Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An orphan boy from the Ukraine

Hello sweet ladies..........

This is so new for our family. We do not know this little boy.........but he is growing in our hearts. It must be the Lord.........but He is just like that. He says in James 1:27. "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after ORPHANS and widows in their distress......"

Isn't he adorable? It is amazing........ how much Vitaliy looks looks like our grandson. Pray that they would know what the Lord wants them to do about a possible adoption. We are all asking the Lord to make it clear.

Sometime back I wrote about this little guy coming to America from the Ukraine to stay with our Son's family for a month over the Christmas Season. He is coming to see America and hopefully to be adopted. This organization has adopted out lots of children. I asked for prayer some time back and some of you wrote who were interested in doing something. I lost track.....of the internet has been such a bother. If you would like to help support him with a one time donation please use the site below to do so.

New Horizons for Children, click here.

It is between you and the Lord, if you would like to help. Please do not feel any pressure, because there is none! I just knew that there was some and I don't remember who.

Today I baked from the Prairie Flower Farm CHRISTmas Cookie Cookbook. I forgot to get a picture. I will tomorrow. I made the Merry Berry Cheese Bars entered by Connie Johnson. We had a lot of fresh cranberries at the college kitchen..... sooooooo I thought we would try and make our own cranberry sauce for the recipe. It was so easy, water, sugar and cooked with chopped cranberries. I will take a pic on Thursday of the bars/. They are so delicious. I am really going to have fun with the cookbook! Please let me know if you try something! I am so excited!

Hello to all the new were so noticed!



  1. Oh Linda, What a blessing that is..We have hosted Russian Orphans before..that were here on a homestudy program..( looking to be adopted)though our hearts were moved and would have loved to adopted ourselves we were just not finacialy able to do it...we did try so actually it wasn't that we were not finacialy able it was that the Lord had a different plan for us...Because surely if He had wanted to we would have had the means...He always makes a way when His Will is to be made complete...Isn't that such a wonderful thing to know...I am sure if it His desire for that sweet boy to be apart of your family the Lord will OPEN ALL DOORS..I will keep your family in prayer and that He will give a peace and clear direction if this is to be His will...

    I can't remember if I thanked you yesterday in my comment for your SWEET and CARING email you sent me..In my blogging absence...

    Thank you so much for your Kind and Generous Spirit...

    Many Blessings to you and yours this day..
    In Christ

  2. Hi Angelina........this is so cool! Really blessed my heart that you knew about this. We are all so excited in our family. They say we will have to be low key. We will need lots of grace at this time. Our kids don't have much support other then another family that lives out east who did adopt their child. He wants to learn to that is my department! I will enjoy doing that!

    Yes you did mention yesterday........I had just missed seeing you on your blog. Glad you are back!

    Hugs sweet friend.........Linda

  3. Oh Linda, how exciting! I will pray for your family, for wisdom, for bonding, and for provision. As an adoptive mama, I can tell you, that it is very hard work. But it is such a blessing and miracle. If this is God's plan for your kids, He will make a way. Have fun this month with your "maybe grandson".

  4. Hi Sivje.......thank you for the encouragement. You have the most adorable girls........and this coming from you just blesses my heart. The prayers will be so welcome.....they are really stepping out on faith. It will be neat to watch the Lord work. We will have fun....plan to have our annual Snowman Party. Hope he enjoys.

    Thanks again for taking the time to write!

  5. What a precious little boy. Linda, thank you for sharing this news and his picture. I will pray for God's provision and wisdom for your family. It's such a beautiful thing to love and care for these children.

  6. Linda, what a sweet face this young man has! I know your family will be a blessing to Vitaliy.

    Praying the Lord will be in the midst of this visit, that the peace that passes all understanding will prevail and that HE will make HIS perfect will known.

    And he will be there for your Snowman Party, right?

    I know he is going to fall in love with all of you and your farm.


  7. Hi Camille......isn't he? Thank you for praying. It will be fun for our little grandson to have him here. We are praying for Vitaliy's salvation! I found a place with an Illustrated Russian Bible. It will be neat to see what the Lord will do.

    Hi Cheryl......yes he does have a sweet little face. Thank you sooooo for the prayers! Yes he will be here for the snowman party. It will be so special!
    We will fall in love with him also.......I think we already have!

    Thank you ladies for commenting~ Me

  8. Linda, I'm praying for you-for sure! I wanted to pass along another website you should check out:

    Some folks in our area have sponsored a little boy from Eastern Europe to help bring him to his forever family. It is such an amazing organization who helps children with disabilities who are usually moved from the orphanage into an institution where they do not receive proper medical care or simply love. Half of them do not make it through the next year. Check it out.

  9. Linda, I was humbled and blessed beyond words to hear that you made up the Merry Berry Cheese Bars for the Sterling College folks! I feel that through your hard work we were able to give them a blessing :) That was waaay cool! Thanks

    Know too that I am praying for Vitaliy. It must be wonderful to see such godly character lived out in your children and grandchildren!

    Blessings on your day,


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