Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One More Day!

Hello..........I have only one more day of working at the college and then I am home!!!!!!!!!! Oh my am I one happy lady! HOME...for ........3 weeks.........just plain wonderful is all I can say!

Had to be gone this evening again..........no pictures. I do have some.....just no time to put them up. Have a wonderful day! So many of you have snow...........wonderful for you!

I have some very good news to tell you.........it is a for SURE that Vitaliy (the orphan boy) from the Ukraine is coming to our Son's families home for the holidays. Please pray for his safety flying and for all the details in just getting him here to America. He also does not speak English........ I tried to brush up on my Ukrainian (never spoke it before) and it was almost impossible!!!! Tried following the youtube teachers..........heehee........didn't sound so good. Hope he can teach us some words. I bet all the grandchildren and he will do just fine! We all want to be a blessing to him and praying that he will want to know our Heavenly Father. Our grandson is so excited to have him come.........it will be a very very special CHRISTmas for all of us. Thank you for keeping him and the Stubbie family in your prayers. I so appreciate you all. We have never done anything like this before. Scripture is clear to take care of the orphan. Here we go!

I also have so many fun things planned for when I am home. It will be so wonderful! I will probably will have to have a party!!!! Don't cha think?




  1. One more day, YEA!

    Praying for Vitaliy's safe travels and that the stay will be wonderful for everyone!


  2. 3 weeks at HOME! That sounds wonderful. I will have two and am looking forward to it as well. We have so much we want to do that I'm sure the days will go quickly.

    I know your time with Vitaliy will be special for all. I'll be praying for safe travels.

  3. Praying for safe travels! Enjoy your three weeks!

  4. Enjoy your time at home and praying for safe travels for the little one.

  5. Always lovely to hear from you. I got your package today you wrapped them so cute & pretty! I can't wait for the girls to open them at Christmas .. Thank you sooo much! We continue to
    Pray for you & your family .

    xoxo Gert

  6. Enjoy your time at home, and praying for safe travel for the little boy.....he will add such a blessing to your family, I'm sure. God bless......

  7. Linda so happy you have some time at home. My niece works for New Horizons & she is hosting a boy from Latvia and she said they are having problems some of the airlines are on strike, hope all goes well for this. She is flying to NYC to meet some of them and bring them to the midwest. Small world huh??

  8. Oops that last post was from me, Diane S. ( aunt lodi) I am at my DD house using their laptop and didn't notice when I posted it pulled up my SIL google account. Sorry.


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