Thursday, December 23, 2010

Come to our 24 hour Giveaway Party!

Party Closed

Hello........sweet ladies,

Yesterday we stopped in on our friends Rosa, Marian and Grandma Yoder. I love going there. We had to finish up on the Tea Room a bit before going to our friend Alicia's to celebrate our CHRISTmas Thyme with her. Rosa had just taken out a fresh loaf of her wonderful homemade bread.............she is such a lovely hostess and offered (really I begged) us a piece...........num! She had just been busy making up Pluckets .......I have never heard of it........... didn't looked beautimus! She was making it for gifts. Well they had the crumb mixture on the table...........I put some on my warm bread........oh my this is so delicious and so I must share. Made myself another piece this morning.........I toasted it this will love! Must share the recipe with can make it a family tradition with us!

From Rosa's Kitchen (wish I could share time with you in her kitchen.......I have sat at their table many a time..........warm.......smells like she is always baking........put Grandma Yoder in the middle of all of us girls..........and you have a giggly mess of ladies! My kind of fun day for sure!

Crumb CHRISTmas Cinnamon Sugar
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 tea. cinnamon
1/4 c. walnuts ( I used about 1/2 cup)

Process in a food processor. Fill in a cute little homespun jar cut a circle
to make a skirt for the jar........tie a ribbon.........put a sweet little snowflake
ornament..........and then make a tag with a message from your heart.
You can either make a loaf of homemade bread or go to your favorite
bakery and buy one. Set on a plate.........use clear cellophane and wrap
it up!!! Anyone would love this simple gift of love! for all of you who are still around in blogland........

I am having a one day party................
we will have fun and see who will come. I will send out
one pint jar of
Crumb CHRISTmas Cinnamon Sugar

to the winner!

I will close the giveaway at noon December 24(tomorrow)!

So come....... please tell and invite your friends!

Now just leave a little comment (or you can chat if you like!)

Do you make fudge at CHRISTmas Thyme(?)........
we are today! A favorite

Last night we had our CHRISTmas thyme with our friend Alicia. She had her house so beautifully decorated! We all ate snacky foods............... and watched the Nativity. Mr Phil had his Bible as we watched and gave a running commentary of the accuracy of the Word. It was really fun as we learned even more about the special birth of our Savior.

She had 3 stick trees decorated together...............BEAUTIMUSS! The picture doesn't give it justice. The lights were so beautiful and the decorations just popped out!

Noticed one of the ornaments I made her...........I forgot about this one.......need to make some more! For dessert she served us Cherry Limeade Bars.........on her beautiful scripture plates. Doesn't it look so festive?............ they tasted soooooooo nummy!

Cherry Limeade Bars

Tangy and sweet, a twist on the classic lemon bar, these easy dessert squares simply scream summer. A light, buttery crust is cooked with a thin layer of maraschino cherry puree, then topped with a lime custard. These little treats are just as refreshing as a tall glass of limeade. You’re going to love them.

1 c. flour

½ c. butter, softened
¼ c. powdered sugar
Dash of salt

6 oz. can maraschino cherries , undrained

½ Tbsp. cornstarch

3 eggs

1 ¼ c. sugar
3 Tbsp. flour
¼ c. key lime juice *
Green Gel Food Coloring

In a large bowl, combine flour, butter, powdered sugar, salt and flour until well mixed. Press into the bottom of a 9x9 inch baking pan. Pour the entire, undrained can of maraschino cherries into a blender, add cornstarch and blend until well chopped (but not pureed). Using a spatula, carefully spread the cherry mixture over the crust mixture. Bake in an oven preheated to 350° for 15 minutes.

In a large bowl, beat together remaining ingredients. Pour over cooked crust & cherry mixture. Return to oven and bake an additional 20-25 minutes, or until the mixture has set. Allow to cool completely before cutting into bars, garnishing with powdered sugar, and serving to your favorite people.

Then this morning I found this.........adorable pattern!!!!

You must go see...... if you are a knitter! These are the sweetest little mittens I have seen in a long time. I won't make them up for this year..........but I am going to get my knitting needles and go to the store to find this yarn and make them up at the first of the year! Then I will get a CHRISTmas box fixed up ........I'll start making things and putting them in the box for next year! It takes me all year long to be ready for the next CHRISTmas. How about you do that?

This video has been making it's rounds this season. I was over at Amy @Keep'n The Sunny Side(you must visit Amy) and Babble Lots (you must visit Toddie and saw this video again is sure to give you a smile! Sweet little girl!

Love and hugs from my cozy little farm,

NOW DON"T FORGET TO SIGN UP! 24 hours to do so! I just think Prairie Flower Farm......needs some fun today.

