Saturday, May 12, 2012

Having a Sweet Saturday....and YOU?????

Dear sweet ladies,

I have the sweetest girlies!!!!!! They are always sitting and laying their eggs......sweet gifts, don't ya think?

What a precious morning I had. I couldn't hardly stand to believe I am home for 2 1/2 months. I can just feel my body  relax and not feel the rush rush that I have been feeling these last months. Farm life is work, but it is a fun kind of work. This morning I went out and fed all my little chicks. The cages were all nice and clean because when I got home last night I went to shovel all the old straw and laid down new. Makes me feel good when I can get that done!!!!!! That was the first thing on my list......and I have a long list. I will take my time and cross off as I get each one accomplished........I will have fun getting each one done.

Today I am sewing on a project......can't tell you what it is. Gooseberry has another new cookbook........and.......I get to do a review for them....that always means........... we can have another of my favorite things to do! 

Speaking of parties. I have to tell you that each item that you wanted to bring to the Coming Home Party sounded wonderful. One thing we were going to be sure to have was FRIED CHICKEN AND HOMEMADE POTATO SALAD!!! 

If you would like to do a "Coming Home Party Cookbook, let me know and you could send me your recipes and we could put it in a free easy download if you would like. Leave a comment if you think you would like to do this.

Well I am off to count all the entries. Can't wait to see who won! Thank you so much for making our life so much fun here at Prairie Flower are all the sweetest!!!!!!!

Hugs from the farm, 



  1. So glad you are able to be home for a few months. I enjoy hearing about your chickens and life on the farm. Your posts are always so uplifting to me. The cookbook idea sounds fun to me.
    Have a blessed day.

  2. Cookbook sounds interesting. Are you looking for that special recipe mom makes when you come home? I think it would be great to include recipes for homecoming of college students, service men/women, children that live away from parents, etc. Like, recipes that mean, "Ahhhh...I'm home". Thanks, Mom, Grandma, Aunt, etc. and don't forget the guys who cook a favorite meal. What do you think?

  3. Great idea! Always looking for family favorites to try. I cook so different now that the children are all moved out. I just really need yummy easy to put together recipes for when they visit...I don't like to spend all my time in the kitchen.
    Glad you are home for the summer. I'm sure it feels wonderful and such a blessing to be home. God knows your desires. :)

  4. So happy for you -- God is so good to give you the best of both worlds -- ministry to the students during the school year and then a whole blissful summer on the farm.

    Were you thinking of the recipes for the food everyone said they would bring for a basket lunch/supper at your place? I think that would be so much fun ... then we could all try the different recipes and share our thoughts just as if we really were getting together in person! Great idea!

  5. I love the cookbook idea, let's do it!

  6. Two plus months at home! It sounds wonderful! I know you will enjoy every moment.
    Have a blessed day!

  7. OK Let's send in those recipes. I think that is a wonderful idea. I remember the summer "rest" period after cooking at the high school all school year. Enjoy your vacation.

  8. I'm so glad you can be home for the summer! I love it when I can be home. I'd be happy to send in a recipe!

  9. Linda...I am so happy you are HOME and enjoying your time on the FARM! smile... You deserve days like this and many more!!! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures...and check list. It will be so fun for us to follow you through this wonderful time!!!

    Your girlie's did an amazing job with those eggs...BTW I would love to have them..they are so pretty and I know they would be wonderful to use and eat.

    I think sharing those recipes is a great idea!


  10. Ithink the cookbook is a fun idea. Have a wonderful summer and enjoy full-time life on the farm again. I know you will be making many happy memories to tuck away in your heart. Have a Happy Mother's Day!

  11. Let's all do the cookbook! Somehow I missed out last time so I want to get in this time around!
    Having a tough day, it is cold and dreary here and not getting much accomplished. Sure love hearing about your life at the farm. Jeremy graduates college tomorrow and we are expecting more rain. It is outdoors at 9 A.M.
    I made a pot of homemade chicken coup with store bought noodles! LOL! It is really tasty with carrots and chunks of chicken! Otherwise just tired from a long work week.
    Glad you are home. I use to get fresh eggs from a gal I worked with. They were the best! Hugs and much love to you and yours. Anne

  12. Hi Linda!
    I can't even remember if I entered your contest ~ this silly internet keeps me hopping. Sometimes it lets me comment, sometimes not. What I don't like is when I can't even visit cause blogs won't load on my computer ~ or I try to leave a comment and it won't take it! :~\
    I am sooooo happy that you get to be at home for the summer! I hope you get every single thing on your list checked off! :~D
    I would love to do a Coming Home Party Cookbook! I will have to think about what recipe I would share! I bet there are as many different recipes for Fried Chicken and Potato Salad as there are ladies that suggested it, too! :~P
    Have a lovely Mother's Day tomorrow and enjoy your farm, garden, chickies and family ALL SUMMER LONG!!!

  13. am loving your blog - just found you, friend. cookbook idea sounds like fun!


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