Monday, May 21, 2012

It Is Monday........a Full Day!

Hello sweet ladies,

First off, thank you to all who prayed for rain. It came down very nice, with pea size hail that didn't last for long. We were thankful for that. One town had tennis size hail. OUCH! We only got about an 1/8th of inch, but it was rain and it smelt wonderful!!!!!!! The horses loved it, but after awhile went into the shed for cover. Cleaned the dust from the air and that was so nice! Thank you very much and we do need to continue to pray for rain all over the country! Some need it so bad.

The cattle egrets were out in the field with the horses.......I have never noticed them before, but it was nice to watch as they enjoyed the rain. 

I have to show you what happened last night when I went to close up the milk house.  Lookie ( I know that is not a word, but it fits), here who was on the floor in the straw.....running around while all the other chicks were watching.......a new baby chick. I can't figure why the Momma hen is not keeping them in her nest. This is the second one I have found on the ground. They fall about 2 feet. I couldn't believe how fast this little guy was and how hard it was to catch him. Sweetness!

Here is one more little sneak peak!

Every Monday is always sooooo full for us after a weekend. I will be busy working on the instructions for the new pattern,  I would love prayer for clarity, please. It is always hard to put into words as I write up the pattern. Everyone has their own way of understanding.  

One more thing, the party has been extended until  May 25th for the Gooseberry Patch/Prairie Flower Farm Cookbook Party. 

The CHRISTmas Table! You are welcome to sign up HERE to sign up if you would like!

Have a sweet are in my prayers and so nice to see the new followers! 



  1. I'm anxious to find out about your project. Looks like an ipad cover or a quilted table topper with a storage pouch.
    I'm gonna be posting soon about my new peeps..I think the rooster I ordered is a pullet and one of the pullets is a rooster. I'll try and show pics of the wing feathers.

    1. Hi, I am working as fast as I can to get everything all finished so I can show you all. It isn't a ipad cover of a quilted table topper......sounds like a cool idea though. Let me know when you fun for you!!!!! Love babies and big Chicky Hens also! Hugs, me

  2. So glad you got your rain Linda, and not tennis ball size hail! Sorry for those who did! Little baby chick is so cute and healthy!
    Have a blessed week at home!

  3. Hi, yes we are so thankful. It was only enough to get on the leaves, but we are still thankful. He gave it and we need to be happy about it.....right? Yes I haven't heard about the farmers yet.

    I am enjoying my home for is so so wonderful!

    Hugs, me


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