Thursday, December 23, 2010


My "TrEe" is all decorated!!!!!!!! The gifts are all sewn...........everything is almost all wrapped........and the family will be showing up to our farm..........for the evening to open presents. I can't wait! I love having the lights off.........and only tree lights shining.......makes me think of 35 years ago............we opened our presents on CHRISTmas Eve..........I was 9 months pregnant.........after we opened the gifts I went into labor........we went to the hospital............hours later I had a little boy......we named him Joshua (God saves)..........on CHRISTmas Day the most precious present we have ever recieved!!!!! Little did we know that a few months later his Daddy would come to a saving knowledge of JESUS CHRIST and what he did for us........saved us from our sin! Our lives together as a family has never been the same! So CHRISTmas and lights........are really a special thing around our HOME. So is our son!

Oh.......I think you might want to know who won?????? Well it was..........

she said, Merry Christmas Linda! I am just sitting here cutting little felt Christmas trees and sipping milk from a Christmas glass and listening to Christmas music by Chris Tomlin. :)

Jessica you gave me a picture in my mind (can we come to your house and sip milk out of a CHRISTmas cup and cut trees..........and listen to Chris Tomlin? We do want to see those trees!

The girls have been doing a lot of baking.............we have wanted to make homemade marshmallows ever since I saw them on my friend's blog some time back...........this year we finally made them!. A Merry Heart Journal (you will love her blog.......(she is taking a little time off from blogging but she has wonderful material that she has written.......she always usher's you into the presences of the Lord........praying she will be back soon)........she loves Jesus with all her heart..........(I love her with all mine!........just like you!). She put up a wonderful recipe for Homemade Marshmallows some time back. They are sooo fun and easy to make. Tressa had so much fun in the kitchen.....she dipped the top of hers with crushed peppermint candies and powdered sugar along the edges and also dipped the whole marshmallows with hot cocoa powder. Then she melted some chocolate chips with a little milk and drizzled it over the top of some of them. I cut some in little cubes........rolled them in crushed peppermints........powdered sugar.......put them in one of my cute little pint jars (the ones I showed you that are green from Better Homes and Gardens) to put in a nice warm cup of hot cocoa.

SIMPLE Gift Cans

I am making "Gift Cans" with packages of hot cocoa, peppermint marshmallow cubes, and fudge for our children's families and close friends..........very simple. I have been recycling tuna cans from work for the last 4 months. I knew when I saw them what I was going to use them for! I have to tell you......making homemade marshmallows are soooooooo easy. Looks hard........but I promise it is not!!!!!!!!

Well, thank you all for coming to my little was wonderful to see your sweet faces on the profile picture!

I LOVE YOU LADIES...........I mean it........those who have never commented......that goes for you as well. I pray for you is so good to know... that the Lord knows you so well and will help you with all of your needs!

Hugs from my Farm to your HOME!



  1. Thank you Linda!!! (((hugs)))
    The tree pins are from The Purl Bee
    Mine are forest green and I am adding little stars and tiny bead ornaments to mine! I'll post a picture on my blog sometime soon. Hubby just gave me a new camera today! and I haven't gotten it installed on the computer yet. I haven't been able to take many pictures in the house since my other camera's flash broke (this old house has terrible lighting). SO I am quite excited to be able to take pictures inside again!

    Your gifts look lovely. One day we are going to try making marshmallows. I'm sure they taste fabulous compared to store bought.

  2. Congratulations, Jessica!
    I look forward to visiting your blog soon.

    Sharon at Merry Heart Journal is *back to bogging*!!!

  3. Oh Linda... Congrats to your lucky winner!! Your pictures are just 'amazing'... I pray you will be having a blessed CHRISTmas and enjoy your friends and family...

    Our plans will be have to be changed as I got the flu and feeling a little better each day.. We shall celebrate with family at another time..

    Blessings and Merry CHRISTmas...
    xoxo Gert

  4. Hi Linda--
    I think I have been just a "reader" for a couple months now--so how sweet of you to mention 'Us just' readers in your Christmas wishes--thank you--
    and I wish a great Merry Christmas to you and your family!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  5. Congratulations to Jessica! She will be so excited! What a wonderful Christmas present from you to her!
    Know you will have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Especially hearing you have your own Christmas baby boy! How fun!
    Blessings to all the Stubbs...

  6. Linda,

    How special to have a Christmas baby! What a gift. Did you know that Joshua is the same name as Jesus when you named him?

    We made German Crisps from the cookie cookbook today. They're yummy! Thanks for compiling those recipes.

    We read your posts as emails every day even though I don't post comments often.

    Have a blessed Christmas celebrating the advent of the King of Kings!


  7. congratulations, Jessica ;) :) :) Linda always hosts a very fun party :) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

  8. Linda I just love knowing you! You have the most giving heart! I love sharing my faith here with you. Anne


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