We found the last duck dead last night. Ugh! Don't know if an owl got in the coop or what.......didn't touch the chickens.......we didn't get the coop closed up since we were in town. sad!



  1. This sounds so yummy! Please enter me.

    I hope you and your family has a lovely lovely time together this weekend.

  2. Hi Mama Hen!!!!!!!!! So glad you came to the party......and the first one to come! It is so nummy! We will! I love CHRISTmas! Me

  3. First I Love Your Photo of Wall pieces behind
    the Nativity Set, Blessed reminder of the
    "True" meaning of Christmas..

    Yes Please enter me in your 24 Hours Christmas

    Also like the Plate that say Wisdom, where
    did you find that...

    As always your Blog is so refreshing and up
    lifting, enjoy visiting you..

    Merry Christmas

  4. The site is called Feed On The Word
    My friend Alicia has the set. THey are really pretty......but very expensive.It is always fun to see what verse you will get! I like this one! Thank you Trish for your appreciated. Merry CHRISTmas to you also! Thank you so for coming to our party! Thought we all needed a little fun! Me

  5. What a great gift idea. i am filing away ideas for next year. The stomach bug has hit our house so we will see if Christmas is delayed this year or not.

  6. Yummy. Thankyou for the mention. Great recipe. I do think you need ah dawg to protect your animals. Jist sayin. I need some fun today too!

  7. me too....the lime bars sound delicious, I think lemon bars are about my favorite so I"m sure our family would like the lime ones too...
    so sorry that you lost your duck....ours is a happy girl with all the rain we've had...she's been swimming in a new pond in the back yard, LOL...its very temporary but still..

  8. Thank you for sharing Linda! Sounds so yummy and looks so good. Please enter me!
    Everthing looks so pretty and I love the nativity!
    Merry Christmas!

  9. I LOVE a party Miss Linda! Thanks for the invite! All your goodies looks wonderful! Merry CHRISTmas my sweet friend! Be sure to scoot over and enter in for my Gooseberry Patch cookbook giveaway...complete with a Faithfulness Farm Apron :)


  10. Your blog always brightens my day! Merry Christmas to you and yours! Please include me for your drawing of Crumb Christmas Cinn Sugar.

  11. Hello!

    I love to make fudge! Just finished up some toffee - can't wait for it to cool so I can "test" a piece!

    I'm so sorry about your ducks and chickens. I know that's so hard to take. We had a fox getting our chickens this spring. We finally had to add a very tall fence with chicken wire around the top, and now the chickens can't be free range. Darn fox!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  12. Thank you so much for the new recipes. I am headed on over to look at the adorable little mitten ornies as well. Please enter me into your party and have a wonderful Christmas with your family!
    Blessings, Nicole

  13. Thank you so much for your year-round inspiration and ideas! You are such a blessing! I have just recently found you, and have really enjoyed reading your posts! I, too, make fudge for Christmas (although no one here REALLY needs it!) but it is OH so good!! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hope it is a good one

  14. Yum! Thanks for sharing those cute mittens... I am gonna send the pattern to my Grandma.. she is 92 and still knits! I want some of these for future memories!

  15. Love all the things you do, this looks so good.Would love to win it. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  16. Dear linda, I read your blog every day, I love it!!!!!
    I wishe you a very very merry christmas and will try your recipe soon.
    I show the video with my children (so they can learn a little bit english!!!!) so lovely.
    I don't enter in your giveaway, I live to far from USA.
    Lovely Blessings from France

  17. Merry Christmas Linda! I am just sitting here cutting little felt Christmas trees and sipping milk from a Christmas glass and listening to Christmas music by Chris Tomlin. :)

    Those mittens are so adorable! I do not know how to knit though. I can barely crochet. *lol*

  18. What a sweet little gift, Linda! I wish I could knit ~ the mittens are adorable. I bought one single mitten like that at a bazaar earlier this month as I thought they were just so cute! Everything looks so festive here!

    May the Lord bless your Christmas with an abundance of his peace & joy!

    Blessings to you,

  19. Merry Christmas to you and your family! The mittens are adorable! Can't wait to knit a pair.


  20. No fudge for us. But I did just make a batch of peanut brittle!
    Merry CHRISTmas!

  21. I love the recipes you've been sending our way. A while back you told us about a Twix bar recipe. My daughter and I made them and they are very good.

    Thanks for having this party. I love to hear your ideas for making things look nice and ways to bless someone else.

    Sorry to hear about your ducks and chickens. We are so fortunate that nothing has gotten our chickens for a long time. (Some older ones have died naturally this past year, but that is expected.) My prayers are with you often.


