Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We have a winner!!!!!!

Tay started some fun baking yesterday.........don't they look num? We want to see your pictures.......and if it is okay we will put them up on our blog!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

I can't believe the response on the Prairie Flower Farm CHRISTmas CookieCookbook. The comments have just blessed my heart big time. I love all the sweetness you ladies express. I think we all will have plenty of recipes for the CHRISTmas Season!

I have just found out last night that I missed some recipes........I have asked that they please send them to me again. I looked in my emails and couldn't find them. We will just have some more cookies to add!!!!!!! That isn't a bad deal is it! So if some of you wanted to send something.......... please send them at this time. I don't know what happened to the emails......but we are going to make this happen. When I was putting the cookbook together...... I was hoping this wouldn't happen. I didn't want anyone left out. Next time I will get right back to you and let you know I have seen them. So......... please, please, please if this happened to you.......... please send me your recipes!!!!!! Please put "Cookie Recipe" on the subject when you email me at

Okay now for the winner.........

for the Winter All Year Long Quilt KIT and Bias Tape.

My Taylor drew the name and it is................

..........isn't that the sweetest name?

This is what she had to say.

Linda, it's lovely! I would love to be entered in the Party!!! I do several crafts, but some could stand some improvement...or patience. LOL
I'll be blogging about this tomorrow, but will stop back and let you know!
The quilt is truly beautiful!

Well congratulations is your chance to learn. The instructions are very simple to follow and now we want to see what you can do! Smile!!!!!!! We will keep in touch with your progress!!!!!! Now how is that for a little pressure? Maybe I need to try doing a video?

Thank you everyone who entered the party.........I loved reading about what you love to your free time...........we all have so much in common! Wish I could have you all at my would bring what you love to do and we would have a huge crafting party!!!!!!! Wouldn't that just be so wonderful?

God Bless you and yours!

Noticed some new followers



  1. You won't believe this. I posted a comment and in my excitement managed to lose it!!!

    Yes, I am thoroughly excited...even rambling and grinning ear to ear! I am having trouble believing that I WON!!! And yes, a video would be great and I think videos would be an awesome addition to Peace Creek Store!!!

    Linda, you and your precious girls, have been such a blessing to me....just getting to know you via the internet has been wonderful! Added to have the "bestest" followers *because I follow some of them, too*...wouldn't it be awesome if we all were neighbors!!! The fun we could have! One day, when Jesus returns, we will have a tremendous re-uniting!! What a gathering that will be!

    This afternoon, I need to go to both the grocery and the feed store (the two legged and four legged critters all like to eat!), but when I get back, ya'll (yes, all of you!) come on over! We'll have apple-cinnamon tea with warm from the oven oatmeal cookies!

    Again, thank you!!! Hugs...bunches of hugs, to each of you! I am so amazed...I won!

    Blessings from our place to yours!


  2. How fun! Snowflake shapes are one of my favorites to decorate! Looks nummy!

  3. Congratulations, Cheryl!

  4. Hi Linda! Thanks for you sweet comments on my blog yesterday! Ya know, I laughed through much of the day because it was so out of the ordinary! But your right, one day when my children are grown I will miss day's like yesterday! Blessings, Jaime
    ps. I posted about your generous offering of the Christmas Cookie Cookbook on my blog today! I just had to pass on the love!! :)

  5. Congrats to Cheryl and THANK YOU Linda for the fun. Maybe Cheryl will come over and we'll have a quilting party!

  6. Congratulations, Cheryl. What a wonderful blessing!


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