Tuesday, December 20, 2011

IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!! And There Is MORE COMING!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

Thank you to all who have joined the party!!!!!!!!!! Thank you also for all who have sent me tea! I have it in a jar........you are all so sweet! 

Yesterday we were on a road trip for most of the day.........rain rain rain! I didn't care, I was stitchin as we drove. I love it when we go somewhere, because that is my time to get to do whatever I want! Love it. Did some last minute shopping later in the afternoon and my sweet man took me on a date......so sweet! When we came out of the restaurant and it was SNOWING! Like huge quarter size flakes falling from the sky.....thousands of them. Everything was covered and I was one happy Alaskan/Kansan farm girl!!! We had a half hour drive home. That was a little bit scary for me, but my sweet man was used to driving in Alaska. Ice was underneath the snow! We had to go 30 miles per hour all the way home.

My sweet man took these next two pictures for me.

Love this huge elm tree that is up our lane. 

Ice is all over the trees........limbs are falling.....that is not fun in the spring to have to pick up! If you click on the pic you can see the ice better.....it really is beautiful, just not safe to drive in!

I woke up this morning and Shelby was in her nesting spot outside the kitchen window, like she always is. She was getting snowed on, she didn't care. She is such an indepentent "GIRLY"!!!!!!!! 

I wanted to go out to see what it looked like. Got on my farmgirl boots.......my fav's! 

I know they are not very "purty".........but love the feathers!!!!!!

Isn't this beautiful? It is the chicken fence. 

Pic of the turkey's feet prints. I miss it when we would see after the snow had fallen all these little mice and shrew feet prints in Alaska. I could just imagine them dancing under the moon light while everyone else was asleep! Yes..... I have an imagination! 

My sweet Tressa is still real weak from the flu, but better.........love this pic of her kitty, Sophie. They are staying warm inside!

I went to the milk barn this morning to let the girlies and boys out! This time I was prepared with camera to show you how they fly. They were adorable this morning. Hope you enjoy the video!

Please sign up for the Gooseberry Patch/Prairie Flower Farm Party  if you haven't already!!!!!!!!! I have so enjoyed all your comments. Gooseberry Patch liked all the love also! Me too! 

Hugs from my snowy part of the woods! I am stitchin alllllll day long! Got the dishes done, house picked up.........can't wait. Love you all very much and may God bless your day!



  1. Hi Linda :) :)

    I'm glad Tressa is starting to feel a little bit better. I pray she'll be completely recovered by Christmas time :) :)

    Your chickens are so CUTE...I laughed watching them fly out of the coop. It kind of reminds me of my dog, Rosie, when she goes outside. She doesn't fly...but she races out the door because she's happy to go outside.

    A couple of your chickens look like they had really bad "feather" days :) :) :) :) So cute :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your readers, I'm just stopping by new blogs that i think are interesting. And then ill put some of those on my favorites list to visit again. Happy holidays folks and wishing everyone a healthy new years as well. Richard from a Amish community in Pennsylvania.

  3. Linda,

    I love your feathered girls! They are fun to watch. Shrews?! o-O I remember seeing a scary movie about killer shrews when I was little lol.
    So glad Tressa is feeling better :)
    Glad you got some snow. Thank God we didn't get the blizzard they predicted.



  4. Linda, I just *love* your boots! Where did you find those? I need some like that and I am real picky about the pattern and yours are *perfect*.

    God bless you in the snow! Enjoy your CHRISTmas!


  5. Oh Linda I'm glad you are happy about the snow!! I'm like you I'm not happy with the ice however..it can be so dangerous! And now I try NOT to go out in it..for fear of falling... You know how it is when a person fears breaking their hip!! I love all your chickens... Btw..didn't Shelby like the box you fixed for her?
    I'm so glad you are having an enjoyable time sewing?

    Hope Tressa continues to feel better...my prayers are with you!

    xoxo Gert

  6. Hi Heather, thank you for praying for Tress........she appreciates it!!!! Yes I have two girls that have really curly feathers. That is the breed. It is fun to have them!

    Amish Stories, thank you for stopping by! Your site looks very interesting.

    Susan.......they are funny. Oh my on that movie......I want to remember my sweet little shrews that lived in Alaska. Hope our snow doesn't leave us by melting tomorrow!!!!!!!

    J.C. I bought those last year on the internet. http://www.amazon.com/Laura-Ashley-Elegance-Wellington-Boot-Cressida/dp/B004U6SHDW I don't know if these are still available, but I have soooooo much fun with mine! The color is right..........red. Hope you can get some!!!!!!!! I am enjoying my CHRISTmas.........it is wonderful. Thank you for coming over. I couldn't get on your blog for the longest time.....now I can.

    High Gert. Heehee.......I fixed Shelby her sweet nesting box......and she moved to the other side of the tree. Last night was the first time that she came back to her old sitting place.......but she wouldn't go into the box. All that trouble. I am still waiting......maybe she will lay eggs in the spring in it.

    Thank you ladies for stopping by! Hugs, me

  7. You would think Shelby would appreciate the shelter box! Brrrr... Love the video. You make the snow and ice look like fun!

  8. I forgot to say...love your boots and the photos!

  9. The snow looks so lovely and "CHRISTmasy" don't ya think?!

    I love that pic. of Shelby.. she's lovely.

    Glad your girl's feeling better.

    Enjoy this beautiful season of CHRISTmas Linda.
    Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family,

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