Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Night Around The Campfire

Good Morning Precious Ladies,

Genesis 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years...

Living on a farm you see it! We live by it because of farming.

Last night was a sweet night here on Prairie Flower Farm. A young lady who has been in our life since we served at Extreme Kansas Kamp came to celebrate her birthday with some of her friends. She lost her Momma to cancer about 5 years ago. When she came to camp to work, she came up to me the first morning it started. She said, will you be my Momma for the time I am here?" Now I had no idea how the Lord would take this precious young lady and  wrap her life so sweetly around my heart. She worked in the camp's kitchen along side me every morning. Her heart was broken because of the loss of her momma. She was so so sad because her relationship with her had been perfect. I knew who she was. I had been asked by a friend to pray for a sweet family of 3 children and husband a few years before. A homeschool family and a momma who was dieing. Our family prayed not knowing them. I remember how sad I was for such a young Momma. Then years later this Momma's daughter Emily would be brought into my life......Details!!!! Anyway last week her beau came to me while I was on the line and asked if he could plan a party for Em and some of her friends......of course the girls and I were so excited. They came.....and we had God Chatter......all night. They watched the sun go down and the moon come up. God put on a spectacular show for His children. It was breath taking. The college kids miss home they said....they live within walls and cement. Some said that it fills like they are in prison.......I know what they are talking about. When we got the job at the college....(now I know it was my Father) I felt like I was in a prison. After working alongside my sweet man for 36 years "free" to go outside and work along side him on the farm and then in an instant that freedom was gone. I found myself in a place where I looked at walls with no windows......and it was so hard for myself and our girls. Last night we had the kids on our own turf so to speak.....they looked out across the prairie and they kept telling us thank you.......they had come to a place of refuge, a place that has been dedicated for His desires. A place the Lord has prepared for us to love on college kids. Amazing love! He listened to my prayer for all those 30 years........ for a place of refuge. I always thought it would be used for Pastors and their families......but all along it was going to be for the young who He wanted to be encouraged. 

He is the keeper of the sun, the moon and the stars.

I took this pic the night before last.....I tried to take a pic last night. My little camera didn't do so well. You probably saw was so so pretty!

As the evening went on......we were all sitting around the fire.......listening to the night sounds. I was looking to the East.......most of the kids were looking to the West.......up from the horizon came the moon (bigger they say then we will see this year).........ahhhh what a way to end such a sweet our Father who knew all those years ago when I whisper little prayers for Him to use us.......He told me "He will"! 

I have discovered that I am a "wiggler". I get set in my ways.......and when it is comfortable.....I am okay, but when the Lord starts giving me a choice to do His will.....I want to wiggle out of whatever makes me feel uncomfortable. I will have another time of rest this summer to walk along side my sweet man and work the soil......then I will have a choice to go back to the college and serve the kids........I will say "yes"... with the Lord's help. I will try to do better this next year....I know I can trust Him.....He has made Himself known. 

The boys were talking about a retreat last night......on Prairie Flower Farm.....with my sweet man.......Amazing Love the Father has... if we will let Him use us! I will try better to just wiggle closer to His heart... so I won't miss out on what He wants to do with my life......and you, are you a wiggler? He is waiting........ know matter where we are at.... in our wiggling.

I love you sweet is a love that is pure, given to me by my has been amazing as you have let me know your joys and your sorrows. You have become such sweet precious ladies.........enjoy your SONday.....He is so worthy of our Hearts!

Hugs from the farm, 



  1. How wonderful for you to enjoy these young people and give your life to them. I love it. I miss all the young adults that hung around our home when my daughters were young. Now they are all grown and I have number 7 grand coming this week. I hope that when they all get older they will bring their friends along with them for a visits.

  2. I think God put you right where that girl needed you to be! How nice that you are able to host so many young people and help them spiritually and in other ways.

  3. God definitely uses you. He uses you not only for those young people, but also for those of us who read your blog. I've struggled all week with my job as a teacher. My prayer has been, please God get me out of here because I'm tired. Then I remember the kids I teach who call me mom and tell me every day they love me as they leave my room. These are sixth graders. I need to start looking at my job the way you just described yours so that I will get the joy back that I've had each year knowing I was where God wanted me. Thank you and God Bless You!

  4. Oh Linda what an amazing and moving post! You are such an inspiration to all these young people! God does know exactly what He wants of us and when He wants us to do His work!


  5. Isn't it wonderful that God puts you right where He wants you and needs you to be! You and your sweet Husband are such a blessing to all the young people in your lives!
    I need to ask you how your momma is doing? That thought just came to me as I was typing.
    Just one more week, 5 short days! Enjoy those 5 days to there fullest!

  6. God knows how to work in our lives doesn't he? You and your sweet man are marvelous lights working with young people and being good helpers to the Lord. Many blessings to you.
    Love and Blessings


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