Saturday, December 11, 2010

God Is In The Business Of Changing Hearts

Been working on an order for a friend. Finished it..........I have been sewing
away...........thanking the Lord for these 3 weeks off. Doing what I love to do
and I am so so thankful!

Hello............sweet ladies........haven't had internet since Friday night late.....and it just came on a bit really is not a fun deal...........learning some patience!

I am soooooo excited today..........we are going to meet Vitaliy. He is on his way!!!!!! We will be buying balloons and making a poster! Lots of excitement going on!!!!!!! Oh my.........I can hardly wait!!!!!!!! My life is changing already daughter in love, Tonya called........ she and her friend Aunt Rae Rae got to their destination (picking up our son's families little orphan boy). They are staying with a family who also adopted an orphan boy last year. The family met them at the airport and after they picked up them up they wanted to show Tonya and Aunt Rae Rae something. They drove them to a refuge camp. Now ladies........ I didn't know that there were refuge camps here in America. Tonya said, they were taking socks to the families....... that lived there. They were invited into one of the families HOMES at the refuge..............she said they hardly had any belongings and furnishings very meager living. They were asked to sit down and then one of the older little woman left the house and said she would be back. She was gone for a little time and when she entered the house she had bought two bottles of vitamin water. She took 4 small cups out of her cupboard ..........poured the drink into each cup and then gave it to them. Tonya said that she felt like saying "noooooo", because they so little, but she didn't........she knew that the little lady was blessing them with all that she had. My families heart is changing........JESUS wants us to learn from this precious little lady! I think this CHRISTmas is going to be a very memorable one for all our family! I will share when he gets here.

I am having so much fun stitching away............. making a new pattern.........hoping to show you soon, it is almost done and if I don't have internet problems........ maybe I can get it up. Please if you wouldn't mind would you pray that the internet service would start working for good! The LORD has been so good to me!

Here is a little sneak of what I am doing. Maybe you might want to guess what it is?

If you don't hear from know why!!!!!!!


Bless you all and lots of Hugs from...........Me



  1. Hi Linda! Those snowman in your first pic are cute. :)

    I didn't know they had refuge camps here in America either! I will have to look into that now.

    Can't wait to see what you are making. Have a wonderful time with Vitaliy! And I hope your internet stays on!

    Blessings, Jessica
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi Linda,
    I'm praying for Vitaliy and your family and for your internet connections:)

    It's beginning to look like snowmen...I'm excited...they're sooo stinkin cute!

    Keep us posted on his arrival and enjoy your break :)

    Love ya'

  3. Linda, I'm so excited for you & your family & Vitaliy's arrival.....You will have a blessed Christmas, I'm sure! I did not know there were refuge camps in America. Thanks for sharing with us....

  4. I can tell your heart is blooming and eyes are widening. That is a good feeling. I'd like to know where this refuge camp is. Or is it a shelter? Have fun sewing. Thank you for the pdf for the recipe book ;-) Hubby had a heart attack last week Friday and I am ah bit frazzeled.

  5. Linda, how blessed your family is! And what a wonderful blessing you are!!

    Special prayers going up for tonight. Such a new experience and gracious opportunity. May God's love surround each of you.

    I had no idea there were refugee camps here in the states. What a wonderful display of Christ's love Tonya was able to be a part of and to witness. God is so very good to each of us.

    Blessings, my friend!

    P.S. Looks a lot like snowmen and very cute!

  6. Oh Linda.. I am so glad to see you back on line.. You have been missed! I did not know there were refuge camps in this country. What a blessing that little lady was.

    I think you are working on a snowman..and I can't wait to see the completed one..just know it will be so cute!

    xoxo Gert

  7. Oh what wonderful news....
    Keeping your family in our prayers Linda.... and also just read your friend Toodies comment and am praying for her husband as well.
    Love your snowmen....

  8. Linda... I'm so excited for you and your family and Vitaliy :) :) :) You will make a good impression on him...and only God knows what kin d of a good influence you'll have on him now and in the futre ;) :) :) I'll pray it's a good time for everyone!!!! That's wonderful that you have three weeks off to craft to your heart's content, be with family etc!!! Love and hugs from Oregon :) :) :)


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