Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Drizzle.........but warm inside the farm house!

Good morning all you sweet ladies!!!!!!!

It is rather chipper here in Kansas. Lots of fog and drizzle........a day to stay inside. It is cold!!!! Woody our kitty is sitting on my lap.... keeping me warm. I went to bed late last night and  up early working on the Tea Party Across the Miles this morning. I had homeschool Momma sign up with her daughter as one of her lessons for today........now that was precious!  I haven't had this much fun with a party. Well, you know me,  I always say that about every party don't I? The excitement from you ladies has been a blessings! Over 60 so far.....from so many states, France and  Canada. Ladies encouraging other ladies......makes me smile! So oversea ladies........keep signing up! We want to meet you!

Sign up until the 18th!

1. If you want to still sign up and haven't it is soooooo easy to do! 
Leave a comment here on the comments. 

2.Email me at prairieflowerfarm@gmail.com, put TEA PARTY in the subject line please and PUT IN YOUR ADDY, so I can match you up!

Buy or make a card, write a little note, slip in a tea bag, address, stamp and put it in the mailbox sealed with a kiss!!!!!! It will go traveling across the miles and be picked up on the other end by a precious Prairie Flower Farm Girl. She will know that an act of kindness has just happened! Can't wait to see what the Lord does with this. I have been so blessed as I have read your notes.........tucking each one in my heart! I love you ladies.......and that is the TRUTH!

Yesterday I told you about the FREE e-book Gooseberry Patch CHRISTmas with Family and Friends.  I know some of you only read the email that comes to your email box and this was not on it. I don't want you to miss out on this info!!!!! All you have to do is click on the name...... go and download it for free. If you need an app on your computer, you can get one from Kindle HERE. If you wouldn't mind please go over to Gooseberry Patch fbook and tell them what you think and that I sent you......thank you!!!! Always nice for them to get a little feedback!

Still peeking in on my baby chick eggs.........they are snug and tucked in their little eggs........what an amazing God we have that thought up life.  I can't wait to see one of those little peep holes on an egg!  Sometimes you can here them peeping and they are still in the egg pecking through the air pocket........preciousness!

Like this song........it is beautiful!

Hugs from the farm, and God bless you precious ladies! 
You make my day special!



  1. Hi Linda,

    I got my Christmas tea party friend's address in the email today :) :) I'm so excited :) :) :) Now to choose the right card and the right tea ;) :)

    Oh, I can't wait to see your chick babies when they hatch. They'll be so cute. Babies are cute...human and animal :) :) Love that you can hear them chirping already in the shell :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :) :) :)

  2. I just sent you my address so I can join the Tea Party. I am not a "joiner" so this is a BIG step for me. Thank you for "making" me try something new.

  3. Precious Linda, I can't stay long but I just had to tell you that I am still stopping by every day and your posts are so wonderful. I feel inspired and lifted up every single day by your beautiful words and praise for our AWESOME GOD. Thank you my wonderful sister in Christ. Big Hugs...

  4. Thank you for your blog! I would like to sign up for the Tea Party and will send an email!

  5. Oh, my. I would be way too tempted to help them break out. But having grown up on the farm I remember my mom saying don't help them...they need to struggle their own way so they're strong and capable. Thank you for that rare look at the miracle of birth. I don't know, seeing this, why isn't it easy to say, the egg came first?

  6. Linda, bless you for the heart and love you inspire at this special time of year! I'll be sending an email for the tea party! God bless you and yours!

  7. Hi, Linda - The Tea Party sounds like fun - I'm signing up! Will send you an e-mail!


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