Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Little Prairie Flower Babies!

Hello sweet ladies,

One more day of and the count down is happening fast!!!!!!! Just 5 days next week and home for the summer! WILL LOVE IT!!


Today I saw a pic of Tenlee on my facebook........remember the little girl we prayed for? Well she has the happiest little face! She was the little one where the nurse made the huge mistake on the breathing treatment and the machine took all the air out of her lungs? Well here she is. Thought you might enjoy seeing her!!!!! Keep on praying for her please. God has blessed their family big time. 


I wrote Delainey's Grammy and asked for a pic of her, so everyone could see her also.........SWEETNESS! She was all dressed up for Easter. Wow, God has been so so precious. The families would still appreciate prayer and thank you so for doing so.

Well so far we have 13 little chicks from Momma Red and Momma Blue. I have them all in a cage and the two littlest ones are with their Mommas. It helps if they get really dry and fluffy and grow for a day. There are 3 eggs left. I will see what happens. 

I am so tired tonight......I am going to call it quits! It will be good to have only one more day at work and then 2 days home. Then only 5 more days......can't believe how fast the time has gone. I have to sit quite a bit at the front of the cafe. I have been writing all the things down that I would like to do this summer. 

Paint the big coop.
build some little coops for the new chickens!
Sell some of the chicks at the Yoder Auction.
Make up some detergent.
Wreaths for the out buildings.
Build picket fences......lots!
Go through all the things we moved 
from our old farm and sell the things I don't want.
New patterns and finish the ones I have started.
Make a cover for an old cotton blanket I have. 
Make up some signs.
Would like to build a new porch on the
front of our farm house.
Make some napkin sets for each family for CHRISTmas......
and the list will be added to I am sure!

Well.....I must close this post......our bed is calling has been so hot here in Kansas.....wears a person out!

Have a wonderful Friday.....know I will be thinking of you all,


P.S. Is anyone receiving info that " you had stopped subscribing to Prairie flower Farm"? I have had one subscriber write and say they received something like that. I don't know what that means. Someone was trying to hack into my account last week (they didn't get through).......not sure why they would want to.......hope they read about Jesus!!!!!!!! Just let me know if you received the same info! Thank you. 


  1. Oh, I am so glad to see pics of the babies Tenlee and Delainey! I have wanted to ask abt them but haven't. Been praying for them though! They look so sweet all dressed up! How long will Tenlee have to wear her breathing aparatus?
    Boy! Your summer schedule has exhausted me just reading it! I make lists and end up not doing all, but I try! 1 more week and you can do whatever you want on your farm!!! Yeah!
    See? being out front sitting has been good for you hasn't it? Able to think, pray, and make lists, and gear up your energy to tackle your list!!! :) Enjoy your last week with the kids!
    Your rose is beautiful! What a sweet mom in love you were able to enjoy!

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  3. Oh those precious little angels. Talk about sweetness!!! I just want to reach out and hug them! I will pray for them and will also add the nurse to my prayer list. I don't know her circumstances but sounds like she needs some prayers too.

  4. Oh my, that's a big list. I am overwhelmed because I have to paint my new coop!!! I love hearing about your chicks as I am going to be a newbie chicken owner. My new chicks arrive in a couple weeks.

  5. Praising God for the two precious sweet miracles! Oh the JOY!
    Oh your list looks as long as mine. I love to check each thing off.Get some rest friend.
    And have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs & Joy

  6. Thank you for sharing the photo of Tenlee, what a precious smile <3 Will keep praying for these precious babies.
    Enjoy your chore list! Sounds like fun,
    Love, Angie

  7. Oh it does my heart good to see the photos of these 2 precious little girls. Thank you for sharing.

    I've not received any weird emails. Have a blessed weekend.

    Nancy M.

  8. Made my heart and spirit sing seeing precious Tenlee!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing that!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I pray each day for these beautiful girls. It has been a tough thing to see them so ill. But I know prayer works and I will keep praying because God has a plan for these little ladies. Thanks for sharing their updates with us. I did not get any weird e mail but I know it happens. I guess we have to pray and than pray harder. Hugs Anne


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