog also! How fun is this. I became your follower. I am sure you can't on mine. It is not working for some reason. Sad!

    Well I will be checking in on yours! I also did a like on your facebook.

    Hugs from my farm, Linda

  3. Hello Sweet Lady...
    Sure will be praying for this family. You are right...there are a lot of people that are hurting right now...
    My goodness...this cheesecake looks delectible! I'm going to your pinterest right after I get through commenting...
    You have a wonderful place for us all to come visit!

  4. Praying for this family.

  5. The cheesecake looks YUMMY! You have such a talent for decorating simple things:))

    I'll lift up this family in prayer~ Jesus is the author and perfecter of our faith; He Himself is our peace.

  6. Linda,
    I may be the only one who needs to be informed how to use Pinterest. When you have time, can you explain it?
    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!
    Many Blessings and Smiles,
    charlovesmark at gmail dot com

  7. I'll lift up this family in prayer. So Sad :-(
    I don't know how to use Pinterest either....

  8. Your cheesecake looks devine!
    My Husband and I have been praying for Delainey and her family, sorry about the news, let us not give up hope! Through Christ all things are possible! If two or more pray together miracles happen!
    It is sad to see a child hurting like this.
    Blessings to you and your family, enjoy your time at home!

  9. Oh my...that cheesecake looks oh so yummy!! Love your little candle..what a sweet idea!! So glad you are going to be HOME for the next few weeks. smile...

    My prayers are with Delainey and her family...

    xoox Gert

  10. Oh Linda, there is just such ungodliness in this world today. I will pray also for the little 12 year old who is going to have a baby. So sad, and her childhood is gone whether or not she keeps it. I pray she doesn't have an abortion but either keeps it or lets a family full of the love of God raise it. Yes there are so many lies that a young girl will believe because she just doesn't know any better. I pray for you and your family and hope that God will continue to work in your lives because you are all doing his work and doing it well. I would like to ask you to add my husband Leroy, to your prayer list. He had major back surgery a month ago and is having some very serious pain problems in his legs and feet. The doctor hasn't been able to determine the cause of it exactly and we will be going next week to have the nerves in his legs and feet tested.

    In God's love,

  11. Linda,
    That cheesecake looks AWESOME :) :) Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts, too :) :)

    Thanks for the update on little Delainey. Keep us updated on her status when you can. I'll continue to pray for her and her family!!!

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  12. I will pray.
    I will always come eat some cheesecake!
    You girls are very bad influences making such things like that! Hee Hee
    We never know why God allows what He allows and does things in our lives to honor Him and glorify His name. I will pray hard.
    God Bless the family.
    Hugs Anne


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