Saturday, December 10, 2011

Good Morning

Hello sweet ladies,

The farm was so beautiful this morning. The sun was coming up and the farm just glistened with a layer of frost on top of everything! 

The old leaves and weeds looked beautiful.

Thousands of little snow crystals...........

thought about how everyone was different! 

Piper enjoying the breeze!

Fixed a wire basket in the tree where Shelby Girlie Hen sleeps at night outside the kitchen window. It made me feel better. Lets see if she sleeps in it! 

Mr. Tom was showing off to all the Girlie Hens! Thought he looked so pretty.  I still have to carry a stick so he won't chase me. 

Momma Hen was waiting for all the little Banties to come 

opened the door and the farm cats were all staying quite warm snuggled in the straw!

They fly out of the little barn so I have to be careful when I
open the door. They don't care if I am standing there! One of my favorite things to do!!!!!!

Their favorite place to go is where there is a bush and some trees. The boys were cock a doodling! Music to this farm girl's ears!

Yesterday I went to see my Momma. As some of you know she is in a nursing home not very far from our farm. It never gets any easier to go. She can't talk and is in a wheel chair every day. When I came this time she smiled real big when she saw me. It was wonderful and I have it tucked in my heart for those days when she doesn't.  She has Alzheimer's, but I do think there is a part of her that knows me. 

My precious Miss Clarice...........I am thankful she loved her Father in she is with her sweet man........she couldn't wait! 

After I saw her I went to go visit my Miss Clarice. I came to her room and her name tag was not on the heart sank. I always knew that this day could come. I went to go see if she was in a different room, because that does happen. They told me that she had  passed away this week. When we open our heart and let people hurts real bad when they are gone. She was a very precious friend and I know that our relationship made her last days special for her and myself. 

I thought I would leave you again the gift that she gave to do little crocheted flowers. I have made tooooo many to count. A little gift, but it blessed me so. The other was her old I could make a pattern from it. I will treasure it. God gave me so many blessings as I would sit under her teaching. She always had nuggets of truth to hand down.............she was my Titus 2 women......and a very special one at that.

Chain 8
Slip stitch into the first chain to make a circle.
Chain 4, (this is the beginning of my cluster stitch for one petal of flower), yarn over crochet hook 2 times, put hook into center of the circle and bring stitch through 2 loops and again through 2 loops, leaving 2 loops on hook. repeat one more time. This will leave you with 3 loops on your hook, pull stitch thru all 3 loops on hook. Chain 4 and slip stitch in circle.* We did it!!! Our first cluster is done. Oh, how I hope you can follow Clarice's and my instructions. Repeat starting at the beginning with chain 4, and make 5-6 more clusters. Tie threads off. Now that wasn't hard was it? Clarice used variegated thread. I just used the ecru. I can see these clustered on a baby blanket. I used to make cream flannel blankets with shell stitches around the edges. I always embroidered little flowers on the corner of the blanket. Hmmmmm I guess that is another lesson. 

Today I am invited to go and be with Grandma Yoder to eat lunch........another Titus lady........I will glean while I can. Do the same ladies.........adopt someone, if you don't have an older lady in your life........I did and I am so rich. They always take me to the place where Jesus is. Not fancy like.........simple life styles........lived out before from the hand of God.

Enjoy your day........and if you have a nursing home close by......see who needs a friend.......if you have little ones.......take them with........our grandchildren hit the floor and are off to go see their friends when we go. It is a good thing to invest in their lives......even thought they are at the is for them......but you will see it will be for you also!

Love you precious ladies......asking the Lord to fill your cup.......with Himself. 



  1. I'm sorry to hear you lost your precious friend. Your friendship with with Ms. Clarice must have been a treasure for her. I'm glad your Mom recognized you. Love your photos and post. Your cat Piper is a real beauty. Mr. Tom has a handsome color. Crochet is an enjoyable hobby and I hope to try those cute flowers soon. Thank you for sharing these things.

  2. Oh Linda I am so sorry to hear you lost a dear precious friend. It is always hard and I know you will think of her often as you go about your life. It is amazing how much they can bring to your life. I did this once, adopted a beautiful little lady at the nursing home where my Mother and Dad were. I did the same thing as you...went to her room only to find one day that she had passed.

    Blessings to your the pictures of the farm and all it's beauty!

    xoxo Gert

  3. Hi Linda,

    I just think your cat Piper is just so adorable. Of course, I think all cats are cute :) :)

    Yes, I think carrying a stick when Mr. Tom Turkey around is a very good thing!!! Remember what happened ot my friend :) :)

    God is so good to give us small gifts, like your mom's smile ;) :)

    I'm sorry to hear about Miss Clarice's passing. She is a blessing to you, and indirectly a blessing to us, too :) :) Did she have any surviving family?

    Thanks for your sweet post today, Linda :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  4. So sorry to hear of the passing of Clarice. I'll miss the posts you did about her. She is with her Lord now and perfectly happy!

  5. I love that you have these dear sweet ladies for friends. I have one sweet old friend that has had to leave her own apartment and move into her kids home. I don't know if I will get to visit with her anymore.
    Thank you so much for the All Year Long Quilt Pattern. I don't know that I will make a quilt with it, but I will make wall hangings, I love those.
    I have enjoyed my visit this morning.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  6. Hi, Linda~

    Your pictures are so pretty. I love those frosty mornings too! I especially loved your kitty pictures.♥ They're too sweet.

    So sorry to hear about your friend passing away, but I'm glad she knew Jesus.

    My grandma also has Alzheimers, and it is difficult when most days she doesn't recognize any of her children or grandchildren. Like you said, it is a special day when she does.

    Your little crocheted flowers are beautiful! I remember my mom making little butterflies like that.

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend.♥

  7. So very sorry about the passing of your sweet Titus gal this week! Sending along all my prayers, thoughts and hugs to you Linda....
    We all need those Titus saints in our life!

  8. Oh I am sad Miss CLarice passed away. I loved your stories with her. But I know where she is smiling down on you now! I am happy your mom smiled. God is so good. My friends mother is really ill with Alzheimers. No one wants to be around her. She was widowed very young and remarried in her 60s. Her husband left her, told her kids she was so physically and verbally abusive. He said "I am 82 and I can not do this." They are putting her in a home. Pray for Mrs. Lucero. Alzheimer's is such a sad disease. My friend Sandy's stepmom took care of her dad to the end. He was such a brillant man and is broke Sandy's heart. She was not a Christian and she passed away two years ago. I often think of her as I always tried to gently witness to her. Hugs Anne


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