Saturday, December 11, 2010

All In A Day!

Hello sweet ladies............
Oh my, if you can believe this I was out again starting Thursday night until yesterday without internet service. I must say............what are you trying to teach me Lord! I am trying to get it what ever it might be!!!! Smile. They are really having a time.....when you live in the country you can't be to choosy!

Thank you everyone for signing up for the party (if you haven't yet.......scroll to my post below and sign up)!!!!!! It really is a beautiful book........gets you in the right thinking......... for the Christmas Season!

I did get a lot done........started early in the morning working on my craft room. I can't imagine how messy I can get when I am "craftin". I see all these beautiful places on girls blogs of craft room with everything all orderly. Not me! But I am getting there. I started organizing.........not there yet......but will be! Today is my third day at HOME. Oh ladies........I can not tell you how wonderful it is. Three weeks seems huge to me and I will be enjoying each day to the max. I am soooooo grateful!!!!!

Then the mail came...............a package........addressed to ME ( I love mail) .........I opened it and look what was handmade..........what a treasured gift. From a precious Momma and friend who cares for their 6 adopted handicap children. She and her husband are amazing.............I love her....lots.......just another one of those things that happens when you have a blog. You get an extended family.....I don't know if she knows this, but when I have my grand children with........I always say"Good Morning Jesus......I think I have shared it before on my blog.......maybe she remembered. Precious is all I can say.........oh and I have already written her.........but THANK YOU AGAIN Sweet Friend! She always encourages me in the Lord.....I have been so blessed.

Please pray for my daughter in love.......she is in route to pick up Vitaliy (the little orphan boy). There has been much unrest of the place he is coming from (I am not naming anymore) There were 15 children scheduled to come to America and the government denied their getting on the flight. Fifteen host parents paid the money.......but did not receive the precious child. Praying that the Lord will comfort them during this time. What a heartbreak for them! We are asking for help with our little boy. God will still be faithful, even if it doesn't go through, but we are still asking. I just heard that horrible things are going on with the orphans over there. It is dispickable what is happening to children.......gross sin is all I can say! We need to pray for children all over the world that are being illegally trafficked. Breaks the Heart of God.

Gooseberry Patch's blog has some adorable ideas for you to use during the season. Go to their blog and see all the other ideas they have. I just love Gooseberry Patch......they are always blessing us! Sign up for their emails if you haven't already! Here are a few of their neat ideas!


Take the whole family to select and cut a Christmas old tradition that's worth keeping. A hearty breakfast of hot oatmeal will fortify everyone against the cold. Have hot cocoa waiting in a slow cooker to chase away the chill afterwards...with candy-cane stirrers just for fun!

Surprise brunch guests with a muffin tree. Attach mini muffins to a tall styrofoam cone with toothpicks until the cone is completely covered. Try this with doughnut holes too...yummy!

Look at this adorable gift topper or napkin ring. I love it. Simple and yet so cute. You could use a cookie cutter as the outline for it. Just had to share this idea. 1oo Days at Better Homes and Gardens has really fun ideas also.

If you have any sites that are good please let me know!

Hugs, me



  1. I will certainly pray for your daughter in love and that sweet baby to have a safe trip. What a heartbreak for those others-I will pray for them also!
    I am so happy you get to spend so much time at home- you deserve it! i love to hear all the good that you are doing outside of the home, I know it wasn't your first choice but God is using you and that is such a joy! Blessings to you dear one!

  2. Hi Sweet Linda,
    I got the best surprise in the mail yesterday from YOU! I looked like a kid at Christmas opening so excited! I love it I love it I love it! Thank you for getting it in the mail so fast. I can't wait to get started and will ALWAYS think of you as I work on it.
    I'm so happy you are enjoying your days. I have 5 more days and then I'll be off for 2 weeks.
    I will pray for your situation with getting your daughter in law and little guy home.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Blessings and love,

  3. I will pray for your sweet daughter-in-law & the little boy getting home safe, Linda. And for the other children too....Love your blog and hearing about your daily activites...Have a wonderful Christmas~ God bless all....

  4. My prayers are with the children through out the world and especially those orphans in Russia. I pray for your family and especially your daughter in love! I missed you and was concerned that about your well being..forgot about the internet not always working! We are having snow, blizzard and cars slipping and sliding every which way! Pray for thise who have to travel in this weather..such as my sister in love.

    Glad you're back on and hope you continue to stay safe and enjoy your vacation!

    xoxo Gert

  5. I absolutely love your blog!!! It is so cute. I love your ideas. We as a homeschool family are going to work on some of your projects. Thank you so much for sharing. If I post any I will give proper due!!!

  6. Praying for your dil and the young man. So glad he got to come. May he be rescued from all that is going on with the children. Life can be so cruel when Messiah is not in the midst of it.

    Missed you yesterday....didn't think about your internet being down again! Drat.

    But I am so glad to know you are enjoying every minute of being HOME!

    Blessings & hugs,

  7. May God bring that sweet little guy to you quickly and safely. Enjoy your time off.
    Christmas blessings to you and yours!

  8. Good Morning Jesus! What a beautiful way to greet the day :-) I love it. I'll be praying for your dil and Vitaliy.

  9. Just found your blog. Love it. I pray for that lil one to get to you and yours!

  10. Just love my visits here Linda.
    I know what you mean about being a messy crafter too.... -- how do people stay all neat when the creative juices are flowing?! I dunno.

    Your Good Morning Jesus banner is ADORABLE. What a sweet friend to make that for you!!!

    I read about your daughter in love and Vitaliy-- Please know, my heart and prayers are with them and all those children and host parents. It really is heartbreaking. God's will be done.....

    My inlaws are coming for Christmas this year and I think I'll make one of those stryofoam cone tree with toothpicks n doughnut holes as you said. Love that idea... and love gooseberry patch too. Thanks for passing this on because I didn't see it before.
    God bless you Linda Stubbs.... have a great day,
    holykisses Lea


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