Friday, December 16, 2011

Snowman Winter Gift Bag Tutorial.......easy!

Hello Sweet ladies.............

I have to tell you 81 ladies have signed up for the Tea Party Across the MILES!!!! Eeecccckkkk! My heart is so happy and for those of you who have sent me tea and a card.......thank you. Soooo sweet and I am putting all the teas in a special jar to drink with my girls. You are all so precious to me!

Peeping non stop is the game around this farm house. You wouldn't believe that 5 little chicks could make so much noise...........they can..........a lot! I will keep you posted on what is happenin'! 

We only have 5 babies still.........they are so sweet and I will be taking them out of the incubator later today and putting them in their Bird Cage! Hope we have some other eggs hatch today and tomorrow. I did put some eggs in on other days when I started so we will have some more.......hoping!!!!

On facebook I asked ladies to tell a name they would like! Loved it that you had some of you children join in!!!!!  I put all the ladies names in a bowl and Taylor drew !!!!!!!! Now Heather got a little name happy. I am not sure what name she wanted.......heehee, she said "What about Fluff and Puff.....if there are to that look alike? Someone mentioned Fluff earlier. I still want a Jasper or Petunia :)". Soooooo the ladies name I drew was Heather Hansen. All the names were so cute and I thought they were all very creative!!!!!!!! Plan on using the other names.........if I have anymore babies! Thanks for joining in the fun!

Okay this is what will come to you Heather wrapped in this little sack, but won't tell what is on the inside not right yet!!!!!!!!!!

Tutorial for Snowman Winter Gift Bag 
Need: brown paper bags
Black permanent fine point pen
Rust Zig pen
White Gelly Roll pen
1" sheer white ribbon
Paper punch
1. Gather materials needed 
2. Draw circles and fill in with white gelly pen
3. Make a small triangle with rust Zig pen for nose. Two eyes and 5 little  circles for mouth. Make two X's on top of each other to make a flake. Little white circles for snow.

4. Fold over the top of bag and punch two holes
5. String in first hole to the back ribbon and to the front on other hole.
6. Tie a bow.

Add the snowflake and tag........ready for a gift! 

Thought I would give a little tutorial on how I made may Snowman Winter Gift Bag. Easy and fun. You can even make your own wrapping can do it easy!!!!!!!!!! 

Blessings sweet ladies, God has blessed me so much by having this tea party. Just the emails alone have brought JOY beyond! To think that ladies are coming together to have tea.........amazing. We will have to do it together and set a date on which we all drink together. One precious friend thought about it yesterday and emailed me.......I had also, but thought to late.

Hugs and God bless you precious woman....... in my life,

You are true gifts from Jesus!!!!



  1. I just think that bag is precious Linda!! Oh my the chicky babys are soo cute too! I missed the name contest.. puter problems grrrr. Anyhoo lol... I like the name Shelby from the movie Steel Magnolias. When I get another fur baby puppy.. that will be the name! Enjoy your new lil feather babys too 8) Blessings to you & your family today dear gal!

  2. Hi Linda,

    Eeek...squeals of delight :) :) :) I'm so happy to win your sweet giveaway. I'm totally surprised. You know, I just sat down at the computer after making a nice big cup of fresh ginger tea ;) :) :) This is great. I can hardly wait to see what is inside the bag ;) :)

    Your Cochin baby chicks are so CUTE!!!! They're little fluffballs with legs ;) :) Thanks for the really cute snowman gift bag tutorial. This looks like an easy and cute project to make ;) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  3. Those bags are adorable! I'm going to have to try that.
    They're not as adorable as your little chicks though. Congratulations, Mama! :D

  4. Aw I love your blog! I am now following an i hope you'll follow me back over at

  5. What an adorable snowman bag! Thank You for the tutorial.

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