Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We Have Winners!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

As soon as I got home I used Random. org. Couldn't wait to see what ladies won the ornaments. 

Here is who won 



Crafty Biker


Thank you sooooo much everyone who signed up for the giveaway. I loved reading every one of your comments. You had some wonderful ideas of what you are doing for the CHRISTmas season in reaching out! I also enjoy seeing all who come!!!!!!  I thank my God so much for you precious ladies that continue to encourage me along on my blog! Truly......... you are so precious to me. 

I will try to get ahold of each of you, but if you see I haven't please contact me by using my email on my sidebar.

Found this on Pinterest......it is in my

Isn't it the sweetest gift idea? 

I have two more days at the bakery and then I am going to be home! I have tons of ideas, that I will be able to get finished before CHRISTmas! I will be able to share with!!!!!!!!! Can't wait! 

Hugs and thank you again for being a party of the party!!!!!


This is little Delainey.........precious!

P.S. I have a follower who is a precious Grammy. She has a granddaughter that is needing our prays. She is going to be admitted to the hospital for preparation for surgery on Dec 7th. Surgery will be on Friday the 9th. Delainey will be having heart surgery to correct two birth defects. Please ask the Lord to do what only He can do. That He would be with the Doctors, Nurses and her family during this time of uncertainty. Delainey has Trisomy 18. She is 1 years old. Tim (Daddy), Christy (Mommy), John (her Poppa) and Susan her (Grammy). Thank you so much for praying ladies. It will be so appreciated by her family. 


  1. Oh Linda..congratulations to your winners!! Just know you are excited about Friday! Blessings,


  2. Congratulations to the winners :-)

  3. Hi Linda - I'm so excited to have won! What a blessing to add a goodie from you to my CHRISTmas collections.

    God bless dear!

  4. Linda, our family is praying for Delainey. We know the fear in having to trust the care of your little one to someone else... it's hard. We will be praying for peace as well as complete healing. Love you!

  5. Hi, Linda! Will pray for the sweet baby. Thank you for letting us know about her and her family. Love and prayers,

  6. Praying for this sweet girl and her family.

  7. Praying Linda!

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  8. Praying for Delainey! what a precious little soul!
    Linda you are so blessed.
    You give from your heart.
    Love to you and yours


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