Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Day Today On Our Farm.....Tired!!!!!!!

Good Morning!!!!!!!! Sweet Ladies, internet went off just as I was working on this post......and while it was off so much happened.....must tell!

Before I came into the house the sun was just coming up a bit. Shining on my hollyhock. Isn't it so pretty? Another little bud is starting to unfold.......I so enjoy things when they bloom! Thank you Jesus.....such simpleness and yet such an incredible Designer we have, can't help to tell Him.......a lot......all the time.......I bet He smiles...... when He hears all of us! 

Worms, caterpillars whatever they are called, are here and trespassing in my garden!!!!!!!!! With the drought last year and the mild winter we are going to be fighting them I think. I am prepared! At least I hope I am prepared. I have never seen them like this. I had at least 1-3 on most of the tomatoes. Even on my lavender, lemon verbena plant and cantaloupe. The pickle plants, honey dew and watermelon all seemed to be okay. I am not going to let them get them. I sure hope the citrus juice works. 

This morning when I wokethe ground was covered with a thick cover of dew and misty rain was coming down........out the door I went to check on the south garden. It has been so neglected as of late. This was on the first tomato plant. UGH! I started hand picking the worms.....some quite big......I hardly ever do that. Don't like the feel on my hands, but I was a serious farmgirl at this point. I was throwing them in a bucket or squashing them with a stick. I can't believe now that I did that.

Citrus Juice find recipe Here

Yesterday I made up the citrus juice to spray on my rhubarb. I am going to use it on my tomatoes also. I don't think it will hurt them. Maybe I should try only one. I will let you know. 

I poured the citrus mixture into a fine strainer.

I had to use a spoon to push the juice through a little.

After I poured the juice into my sprayer........

we went out to spray and pick off the worms and caterpillars. Ick........was this in the farmgirl notebook? When you pick them up they squirt this green juice on you. 

Then I came into the house to write my post........then the electricity went off.........then the phone rang and it was our farm neighbor saying his dog was loose (the one that killed my chickens). I knew that Missy White Cochin was laying somewhere, because she came to drink and eat yesterday... so out the door I went to go find her. I looked everywhere. Then I came around our little barn and I thought I heard her. I remembered the lid we had from a cat litter carrier where Shelby (another chicken I had who was killed, remember the one that slept in our tree by the kitchen window) had sat on her eggs. Sure enough there she was ....sitting on 8 sweet eggs.....all tucked under her. She was not going to get hurt by that dog......... I was going to have to move her.  

I thought, if I put a division in the pen where Big Red Hen is setting  she would be safe.  Now the key was, would she sit on her eggs again. She scratched the straw, ate some food and drank her water.......all the while I am still standing waiting and she wouldn't sit.  Then she scratched so much straw that she covered her eggs, this wasn't working. Silly girl?


I thought maybe....if I got the lid that she had been using and placed it over the eggs....just maybe she would go in. 

She got inside!!!!!!!!!

She was getting all comfy.........tucking all those precious eggs with sweet little fluffy babies on the inside........they were going to make it! LIFE....again on the farm! It is hard being a Mom.....I am talking about me, wink! 

She is happy and I am happy! Isn't she the cutest?

Well that was my day and I am tired....back to working on the pattern! Keeping a farm is fun.......but it also hard work! 
Fun Work!

One More DAY for the

This says May 22, but we extended the party......until tomorrow May 25th at noon.......can't wait to see who wins!

Gooseberry Patch/Prairie Flower Farm party!!!!!!

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 The CHRISTmas Table Cookbook 

is  packed with wonderful recipes. 

I baked this recipes from The CHRISTmas Table Cookbook .....

Chicken and Asparagus Quiche, NUM! 

Strawberry & Raspberry Strata, very good!

and these

The Best Scones Ever, a wonderful recipe!

and I 

have been stitching on the towel......can't wait to show you!!!! 

Please sign up, if you would like to, 
would love to have you!!!!!! 

Hugs from the farm, 

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Thank you Deborah for doing this!


  1. Yes, the chicken is definitely looking cute and happy. :-) I love the photo of the hollyhock. My grandma used to raise hollyhocks against the south side of their white milkhouse, so this evoked memories of Grandma's farm. Lovely! Have a good weekend, Linda.

  2. Your chickens make me laugh. Thank goodness the neighbor called! Wish they'd eat the bugs for you, but, some do turn into butterflies. I try to tolerate some caterpillars, but when they are eating my flowers, they must go!♥♫

  3. Replies
    1. I think you need to go here and see, how funny that you should ask! I mean really funny that you would ask!!!!!!!
      Hugs from the farm, me

  4. life is surely interesting on the farm!! i've been wondering who/what has eaten my daylilies and hostas...deer tracks to the daylilies and i saw the little baby bunnie in my hosta garden! now i know! good luck with the culprits you are battling!! ^)^linda


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