Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Deadline To Get A Pattern Done..........Pray for Me Please!!!!

Good morning SWEET LADIES!

Wow wow wow, what a sweet fun party you ladies can make one at Prairie Flower Farm blog!!!!!! Your ideas are soooooo sooo cute! Loved everyone. I have so many ideas swimming in my head thanks to your creative thoughts. I will have fun. We had a lot of new ladies come over from Gooseberry Patch! A lot of ladies downloaded some of the crafty items I have on my sidebar. 

The party is still going on, so if you have not signed up yet and you would like, you can still do so HERE!

This morning was kind of my first time since we have been off work to go out and look around the farm. 

I stopped by the Potter's we are having some company later on in the day and it will have to be cleaned up a bit before they sweet girls will help! 

Off in the weeds were 4 of the 5 new chicks I bought at Yoder Auction........they were out eating bugs.......num! I haven't had a white one for some time. Looks pretty don't you think?

Opened the sheep gate........(Susan, love my bell) to let Willow, Twig and Leaf out! The birds were so loud singing away!!!!!! Beautiful morning.

Look who is looking through the window. Sorry it is blurry, but I love Willows face and her freckles!

Leaf is getting so big and plumpy!

Twig is bigger than Leaf........the picture here makes Leaf (on the right) look smaller then he really is. I think Twig is a handsome boy don't you?

The hard thing though is it is TIME...... I knew it was coming.....but am I ready to give up my boys?

Cheryl, a seasoned shepherdess (who lives not far from our farm), from Cresent C Farm who I bought Willow, Twig and Leaf called to say it was TIME...........that meant she was ready to trade my little boy lambs for two little girls. If I am going to start a small flock here at Prairie Flower Farm, I need girls, not boys....sad. My goal is to have the wool from girls........and one day I would love to spin.....but that is later on. I am getting ready now.  On a farm you have to think ahead most of the time. Cheryl has been so helpful. Anyway she met us as we drove up job was to pick out two baby wasn't hard to do. It is amazing how each has their own personality. I really like looking at their sweet faces. 

She was one.......she is a Rambouillet a good kind of sheep for wool, one day I will learn to spin).......I loved her face......Cheryl said I would have to clip the wool from around her she wouldn't get "wool blindness", that's not a problem.....heehee.....right? Now I will have time to start working with her and making her my own. Remember when V and I tried to catch Willow just to put a harness on her? The thought of coming towards a large ewe with clippers to cut her wool from over her eyes makes me shutter? I will take my sweet man with! I do not want to be bashed up against the wall plains sounds good with lots of grass around me! I will take pic's when the day comes~

I picked another girl, but didn't get a pic.......I will let you see when they both come to live at Prairie Flower Farm! She looks kind of like Twig with black on her face.

As we were leaving....... the goats were going out into her pasture. What a gorgeous site! Thought you would enjoy seeing. The are so enjoyable to watch scamper across the fields with tails up in the air.........I like them. Not sure I could talk my sweet man into a goat......I had a billy goat once. He was not nice......I think I will just be happy with my sheep. Would love the milk though for cheese!
Hope you are all having a wonderful day.....wherever you are!

Today I will be sewing, trying to get a pattern finished for Quilt Market this weekend........working hard to make it happen!!!!!! Been wanting to show you for months it seems. Life was just tooooo busy to get it I don't have a choice!

Hugs from the farm and don't forget to sign up for the party if you would like............last post,



  1. The quilt is beautiful!

  2. What sweet little ewes:)) Your posts are always so happy Linda!

  3. Oh, I love that quilt! I had some of that fabric once.. the white with the larger blue roses... made a dress for a little granddaughter from it. So pretty!

  4. Love your site. It's very calming and I love the cute babies. New to the site and love the handwork. Just joined yesterday but ant download the Winter All Year Long. There wasnt a download button in Docs.

  5. Linda,
    Oh my! I LOVE her face! And her white eyelashes! How sweet!
    Now sorry, but I laughed out loud when I read "I do not want to be bashed up against the wall again......"! I immediately had a visual in my head and it made me laugh :D
    So happy that you like the bell! It looks great there and it is where I thought it would be neat to see :)
    Love ya,
    Susan Montgomery

  6. Hi Linda, you have to give up Twig and Leaf? How come? I have loved watching them grow! Can't wait to see what you are going to finish the apron with! Such creative ideas out there!

  7. What a lovely 'virtual' walk around your farm! Quilt looks beautiful. I would love to learn to spin also; maybe one day!

  8. You have such an ideal life! Blessings to you and yours


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