Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother Day and A Winner!


It is Monday and I am Home at our FARM!!!!!!! My prayer today is that the Lord would keep me focused to accomplish those things I need to get done while at Home this summer! I am so so excited to see what He has planned along with mine! So many things I want to do on the blog also! Things need to be done around the farm......building some picket fences around the chicken coop, building a little shed (I have never done this before, but I am excited to try), having a huge farmgirl garage sale (I have so much to go through from when we moved here), thinking of putting some of the items up for you all to buy if you would like on a new side blog. Tell me if you think if you would be interested in something like that. I know one person who Anyway I have a lot to get done and I am so excited.......was wearing my farmgirl morning attire (NIGHT GOWN) to go and check on everyone (animals) this morning. Forgot to put on some flip flops and the turkey started after me. Purtttty site I tell ya, me running around the yard trying to get away from that silly guy! NOT! It did feel good to go around the farm and not have to be in the four walls of the  college so thankful and the Lord knows it too, I keep telling Him over and over......He must be a thinkin......."my sweet bride"! Isn't it wonderful to know that HE does think of those who have accepted His gift of eternal life, like that......hmm happy thought. Anyway it will be good to be on the farm and hope you will walk along with me vis the blog!

I bet you are wondering who Rooster Guy is going to live with!!! 
It is........

# 46 M.j.
she said,

Hi Linda, What a fantastic giveaway. So glad you will be home for the summer. I would bring some of my fried chicken, potato salad. And my lemon dessert.

She doesn't have a blog, but I will be emailing her.......thank you sweet ladies for making the Coming Home party so much fun. All your comments made it like we were really going to have a party together. The sweet fellowship would be so fun.....some day!!!!!!!!

 SONday we were invited to the lake to be with our whole family for a picnic and boating. Talk about a precious day. It started out at lunch when our middle son prayed. He prayed and asked the Lord to put "a sweet hedge of protection for our lives" for his sweet wife and his Momma (me).......I lost it! Thank you JESUS.....I will coast on that for a long long time! Hope your day was special and thank you so for the sweet wishes! The pic was of Vitaliy behind the boat on a tube. It was so fun watching him experience all the new things such as being on the water. Coming from Ukraine he did not have these experiences. He hung on and loved the ride. Thank you Jesus he is now ours. 

I have to show you what I got from one of our son's family.......cuuuttttte! Ellie my grand daughter told her parents, "I bet Grammie puts a chicken in here.........heehee funny thing, I saw it and I thought a "A PIC with some Chicks! She knows me well! It is a cake holder.....I have never seen one so cute!

Isn't she adorable?

I have to tell you this story about Miss Henny Penny......she is a huge Rhode Island Red that I have had for some time. Beautiful Girlie. Anyway, I went out to gather the eggs this last Satuday, one of the roosters jumped up on the roost......all of a sudden I heard this clucking going on and I looked up......there was Miss Henny Penny....all fluffed up and ready for attack. I thought how funny that she is nesting up in the little loft and then my next thought......was I have to save the babies. If they fell they would not make it. Sooooooooo I took off for my sweet man!

He said we needed a ladder. So my sweet man got one and put it you see Missy up in the top right corner? She is such a funny Momma......what was she thinking? I went up first just to see what was going on.

First thing I found was a broken egg......thought one baby chick? I was not about to look under her.

She was all puffy.....ready to defend her nest......didn't look comfortable.......she didn't have straw like I thought she should. I like my girls all comfy cozy. Soo...........

my sweet man went up with a box ready to get the little ones, if she had some...........not one egg.....but she was broody and that was all that mattered to me! I was going to help her. He brought her down. I took the box and was going to give her a nest.....filled with straw......

Well if it is not a hens usually doesn't work.......

she just walked around and didn't hop into my nicely made nestof eggs I had made for I left for awhile. When I came back she had made her own nest........

she was broody alright.......I placed eggs in front of her and she tucked them under her warm tummy. 21 days....can't wait to see......this farm has so many little ones that are all being made inside the eggs......oh my what a precious God we have who thought up babies!!!! If I can't have my own anymore.......then I will help my girls with.... having theirs!!!!! It's the Mother in me......I love it!

I am listening to the CHRISTian station today... with a Happy Heart.......what a precious day the Lord has given me......I will be in a constant state of praise........can't help it.....He is so PRECIOUS and worthy of all of my praise.......even if I was in the college kitchen......but today I am not....I am at our farm and I will enjoy!!!!!!! He will find me many times lifting my hands high with PRAISE and doing a little think He will be dancing with in the heavens! 

