Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good Morning!! Only One More Day To Sign Up!

This is one of my favorite CHRISTmas decorations!
The real reason for CHRISTmas is JESUS!.

Good Morning......sweet ladies,
Only ONe more DAY to sign up for the PARTY!

I want to thank all of you who personally emailed or left a comment for me blessed not only myself.........but my whole family. I just want to thank you for caring about him. Some of you wrote about what you can do:

I just have to tell you that I am SO MOVED by the story of little Vitaliy visiting your family !!!! "My heart is so full and my eyes fill with tears as I read about his visit and see him with your beautiful family !!!!" Oh my, I am SO Happy that the Lord put him in your family's lives !!! HE surely has big plans for this special boy !!! Please keep me posted and let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Much love in Christ,

another wrote,

"how wonderful and amazing. I'd like to help."

"I have had to leave my computer and get tissues. I was soo touched by what is happening with your family and precious Vitality from Russia.
Please know you are all in my prayers! God does own those zero's!"

I am realizing that not only my heart is being moved, but so are the followers of my blog.
God is sooooooo amazing!

Vitaliy went to the dentist yesterday and did very well. The dentist is donating his services. A beautician is cutting his hair today she is doing the same. He started learning English last night and is doing fantastic! I have to say........that I know that your prayers are being answered. So many prayers are going up for Vitaliy.........and we sooooo thank you!

The other day when I told you that Tonya gave him pj's to put on, the thing I didn't tell you was when she heard the water running she thought he was washing his clothes. The children in the orphanage have to wash their own clothes when they need to be cleaned. So she went to check on him and he was on his knees in front of the water faucet and he was splashing cold water on himself to clean himself up. Bless his heart he didn't know how to use the shower or the bathtub. That is when Tonya was moved. So was their whole family. Ellie and Ian are learning much and hopefuly through this whole experience we will all learn much!
For some reason when I go to bed at night I always thank the Lord for our bed and my pillow. That might sound silly........but I have always been very grateful for a HOME. There are so many who do not have one. For greatest prayer now is that He will come to know Jesus and that he will have a real HOME. Trusting God that it will be with our family!

We have friends that were Russian missionaries. They now live by us and sell Russian Bibles. Isn't the Lord so precious? They have a business called Russian Publishing where they sell Russian Bibles for adults and children. Today we are getting Vitaliy his own Bible and coloring books with characters of the Bible for CHRISTmas. Pray pray pray........only God can move the heart of man.......He is pure and POWERFUL.

Grandpa Jack would like! Do you see the little kitten on the log
to the left........she is not sure what this is!

We had some sadness happen on Prairie Flower Farm.........the other day we came home and saw this HUGE hawk fly up from the chicken yard........... he had killed two of our chickens. Ugh! Not nice! Part of farm life. You can't shoot a hawk though........even if they are eating and killing your livestock. Doesn't seem right. All turned around in our land! Anyway........I thought, "I am going to just out think this hawk" I got a pair of Grandpa Jack's old over alls (don't have the heart to throw the overalls away, he has since died, but I know I will make something someday).........and a shirt and I stuffed them with old newspapers...............and LOOK he is our Patriotic Scarecrow! Love him! You know..........he hasn't come back!

Hugs and blessings from my farm to your HOME!
I HEART you ladies!



  1. Linda, when you get the paypal set up, my husband & I want to contribute to the account for Vitaliy. This is such a precious story and here at Christmas makes it even more special. God continue to bless your family....Hugs from Texas

  2. Hi Camille.......thank you so for the sweetness! We soooo appreciate all the love that is coming our way from such sweet ladies. Pray for protection around the whole adoption. Satan does not want this to go through!

    Hugs, me

  3. You have so many blessings going on at your farm and sharing them with us blesses us. I'm so enjoying reading about sweet V!! He is precious. God had a special plan for that young boy. Josh and Tonya are at the heart of it. (and all of you!) He will feel so much joy and love being surrounded by all of you. Doesn't that just about break your heart that a bath and shower are so new to him?
    So so sorry to hear about your chickens! And are just too smart to come up with that scarecrow! Grandma Linda to the rescue!! ;0)

  4. Hi Tanya......You are toooooo sweet! Yes he is precious. You are so right that the Lord has a plan. Yes that is so sad about the bath..........our grandchildren will never forget this!!!! I just had to say hello before going to bed. We have been staying up late! Toooooo much fun! Today marks our first week! I love it! Do you start your vacation soon?

    Hugs, Linda

  5. Hi Linda
    I have just read this & the previous post! I am loving hearing about your time with precious V. I will add you guys & his adoption to my prayer list. If God owns the cattle on the hills, than He can easily finance this adoption. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of your month goes & I would love to follow along with the adoption progress.
    Oh & you have certainly had some interesting kitchen visitors!
    Have a beautiful day


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