Thursday, December 2, 2010

Interesting Day at Work!

Today we had such a fun time at work. The Head Chef gave me a teaching session on how to make mozzarella cheese. It was different from the first time my friend Gail and I made it. When we made it we used 2 % milk and rennet. I loved the flavor then and today what we made was no exception. Today we made it with curds. It was sooo easy. Have you ever made mozzarella before? I will show you the pictures tomorrow.

I had two programs to go to tonight. Two different grandsons.........two different schools had CHRISTmas programs. Need I say more? Tired!

Just had to drop in and say hello though. Can't wait for the weekend! Are you doing anything special. Our family will be putting up the tree. Can't wait to have some time to decorate.

Oh I also have a surprise to show son said tonight........."When you get home look in the duck will remind you of when you were young in Alaska"........I couldn't even think...........I want to take a picture first.....then you can see. It is totally neat (cool)!!!! I think you will like.......a lot. It is late and dark outside now........ so the pic wouldn't turn out very well. I loved it. My son knows his Momma well. Until tomorrow! tired.......need sleep!



  1. Bless your heart, two programs, one night! And it seems so early in the month!

    Can't wait for the tutorial on cheese making...I have goats' milk, ya know!

    And I am anxious to see what was in the duck pen.

    Have a blessed night's rest! It's nearly the weekend.;)

  2. Cheesemaking is my next adventure! Like Prairiemaid said, I can hardly wait for the tutorial! (Did you say you were doing a tutorial?)And I am anxiously waiting to see what's up in your pen!
    You are such a good grammy! Those boys will surely remember your love and devotion to them in years to come!

  3. Huh? I wrote *duck pen*! I wonder where the duck went? ;~P

  4. Oh! I want to make some cheese! So looking forward to your tutorial! You are so lovely!

  5. Can't wait, for all of it. I want it to be tomorrow!

  6. I put up the surprise and then some!!!!! Come over and see!

    Hello Prairiemaid........your package went out........can't wait for you to get it! Can't wait for granny to get her apron for CHRISTmas.......take a is a must. I need to take a day and come and buy some goats milk from you for some cheese making.......oh my what a dream come true that would be!

    Hi Lady Farmer!!!!!!!! So nice to see you! It is so easy to make all kinds of cheeses. I put up videos to go to and watch.......even children can make!

    Hellooooo PBKISSES! It is so easy.......and with all your precious all would have a wonderful time. Look at the videos.........easy peasy! Try it and let me know what you think. Lovely? Sweet lady you are!

    Hi is the day........I put it up, just a bit ago. Come back!

    Thank you for leaving me love notes......makes my day!

    Oh I love this little snow that is falling as I write you all this comment. I put up how to get it if you all want it on your blog. It isn't hard......that is what my daughter said...........she doesn't know her Momma very well with I take that back.......she does!

    Hugs sweet ladies! me

  7. Hi Linda,
    Your Blog is a place that leaves one with Cheer, and lots of LOVE! What a LOVELY place to spend some time!!!
    Many Blessings to you and all, Linnie


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