Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Beautiful Day........On The Farm......No Wind!

Hello Sweet Ladies.......

this morning we went out early to try to beat the heat and work a bit in the garden. 

Sweet man asked for me to follow.......I followed. As we were walking to where he was taking me he said that Rooster was feeding Miss Rachel. He would bite a piece of greens and then drop it in front of is that precious or what?

When I got to them he was cock a doodling! Probably saying some sweet things! 

She was scratching away eating bugs.....with her sweet rooster guy by her side. 

We were out in the garden early as I said, I came back up to the house and off to the side I saw out of my left WHITE COCHIN GIRLIE....... she was making a beeline to the water........she has been gone for some time and was she ever hungry.......she has a nest somewhere I am sure. I don't know where, but I tried to find it. Nothing so far. I am so so thankful she is not dead like I thought. This really made this farmgirl happy!

Mr. Toad saw that we had water.........he came for a drink. A pretty fat little guy, don't ya think?

It is a busy day today again .........the wind is not blowing like it was yesterday. Very nice. Putting paper and straw down. I will show pic's tomorrow. IT works great to keep the moisture from evaporating. Teachable moments with Vitaliy. 

Hugs to your day from the farm!



  1. I love your pictures, and the new addition, "why I blog"!The photo of Rooster feeding Miss Rachel was adorable. Also, is it true that the roosters will only crow when there are hens around? I was "cock-a-doodle-doo"ing at my new rooster and it made him JUMP! He's young, but probably he'll do some crowing when he gets some girls around him?

  2. I know what you mean about the wind. It was cool yesterday and today. Nice for the drive to town and a surprise visit to my mom's for her 88th birthday (tomorrow). Hope the wind will stop tomorrow as I need to do some spraying.♥♫

  3. A little love on the farm! How sweet! So gled you Cuchin is OK!
    Ribbit! Ribbit!

  4. Glad to hear that your chicken is safe and well! She looks so very clean, I think she must have been away getting 'pampered'!!


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