Thursday, December 15, 2011

Babies and More Babies!!!!!! Life is Good!

Here is our first baby!!!!!!!! Will be fluffy in a few hours. 

Good morning sweet ladies........last night I went to bed and still no babies out of their eggs. I woke up early this morning and the tiny cochin egg that started last night had just a little more egg to peck around. I kept going back and forth to the incubator to try to video it. I was so excited because I actually got it coming out of the shell on video for you. The first banty cochin egg is not quite 2" long and the little chick moves and pecks all around. 

 Four BABIES as of noon!!!!!!!!

Yesterday on facebook I talked about the egg having an air pocket. You know how when you boil an egg there is a flat part on the top part of the egg? That is where the baby chick gets it's air supply plus the egg is porous. It is so interesting and so like our Heavenly Father to think of everything, that little egg needs to make a baby chick. Yolk, egg white and all. I love His creation! Here is a wonderful article by Ken Ham on  "Which came first.....the chicken or the egg." Our family loves Answers In Genesis. Ken has been gifted by God to teach families the truths of the Bible. It would be worth your time to read some of their literature. 

Thank you to each lady who has signed up for the Tea Party Across the Miles.............I am amazed that we had so many sign up and soooo fun. 75 ladies so far! I am still taking names......until the 18th........all you have to do is buy or make a card, put in a tea bag and send it off........easy! Plus you are blessing someone's life!!!!!!!

click on name to go to website.

Saw this on Pinterest........want to try............. looks like it is easy to make!!!!!!!

Today I am going to be busy making gifts and waiting for the rest of my babies to hatch. I will keep you posted on facebook for those who follow me.

Hugs to your day and asking the Lord to bless your life big time!!!!!!



  1. HI Linda,

    Oh, thanks for those two videos of the cochin chick babies. They're so cute...and Im guessing they're super tiny, because you mentioned their eggs are only about 2 inches long.

    I love homemade beauty stuff..and lemons :) :)

    There's cuteness/sweetness overload happening at your place today :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :) :) :)

  2. Hello Sweet Linda!

    Thank you for sharing the video of the baby chick hatching and hearing your sweet voice! How blessed these little chicks are to be raised by you! When I was reading about the air sack, I thought Heavenly Father thought of everything, then read you said the very same thing! We sure do give Thanks unto Him! Enjoy your time with the chicks and have a very Merry Christmas!


  3. Little miracles! Thank you for sharing these wonderful videos!

    Willow xx

  4. So cute! We just started our incubator yesterday . . . now I am extra excited for baby chicks:))

  5. Your so sweet to video and share! How sweet they are...looking forward to seeing more pics later...amazing to see...
    I love the sweet chirps they make...aww...

  6. We came home to 9 baby goats. They are almost as cute as baby chicks!

    I love the videos.

  7. Susan said..
    Oh, the baby chicks are so sweet. Reminds me when I was a little girl in Kentucky. My family had a "small" chicken farm (and with ducks). We had a rooster that chased me. I didn't like that rooster.

  8. Hi Linda
    I was going to say 'oh so cute', but actually the truth is it will be 'oh so cute' once it dries off :)
    I hope your teaparty goes well~ I don't drink tea otherwise I'd join in :)
    Have a wonderful day

  9. Love seeing the precious little babies - truly a miracle!

  10. Love baby chickies. Thanks for sharing

  11. precious wee things and yes, such a miracle!
    God's design is intricate and beyond amazing. :o)

  12. Getting out of that shell looked like such hard work!! Do they sleep afterwards?

  13. Baylie is so excited the babies hatched on her birthday!! She is really hoping we will get the chance to take a peek at them on our way through! Love you Linda!

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