Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It Is Going To Be In The 60's Today!

Good Morning sweet ladies,


I don't always calculate things right. So when I thought about why my little fluffs haven't hatched yet, I thought well if I put them in 3 weeks ago on the Tuesday night.........then I needed to not start counting until the Wednesday night. Sooooooo here we are exactly 3 maybe today! I sure hope they are all okay. I would be sooooo sad! 

Just a happy note Fluffy baby chick is pecking it's way out at this very is 11:45 a.m. fluffs are gonna be happenin' today!!!!!!! Just need to get the bird cage really is an old bird cage. They will be so tiny the first week. I will keep them in the house......and then down to the milk barn after they get bigger.....can't stand the smell.  

Not the best pic of Vitaliy but he is reading the Bible.........his Momma sends me pic's of him during the day so I can be a part of his it!

The other night Vitaliy (our new adopted Granson), Ian (his new brother) and his Momma (Tonya) our daughter in love went down to a warehouse that belongs to a family. We have known this family forever! They sell Russian books to missionaries and those who need them. Never when we were all younger would I have thought it would have been used in our families life. Tonya was looking for things for Vitaliy for CHRISTmas. We would then pick them up later. He saw a big black Book. It was the Bible, and he kept saying "I want Bible". It was expensive but Tonya couldn't imagine not telling him yes since he wanted it so bad........she bought it for him. This picture is of him reading the WORD OF GOD this morning. Amazing......that the Lord would give us an orphan boy from the Ukraine, to be a part of our family so we could teach him through the Word about his Heavenly Father......I like.......a lot!

We have gotten over 70 ladies to sign up for the 
Tea Across the Miles..........I am so excited! 

I asked yesterday that ladies from overseas to sign up and they did! I have to say the emails of you all who have signed up have blessed my heart. Some I cry.......yes I am a big baby......and others have just filled my heart to the brim. Thank you to all who have taken the time to do this simple act of kindness.......God is watching and is very pleased! 

Argentina, France and United Kingdom!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!

I will be matching the last few and then hope that more ladies will come and sign up. Read last post if you would still like to do easy to do! 

Well, I will let you all know when something happens with the eggs.........I am soooooo impatient! 

Hugs to your the tree finally in the house......will be decorating, 


Thought you might like this song.........blessed me this morning!


  1. Beautiful picture of Vitaliy reading God's Word.
    Love the words to the song.
    Have a blessed week ~

  2. Such a precious picture of FAITH building and growing in a child. Bless his dear heart for yearning to be with His heavenly Father!
    Praying for them chicks today.. love to ya Linda!

  3. Dear Linda,

    OH, that's so exciting that you'll a grandma to some new baby chicks soon :) :) :) New life is always a blessing.

    Oh, I just love the picture of Vitaliy reading the Bible. That's so sweet that he asked for that book specifically :) :) God is working in his life, Linda ;) Precious :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  4. Absolutely LOVE the picture of the eggs with your phrase about "Waiting . . . trusting . . . " It's a powerful visual reminder of faith. God Bless!!!

  5. Can't wait to hear news of your chicks today! What a gift they will be!

    Love to you all, Willow xxx


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