Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Rose.........For You!

Hello sweet ladies,

Our roses are just beautiful at Prairie Flower Farm this spring. This rose is called a "Peace" rose. It was given to me from my mother in love. My sweet man's Momma who is not with us anymore. This gift has kept on giving and giving. Everyday I have been taking flower bouquets to the college. I have been helping out by working in the cafe taking the kids cards, so I have to sit out front. I am amazed how many kids have talked about the flowers. The girls want some of them for their weddings. Sweet.

Came home and found another new little black chick..........

and the third little red chick........12 babies all together. More eggs are getting ready to hatch. At least 3 more that I can tell.

Two more days and I will be back on the farm.....and then after that, one more week! If next week goes as fast as this week, it will be going by fast! 

Hugs and may the Lord bless you!



  1. What a beautiful Rose! and that little black chick is so sweet! Thanks for sharing!! XO Fran.

  2. How sweet to have a rose bush from your MIL to remember her by. And beautiful roses continue to bloom.. And then you share that gift with others and look how it affects others! Beautiful!

  3. Lovely rose! The pink is just so pretty. We just got a brand new chick, too! Hopefully, it's a hen and we'll get more eggs. So much fun, they are!

  4. Oh Linda..I love the Peace me they are the most beautiful of all! My best friend and her husband bought me some of these one year for Mothers Day...oh how I loved them! You are so thoughtful to share these each day with those at college! I can understand why they would want them for their weddings! Those baby chicks are sooooo cute! How blessed you are.

    Love & blessings,

  5. Those baby chicks are adorable. What a blessing you have right at your home. You are one amazing lady! Love to you!


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