Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Sweet Night Outside!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

I spent all my time outside after I got home.......so many things to finish up after planting last night. I watered everything.......that took so much time moving the hose from place to place. It will help everything grow a little bit better until we get some rain. Needing it again.

Taylor was working with Juneau and Denali had so much fun running after his Momma. This picture is for Abby. Her momma Teresa said that she enjoys the animals on our farm and reads my posts with her. Thought Denali was probably included in the animals. I thought he looked so beautiful........so does his momma. 

The chickens were getting into my flowers, so I used some of the smallest chicken wire to protect them until they get bigger. I am going to use the wire in other places on the farm also. Do you use anything to help your plants get a start to protect them from pesky animals?

Two more babies born and two are hatching that are in the incubator that I put in 21 days ago. WE are busting with BABIES! 

I love to walk by a Momma cat nursing her babies. We are giving some away to the college kids!!!!!! Should put ribbons around their neck and give them out at graduation. Heehee! Then I would run!!!!! Not really!

Well I have 3 more days left. It will be wonderful, but today I realized that it was going to be hard leaving the kids. Some will not be back next year and I have gotten quite close. Silly me, can't make up my mind.

Hugs from the farm and God bless your day!!!!!!!!



  1. Someday I want to come visit you. With Nick going to school in Kansas maybe our paths will cross. He will be in Ark City for 2 years. He is sick with a terrible infection. Please pray. Last day of high school for him tomorrow and tomorrow and Friday his last two races for track and field. Pray for the team too. I wnat them all to remain healthy.
    Your horses are gorgeous creatures. The farm is so beautiful. You will miss your job because you are a light in this dark world for many.
    Hugs and Love Anne

  2. Bonjour Linda! lovely photo's, you always seem so busy, how do you keep up with it all.

  3. What a great photo you mamma & foal. Lovely. All those sweet farm babies ~ what fun. I miss having cats ~ I grew up w/cats AND dogs, they always got along. I can't have any b/c THE Man & DD#2 are deathly allergic. Ahh, well, at least we can still have our dogs.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  4. Love all the photos, Linda!

  5. Oh, Linda I love all the babies and mothers on your farm! Such a sweet kittie momma! Denali is so cute! 2 more days! But, yes you WILL miss the kids! So excited for your summer though!

  6. Thanks, Linda! Abby loves seeing Denali, and this picture is so sweet. I did let her see his birth pictures too. You're educating her about animals! She especially loves your baby chicks and kittens.
    I'm sure you're a blessing to those college kids. I would've loved having you at my daughter's college while she was there.
    Keep serving our Lord!


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