Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Full-Size Cookbook for Just 99 cents

Good Morning sweet ladies,

I just got an email from Gooseberry Patch Blog!!!! If you don't get their is easy to do. Just go to their blog an sign up for their emails. 

Have they got a sweet deal for you! 

A full-size download for just 99 cents for a limited time.  We used this 101 Easy Entertaining Recipe Cookbook for our Tressa's Graduation Party (click and you can see some of the things we made) of our favorite cookbooks! If you go over to their blog, they will give you easy to follow instructions on how to buy and download to your computer. Easy peasy!

Well as you know it is Saturday and my farm attire for most Saturdays is my.............nightgown and feels so good to go outside and let the dew clean off your feet and do my chores! I had to get buckets filled with chick and Momma food. While I was working outside the birds were singing and the little breeze that we where having this morning....... was wonderful after the hot days! The warmth has been good for all the produce we have planted. Honeydew, pickle cucumbers, acorn squash is all up. Today I hope to get in my little white pumpkin seeds......they are the sweetest for fall. You always have to think ahead! Cantaloupe, yellow squash, more pumpkins will go into today!

The nesting boxes.....filled with eggs........sweetness to this farmgirl's heart!!!!!

Had to go and get the grain for the Girlies and feed them. The ones laying on eggs all rushed to eat. I took the picture above to show all the eggs they are laying on! The three that are in the middle nester are ones the other girls laid. I will take them in the house.

If you look closely there is a little baby with it's beak showing under her wing to the left.....sweet!

Filled Momma Hen with her 8 little chick's food dishes. I love how at least one of her babies are always on her back. 

You know where I will the garden......putting down paper and straw so I won't have to weed! It works for me and helps so much to keep all the moisture in the ground!

I have to show you one more thing.......this last week was really hard for a lot of the workers in the kitchen. It was very hot and with it being the last 2 weeks the kids are tired and wanting school to be over!!!!! They can be quite demanding. One sweet friend who works with, was having troubles...... so I prayed with her. I so want her to "know Jesus". She came to me the next day and reminded me of the tough day......and handed me this small perfect little cross. Isn't our Savior so precious.......DETAILS! I almost cried.....that may sound silly, but the only thing that keeps me sane (by having to leave my home) every day and getting up at 5 is that He has a plan for our families life and that is to share the Good News!!!!!! It was only 1/2" tall.......He so many times uses the little things......Friday was no exception. That is not the only thing that happened......I was filling the cereal I was cleaning the extra cereal on the table I saw this teeny tiny heart. I didn't take a pic.....but it was the sweetest perfect heart! I took it to her and placed it in her hand.......another reminder to her that He loves her with an everlasting love, I told her so! I saw her bow her head at lunch the other day......"thank you my sweet Jesus for helping me to Love like you makes life so fun!"

Hope you have a wonderful day........know you have been thought me and of course JESUS!



  1. Enjoy hearing about all the seeds that you are planting in your garden. Glad some are poking their little heads up already. It has been raining here. Just yesterday it rained buckets. So we are waiting impatiently for the ground to dry out so we can till. Maybe in about a week we can get started! :)
    God bless you during your last 5 days of working. Hugs!

    1. Hi, it has been fun watching all the little seeds. It is one of my favorite is so amazing.
      We got some rain, but farming you always seem to need more. I bet you will have fun once it dries up for you.
      Thank you for your encouragement. Can't wait for next friday!!!!!!

      Hugs sweetie friend, Linda

  2. HI Linda,
    Your girlies are just the cutest things...and wow, they're sure laying a lot of eggs ;) :) I can just imagine all the happy chirping happening at Prairie Flower Farm.

    I'll be praying for work at the kitchen. I"m just so happy that you all have jobs. That really is a blessing ;) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;) :) :)

  3. I always enjoy your cheery blog posts, with photos. What a busy day you had. I did as well. Got up and made some oatmeal bars, (batch and a half) some to share with 2 families that have added babies (human) to their family. Gave that along with some consumable, but needed items for baby. Stopped at one place for a baby shower...and gift. Then off to another party for buying Thirty-One products. Great stuff, so hard to choose. On the way there, I saw a friend out cleaning his truck. So did around the block loop so I could park on correct side of road. Only one side can be parked on due to traffic. Anyway, dear friends that are moving to MO for ministry work, Thurs. So needed hugs and farewell....sad to see them go but God calls and they are going. Sigh! (insert tears here.) Now I need to make dinner...but don't want to. But will ask for help and it'll get done. Have a good weekend!

  4. sweet pics of chicks, and I love your white picket fence! Wow! You are such an awesome soldier for JESUS! 5 more days!

  5. I'm so curious, Linda, what is the cross made of?

  6. I love the picture of your garden and the picket fence and all the eggs. Love hearing what is happening on the farm. Love the baby chick on Momma's back. Thanks for sharing about the cookbook but the link to what you made from the book for Tressa's Graduation Party didn't take me to another page. It just reloads this page. Love all your posts! We got an inch of rain yesterday! ♥ it.

  7. I had the link up at the top where it said Gooseberry Patch. Sorry I didn't make it more clear!

    Your sweetness makes me smile!
    Hugs, me

  8. I have to get this soon. What a doll you are caring for all of us. I will see what ideas I can borrow from you and Tressa graduation party. Have a beautiful week.


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