Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rain........Just Makes A New Day better!

Good Morning, how are you sweet ladies?!!!!!!!!! 

Our daughter Tay took this right when the storm was coming in.......thought it was a beautiful picture!

 It is so wonderful here on the farm, nice and cool. Last night we had a huge storm that came through. Not a bad one, for which we were very thankful! The sky was so blue, green and black and rolling. We were so excited, when we looked at the image of the storm on the internet, we were actually going to be dumped on. Precious Lord....... to come to our rescue and give us rain. WE WERE ALL SO EXCITED!! Can you tell? 

Here is my little is 1" long.......with the rain the garden will pop up big time. Can't wait to see how fast it will grow now. I have a few more on the plant that are just starting. I will be making pickles before I know it! The rain really came down, so the plants are all dirty! I will brush them off when the sun gets them nice and dry

We always make a Garden Pickle recipe.......this squash will be perfect in the batch. This recipe is so so easy and very good. I use Kosher Dill Quick Process Pickle Mix. It has all the ingr. and tastes wonderful!

Yesterday I checked the potato patch and beans before the storm came. A few were blossoming. I took a peek.........can't wait until both are ready to add some bacon to and cook for dinner!!!!! One of our favorite meals.  

Yesterday I was on Pinterest.........I enjoy serving warm homemade breads. I found some really nice easy recipes to try. My rosemary went through the whole winter without dying and so I will use fresh rosemary to make.  She used Rhodes 100% Whole Wheat Texas Rolls. I don't have that so I will use the Whole Wheat bread recipe to make ours. I will have to find my little jelly jars that I have like this. Sweetness!

Aren't these beautiful? I bet they taste good also. 

This is a must!!!!! Doesn't it look so easy? I will let you know how they turn out. 

Alfredo Chicken Basil Pizza

Here is the recipe that we used for our pizza dough the other night. It is wonderful and really fast to make. I just dumped all the ing. in my bread machine. Let it do the mixing.  I took it out after it made a nice ball. Take ball and place it in a bowl with olive oil. Let it rise for 5 minutes. Follow directions to finish process. 
We bought a jar of alfredo sauce and spread it on top of the pizza dough. Cut up cooked chicken, onions, and basil leaves. Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese. NUMMY! 

My mozzarella cheese I was making the other night......well it didn't turn out, but it did make cream cheese.  That is the first time it hasn't worked for me. I will try again. We had a little cheese on hand and some tasted wonderful...guess that is all that matters. 

Hope you have a sweet day! 



P.S. Another little duck hatched during the storm last night. The electricity went off for a bit.....scared me for the rest that were hatching.......lights came back on soon after!!!!! Thankful!


  1. Dear Linda,
    I'm so glad that you got some rain. Rain really is a God-send, isn't it? :) :) :)

    That photo that Tay took of the rain clouds rolling in is really beautiful and might, too :) :)

    Umm..I"m NOT a fan of pickles, but I do LOVE squash, and that will taste good no matter how you prepare it ;) :) LOVE the potatoes, too :) :)

    Thanks for all the recipes. I'm gluten free, but those rolls in a jar looked so good that it made me think twice :) :) :)

    Extra love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;) :) :)

  2. we got rain last night & today too...really nice & steady...good soaking for my really needed it!! i have some great pics too of storm clouds. they are fascinating!! with the wide open plain, you can see the great horizon!! ^)^linda

  3. That IS a beautiful photo! I love your excitement over the little pickle. That's just how I am as I check things in the garden daily to see the progress. :-)

  4. I'm reading this while i should be getting dinner ready so all that lovely food is making me rubble!! I recently saw a similar bread recipe using tiny terracotta pots - very cute indeed.
    Glad you are getting the rain you need, we are getting sun (at last), that picture of storm clouds if beautiful. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. We are getting rain right now here in Mich. But we need it! I have been thiking about baking something and your little breads you pinned look yummy!! It's very chilly here too and I need to waarm up the kitchen!! I am covered in ablsnket and drinking coffee!! LOL You are so adorable in your pic on the sidebar there you are as cute as your blog!! Thanks for sharing!! Enjoy the weekend!! XOXO Love, Fran.


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