Hugs sweet ladies in my life.........
                 have a blessed day in JESUS!


P.S. It looks like we will be doing a free download cookbook. I can't do it this week, but I will be telling you this next week how we will go about it. This will be so much fun! Thank you for the big response. We have done this once before with our Prairie Flower Farm CHRISTmas Cookie Cookbook (scroll down my posts and you will see it on the side bar). 
I have some fun ideas and will use some of yours also if you have a way you would like to see it done........

another party in the making.......GOOSEBERRY PATCH!

Just got this from Mary.......who just won the Rooster Guy......she has asked prayer for her sister Carla who is having a "Double Mastectomy" surgery Tuesday (tomorrow) morning around 11:00am.Then they are putting these painful tissue expanders in to stretch her skin for maybe up to 6months.She will also have drainage tubes put in.Then eventually they can begin reconstruction. She thinks she isn't going to wake up from the anesthesia. She is also the one who lost her 20yr.old son 6months ago to a drug overdose. Her and the rest of the family are still grieving over the loss of Robby. Carla is carrying an enormous amount of guilt. One GREAT thing out of this is that FOR NOW she will not have to have Chemo or Radiation. So we are praying they find nothing new. Her Faith is strong & believes in GOD.

Thank you ladies for sounds like she will need it. Bless her heart.


  1. Congrats to M.J.! And I hope that you, & your readers, had a lovely & memorable Mother's Day.

    Now...enjoy your time AT HOME!!! Woohoo!!!

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  2. Wow...I still can't believe how lucky I am. Thanks so much Linda for your giveaway. And especially your love, concern and care over people you have never met before. That is a characteristic that is hard to find sometimes. My God Bless You and Keep You.........Oh and thanks Marmme for the comment. Very sweet of you.....Mary Jane

  3. I can feel the excitement in your post to be at the farm. Enjoy every moment. Glad you had a fun family day for your Mothers Day. So fun for your family to get to show Vitaly lots of fun things he has never experienced before. Our niece has a son from Latvia, he has been Forever theirs for a year now, all the family was at our house last Sun. It is fun to be around him.
    Congrata to MJ of winning the rooster.

  4. Congrats to MJ :) Such a cute giveaway!

    I will sure pray for Carla. I know what it feels like to lose a breast. But, praise God she won't have to have chemo or radiation! Neither did I and I was/am sooo thankful to God :) She will be a survivor!

    Linda, so happy for you and your new freedom ;) Enjoy yourself and praise your little heart out :D I like your little chicken curtains in your chicken house.

    Love ya,

    Susan Montgomery

    Ummmm, my answer is YES! I think it is a fun idea :D

  5. We once had a momma cat that had her kittens up on the roof under the eaves that the porch was built under. Don't know if that makes sense, but they were up there and we had to let her take care of them on her own. Silly animals, but we do love them!♥♫

  6. Oh! I am so glad M.J.(Mary) won the big rooster! I hope that every time she looks at him she will know that people are praying for her, her family and Carla, and for the loss of Carla's son Robby. I pray for a successful surgery. I also pray that Carla would have a renewed reason for living through the pain of losing a son, that she would be able to live for him in his memory, knowing that he would not want his sweet mom to go on suffering.
    Linda, I love your new cake holder! Your sweet family sure does know what you like! My daughter-in-love thought I was nuts when she first came into our family, that I would get excited about receiving old crate boxes for CHRISTmas!
    What a silly Henny Penny! What was she thinking!
    Enjoy to the fullest your first full week at HOME!

  7. LOVE the Cake Holder!! How unique!! Going to look to your farm stories now that you are home!! And I think a side garage sale will be a blast here on the blog!! LOL LIke first come first served!! LOL!! Sorta!! I can't have real chickens at my house but I love reading the stories of them!! They are stinkers sometimes!! Thanks for sharing! And Happy Mother's Day alittle late!! XOXO Frannie

  8. Dear Sweet Linda.. it has been too long!! You are always a breath of fresh, wonderful air :) I always enjoy your stories of life on your farm, and especially the chicken stories and pics ♥ When do you find time to blog? I am lucky to fit one in a month these days.. lol! Bless you and yours.. Hugs, Tammy


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