Friday, December 17, 2010

We Have A Winner!!!!!!

You are welcome to use this picture if you like on your blog or facebook.

I love the truth of His Word................this verse is one of my very favorites. .........Precious little baby born to a precious Momma........grew as a man.........died as a Savior .........for those who accept HIS GIFT!
Thank you very JESUS!

We have a WINNER................

Sue D said:
I find it hard to pick one favorite thing I like when I come here. If I have to I will pick crafts followed closely by recipes but I also love to hear about everything going on on the farm.

please email me! I need your address so I can mail your book!

Thank you everyone for coming and entering the Nativity Story Party! I will be having another party soon that I think you are really going to like!!!!!!!!

It has something to do with

hmmmmm.....promise you will definitely like!
Until then go over and sign up to get their posts. Their post are always
full of wonderfulness!

Here is some information for you. Since Vitaliy has come into our life........ we are
learning lots. Just maybe someday you might need this info!

If you ever need a Russian Picture Bible you can get it here We have known our friends that were missionary's (I should probably say not were but are, because they are still spreading the gospel with their book store) for many years. Never in a million years would I have thought that their online bookstore would be just what we needed for our Vitaliy!!!! Isn't God so amazing to set things in motion years before we might need it? Like I have said before..........I love it sooooooo that HE is in the DETAILS!

I know this pic is little......sorry.......don't know how to make it bigger. We also ordered this Illustrated New Testament. I guess it is wonderful..........

we also got this book called Heroes of the Bible......he can color pictures
and learn at the same time.

I want to say welcome to all the new Followers. I am not sure how you are finding us, but I want you to know you are soooooo welcome here at Prairie Flower Farm. I have tried to come to every follower that has a blog to say hello and it has been a pleasure to meet you!

I was able to sit last night with my girls while needle punching some snowman heads for an order. It was so wonderful to just rest.....and not have to worry about time.......and be in my HOME. You guessed it..........I JUST LOVE IT!

I have three teenage girls in my front room. Giggling.......giggling and giggling. Need I say more?

They have been taking pic's around the farm. Loved this one. See the horse and rider?

Please tell what you are doing to get ready for CHRISTmas!
I would love to hear from You..........then........ I can come and visit YOU!

Hugs from my farm to your HOME sweet ladies!!!!!!



  1. Momma Stubbs-

    Our plans for Christmas are 'up in the air'. :) We are trying to make sure everything is ready, ie presents, ect, since we don't know for sure when this little baby is going to decide to come! :) Only 14 more days till my due date! I am hoping the baby comes soon. In the midst of preparing for Christmas, we are trying to prepare for the baby too. Still have some things to get ready. I'm hoping if I get everything done then the baby will know it's time to come! :)

    Have a wonderful CHRISTmas! Love you all!

    Anna Bojanna

  2. I'll definitely share that first photo on my FB and my blog, too!!! I really do love CHRISTmas :) :) It's so excitign to see the good things God is doing for you and your famly!!! I'm pray ing that God will continue to bless you while you work. However, I'm also praying that God will provide a way for you to be at home again all the time ;) :) The photos are wonderful..especially Micah's. Yes, I did notice the horse and rider :)

    Congrats to Sue D on winning the giveaway. That's awesome!!!

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Hi Anna Bojanna how precious that you read your Momma Stubbs are so sweet. Can't wait to see your little one! I am so proud of you!!!!!!! Please keep me posted!

    Hi Heather....I love my little baby Jesus. When I was putting seemed that this was perfect! Hugs, Linda

  4. Dear Linda ~ Just stopping by to let you know that you have been a blessing to me over the time I have *known* you! Thank you for always pointing us to our precious Saviour!

    Have a lovely CHRISTmas with your family my friend! I will look forward to catching up with you in the New Year. May the LORD bless you each day as you celebrate HIM!

    In His Love,

  5. I am making grocery lists for Christmas dinner this year. Our oldest son Michael will be here for dinner and then our youngest son Paul & his wife and children will be here later that evening to open gifts with us. Maybe the weather will be cool and we can light the fireplace. On Christmas Eve we are going to a candlelight service at a church in Houston and then out for dinner with our son Michael. I love Christmas and seeing as many of our family as we can. Hope your Christmas and all on this blog is beautiful and blessed. Hugs from Texas....

  6. This morning I will dust and vacum, my daughter and her friends are celebrating Christmas here later this afternoon. Then I will be frosting cakes and packaging fudge for gifts.


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