  22. Merry Christmas Linda and family. The party sounds fun, count me in. We have lost at least 6 chickens to hawks this fall. Just makes me sick, they just kill them and leave. I thinking about trying the scarecrow in the chicken yard like you used. I might try the knitting the mittens. I have already made one batch of fudge and making another tonight. My husband just loves fudge.


  23. Hi Linda. Enjoying your posts this week. Praying. LOVE the mittens. Just wish I could knit! Spent the morning shoveling our driveway, sledding with my girls & playing with our dog in the snow...made some wonderful memories & wore the dog out (& me!). :) Now it's time to get to work. Merry CHRISTmas!

  24. CHRISTmas Greetings to you and your sweet family!

    Your blog is soooo cheery :) We wait until February and Valentines Day to make our fudge but we do make peanut brittle during this season. I remember making it as my own contribution to our family's celebration when I was growing up in KS. Kind of fun to add the baking soda and watch the reaction. Now my children get the pleasure :) Please do enter me in your special 24 hour drawing.

    Merry Christmas!

  25. Just love your banner with the nativity...very precious! I'll need to look out for a special frame like that to fill with a verse for display...I truely want to stay focused for the real reason to celebrate the season. Going to have a look at that mitten pattern as well. My daughter needs a few ornies for her's a little bare; and she likes homemade things.

  26. Oh! I think I gained 5 pounds reading your blog today! Scrumptious!!!! And sure wish I could knit...adorable mittens!!! So sorry about your duck....I have loved their pictures all year. Merry Christmas and God bless you all!!! Nancy

  27. Merry Christmas!!! Hope your family has a wonderful holiday! I love the little mittens - they are so cute!

  28. Thank you so much for entering me. Merry Christmas!

  29. Merry Christmas Linda! The topping looks and sounds yummy as do the bars. After I add my comment I am going to look at the mitten pattern. I hope it is something that I can do. Enjoy the rest of your time at home!

  30. Love your blog, Linda. Please enter me in the give away too. Can't wait to try the recipes. It brightens my day to read your blog.
    Blessings from Texas ~

  31. Merry Christmas to you and your family Linda.

  32. I am not a big fudge person so NO I wont be make any but was blessed to get some things done today with an extra day off due to ice coved streets. thanks for the great recipes I love them cant wait to try them. Please enter me in you 24 hour contest!!!

  33. Loved the ideas. I am like you, takes me all year to get ready. I am going to start and try getting ready earlier next year. Want to try and do it all but need to refocus myself back on our Saviours birth. I love the dishes as well. Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family. Hugs to you all. Jennifer

  34. Christmas Blessings to you and your family. ♥♫

  35. The recipes sound wonderful and will be a treat this year when the family comes by.

    I noticed someone else mentioned you needed a dog. We have three livestock guard dogs. Two live with our goats and one at the house with us. One year at Christmas we lost 31 goats to domestic dogs. By the end of January I had found and bought 3 dogs. We have not lost another goat to anything but old age! We love our dogs and wouldn't take anything for them!

    Have a Merry Merry Christmas.

  36. Hi Linda
    It is always so lovely to visit your blog. Thank you for all the recipes. Yes, we make fudge for Christmas (well actually we don't have any left this year for Christmas day, but we did make a couple of batches for Christmas gifts - I put the recipe up on my blog that we use). I hope you have a wonderful Christmas - I've so enjoyed getting to know you this year!
    Enjoy your precious family!

    PS Please don't enter me in your giveaway as I'm sure it wouldn't get past customs (but I will have to try the recipe myself!)

  37. Merry Christmas! Please enter me.

  38. Hi Linda,
    I would be honored to be entered in your giveaway!! What a treat! I absolutely loved the plates that Alicia served your dessert on. Will you ask her where she got them? And that dessert looks so delicious! If I don't get it made by Christmas, it'll be soon! Thanks for sharing. I feel so bad about your ducks and chickens. I know that just broke your heart.
    I just can't wait to hear about your Christmas with all your family and your new little guy. I know it will be special. My mom will have to stay in the hospital until at least Monday so it will be a little saddened but she will be well cared for. We will go visit Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. God will take care of us and provide.

  39. It is sad to lose animals. Praying. Save me a seat at the tea room.

  40. Just a note to wish you and yours a blessedand happy Christmas and New year! Love your site and the recipes are so neat!
    Sue Y.

  41. Thanks for the great recipes and those adorable mittens. Have a wonderful Christmas--the family is all in and even though we had a funeral today for my mother-in-law we know that she is in a better place.

