Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hello sweet ladies,

Today was a very busy day and I thought I would have time to write a isn't going to happen! I will be with all my children tomorrow so thought I would just wish you all a very blessed Momma's Day!

My prayer for you.......Father I thank you so much for our Momma's....thank you that you thought the whole thing up and because of it we are blessed. I ask that you would strengthen them to be able to do the things that are needed in their days. Would you encourage them in their inner know how deep your love is for them. Use us Father to bless them and be there for them. I personally want to thank you for my Momma. It has been hard to not have her know who I am, but I know that with out a doubt you have planned her days....and I can rest in that. Thank you for all the precious ladies that meet me here at my blog......bless them Father. I ask all of this in the most precious and Holy Name of Jesus, Amen

Know that you are me and Jesus.



  1. Thank are a blessing! Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to YOU, Linda. I know how much being a mommy means to you. May He bless you, your children & grands, your house and the work of your hands.... ♥Rebecca

  3. Happy Day to you. Enjoy your summer vacation! Mine will start on Friday!♥♫

  4. Happy Mother's Day! I am blessed to call you my friend! You are so precious. Thank you for investing your life in others and sharing with us from your bounty there at Prairie Flower Farm. You make each day brighter as you lead, inspire and pray for the sweet ladies who follow your blog. You are a "spiritual" mother to many. Blessings to you this day! With heartfelt love, Susan

  5. Great post,I really like your article

  6. Happy Mother's day. Thanks for the prayer. Yes, I love my mom. Just wish she wasn't confined to a wheelchair, in a nursing home. But the staff are really good with her. I see her often. Thanking God for a Godly mom and I in turn had my daughter tell me so in her card to me! AW! Have a really good day with your family. Hubby and I had our fun yesterday at a concert, which I will blog about soon, maybe today! Hugs!

  7. Thank you sweet Linda, you are so special and a Blessing to us all.
    Happy Mother's Day to you and enjoy being with your family.

  8. Thank you, and a very very Happy Mother's Day to you sweet Linda! Have a very special day with your sweet husband and family!

  9. Thank you for the Prayer. I have been blessed this Mother's Day by my sweet husband and three wonderful daughters and their husbands and children. Wishing you a blessed Mother's Day with your sweet husband and your family.


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