Monday, December 12, 2011

LOVIN LIFE.......Sign up for the Tea Party...........

Hello sweet ladies,

Okay, I have some news from Gooseberry Patch.......they have a NEW FULL-Size e-book! 

This is what is free for download!!!!!!!!! Can you believe how sweet they are? Okay, my sweet friend at Gooseberry Patch said that EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN EBOOK READER, you can still enjoy this freebie. Download one of the free reading apps from Kindle   ( Now I thought...... if you do download it, would you mind telling them I sent you and would you tell them what you think of the cookbook? This is so nice of Gooseberry Patch to give us all The CHRISTmas with Family & Friends Cookbook for free. Don't forget to tell them I sent you!!!!!!! Gooseberry Patch fb...... HERE

 We have had so many ladies sign up for the Tea and I am working on getting names organized right now!!!!!! Ladies from overseas, Canada and America.......all coming together to have tea! How fun is that? Keep signing up if you haven't already. You just need to find or make a card, write a little something, put in a tea bag, seal it and send it off with a kiss!!!!! Heehee! Across the Miles to bless someone that God wants to put you in touch with. It is such a fun idea and I have to give the Lord the credit. He loves it when woman do acts of kindness for one another. 

Well this is short, but I am so busy matching you all up and I will be getting a hold of each of you today, Lord willing!!!!!! I will be keeping this open until Dec. 18th. If you haven't signed up so far, please join us!!
Hugs to you.........I keep checking on the eggs.......nothing yet, but I will let you see when they don something!


P.S. We went to a community Prayer Meeting last night. Unbelievable!!!!!!!! I was going to tell today......can't......but will tomorrow! It was a precious time with the Lord!


  1. Hi Linda,
    That's really cool about the free eBook from Gooseberry Patch. I couldn't find the link for the download.

    OH, I can't wait to see the beautiful chick babies when they hatch :) :) I"m glad you had a nice time at that prayer meeting. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. Heather come back, I was having a time with the link. It is working now!!!!!! Thank you for coming over today to my blog!!!!!!!! Hugs, me

  3. Oh Linda you are such a blessing to so many!

    Hope you're having a good day!


  4. I can't wait to send off my card and tea! So fun!
    Anxious to hear about the prayer meeting you went to.
    Merry Christmas and glad you are enjoying your vacation. God bless....

  5. How nice of Goosberry Patch! I love their cookbooks! :c)
    Looking forward to cards and tea....sweet idea~
    Love your blog...happy heart...and kindness... ((hugs))

  6. Thanks so much for sharing our free eBook today...hope everyone enjoys it!

    Can't believe how many ladies are joining in your Tea Party, Linda. Good thing they're not gathering in person - you might have run out of cups! :)

  7. Thanks for the link for the e-book , that is wonderful. I would like to join in on the tea exchange .Thanks.

  8. Hi Linda...
    I do love those Gooseberry cookbooks!
    I suppose that I am a little behind...I sure do want to join up for the tea party!! I am so excited. Thanks for the invite! BTW, how do you get the snow on your blog? would love to have it on mine..



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