  42. Thanks so much for sharing this kind giveaway!
    bridgestranslation at yahoo dot com

  43. Dear Linda, Thanks so much for the two great recipes. I think both sound really yummy!!! and as a matter of fact, when it's really hot during the summer, I'll stop by my favorite coffee stand...and I'll buy an Italian soda...can you guess which flavor. Yes, it's a cherry-lime Italian this yummy bar is right up my alley.. :) :) Oh, I do love cinnamon sugar this is awesome as well1!! Definitely enter me into this 24-hour giveaway!!! I'm so glad that you have been able to have some time off with your family. What a blessing!!! I want to wish you and your precious family a very Happy CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!!! Extra bonus love and hugs to you and the rest of the Family Stubbs..including Vitaley :) :)...from Oregon, Heather :)

  44. Cinnamon sugar is one of my favorites, never thought of adding the nuts! Thanks for the giveaway.

  45. Oh what a wonderful giveaway. I have a tip for ya. if you want to make pumpkin bread but have no pumpkin substitute some peaches instead. I did and no one knew the difference. it that sneaky or what.

  46. I love your blogs and giveaways, thanks for always thinking of other ppeople, you are so generous. Merry Christmas!!! Lori in NE

  47. Hi....checking in......oh my look who has come to the party! How fun is this? I have been so busy cleaning, finishing up some sewing on and now wrapping last minute gifts. Thank you so for making the day so special. I loved reading your comments and I will be drawing at noon tomorrow.


  48. It sounds as if you are having a wonderful CHRISTmas time! Enjoy it all and may God bless you with a most joyous and very Merry CHRISTmas this year and always! Please enter me in your giveaway!

  49. Merry Christmas, Linda. Thank you for the joy your blog brings.

  50. HI Linda, Thanks for the sweet message yesterday. You know I love Ya, and I do stop by often ( reading from my google reader.) I hope you have the merriest of CHRISTmas'. I DO make fudge and found the best recipe from Gooseberry Patch .. my girl and I made it for 8 teachers this year.. it was a hit. Those are the cutest little mittens. Isn't it wonderful to spend "thyme" with friends and family?.. Especially at such a special time of the year. It's CHRISTMAS... YEAH! Love ya sister, Amy

  51. Precious Linda, you never cease to amaze me! I want to be like you! I am praying for you and yours, and for our special little friend who has been hurting. My prayer for you this CHRISTMAS is that the Lord will bless you as much as you bless everyone else, and if He blesses you as much as you do me, you will be RICHLY BLESSED! In His great love and joy, Gloria.

  52. Linda~
    Since I live in Hutch and visit the same stores Good Old One (my Fav) I feel so close to you and your ministry has helped me so much.My husband had a heart attack (he is 55!) and they found some other major problems. I am going to have to show him to have FAITH that God will be with us thru this. You help me, to help him. Thank you so much.
    Merry Christmas Linda and may our paths cross someday.
    ~Lynn from So Hutch

  53. i'd love to be considered in this Christmas Eve drawing, linda. bless you dearly!

    **your sweet ways touch my heart**
    more on just how -- later.


  54. Ya know I have to be one of the most blessed ladies in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. I woke up and saw that there has been a party really going on! I scrolled down and saw all the familiar ladies logo's (don't know if that is what they are called, the little square box that has your pictures of your face or "logo") and it just warms this ladies heart! I saw a few new ones also. It truly feels like we have had a family party! I love it when you give me a few tidbits about what you are doing...baking....a little about yourself........hmmmm. Yup I am blessed! God is so good to think up family.....and ladies we are definitely that! Hope some more come and sign up. Just a few more hours and we will have a winner! Thanks so much for those that have come. I will be coming and visiting you....on your blog if you have one that is! Wish I could come and see you...or you me, what a happy thought that is! is CHRISTmas EVE.....yes!

  55. Linda, Oh my, I thought I would be too late! Living so close and running behind;o) Today is going to be a busy , busy day, secrets to finish! Please enter me in the giveaway!!
    Merry Christmas! Love you!

  56. Hi I am putting this in for Renee!

    "Hi well I never have had Christmas Crumb Sugar so here goes entry ha Renee"

    So..........just a few more your friends if you would like them to enter.
    Hugs, me

  57. Merry Christmas! i hope your family is enjoying the Holiday Season. I just love stopping by!

  58. Thanks for the recipe. Love the decorated jar. You make everything look amazing. DON'T put me in the draw, shipping to Canada is outrageous. I did tidy up this morning. Will do a little baking this afternoon and everyone is here for dinner. Just wanted to say hello and Merry CHRISTmas.

  59. Okay ladies we have a winner......please come and see! Thank you again for being such supportive are the BEST! I entered you all even though you lived far away!!!!!!

    Hugs, Linda

  60. cherry bars look wonderful.
    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com


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