Tuesday, December 14, 2010

She is finished! Sweet Annie Gift Bag e-pattern and Kit

Sweet Annie Gift Bag

I used to make a lot of doll patterns years back........some have requested doll patterns....so I had to bring back Sweet Annie .............so here she is!!!!!!!! This is what I have been working on in my sewing room for the last few days. I love her and hope you do also! She is soooo easy to sew up and she is a really unique and a fun gift to give or just keep for yourself. Inside the bag you will fill her body with the dry ingredients for our favorite "Apple Fresh Cake Recipe". The recipe is included with the pattern. Add apples to a basket that has a tag with the recipe attached, tie a ribbon on the handle and you have the sweetest gift! If you would rather have her sit somewhere on a favorite shelf........... just fill her body with sand.

Great door stopper also!

You can make her head up just as a pin, make a few by hanging a piece of twine to the top of her head as an ornament for your tree..............

......pin her head to the top of a present or make a few and tuck some into a berry garland or evergreen garland. Simple.........and SWEET!

To buy e-pattern direct click on the link below and order.


Sweet Annie Kit

The kit has "everything" you will need in this sweet little jar........ so you can make one Sweet Annie, oh......except for the fiber fill, paint for her mouth and the ingredients for the Apple Fresh cake won't be included.

$9.50 plus $4.95 shipping(pattern not included)

Payment for kit: Paypal, check or moneyorder

If you would like to order kit send me an email at
prairieflowerfarm@gmail.com. put "order" in subject.

Oh also.....if you want to buy one as a gift.......and want it sent wrapped and with a tag from you.......I can do that! You just tell me who and I would love to send it off!

Hi sweet ladies........everyone at our HOME has been so blessed by the arrival of Vitaliy. He came to our farm yesterday...............he gathered eggs (I had to put some in from my friend Gail's chickens) mine are on strike! They think it is toooooooo cold. Don't blame them, he loved on a kitty for hours........

he brought a duck into the kitchen. Joshua his host Poppa (our son) knew his Momma wouldn't care. Smile......and I didn't, we are into making memories at our farm! We even had our daughter's colt in the kitchen! Didn't turn our so well....but she cleaned and scoured the...........!

Ian (right) and Vitaliy (don't you think they look alike) talked to each other on the computer. There is a place you can go to......


to talk. It even speaks the words... so Vitaliy can listen in Russian. Amazing!!!!!!!!

Vitaliy said to Tonya, "Thank you & I were matched in the US" !!!

We cried!
I was able to tell Vitaliy that I loved his smile.......(he smiles all the time), he smiled back to me. He hadn't been talking very much and so I took him out to the horse corral. He lit up and kept saying Horse Horse Horse!!!!! We got so excited......that is not a hard thing for this Babushka to do! We then started communicating on the words that he did know. cat, duck......horse......babushka. Not many words now......but he will be getting English lessons everyday for one hour from Aunt Rae Rae.........she was able to accompany our Tonya in picking him up. God is working! Pray for his salvation please! Today he is going to the dentist.

He doesn't know what a bath tub or shower is..........oh my.... is the Lord teaching our grandchildren some important lessons!

Before our son left last night he came back in alone.........our son's heart has been over
taken ........it is okay.......it is better to love ....it is the Holy Spirit working.......I told him that we love him also.........I told Josh that I was believing what he said about the Lord owning the 0's behind the dollars..........He left me with "Mom.......he owns it all"...........truth spoken!!!!!!!! God is so worthy of our praise. I am asking God specifically for the amount needed to adopt Vitaliy. We don't have it......but the Lord does!

Our Christmas is going to be sooooooo special......it has already just
I love you all, Linda



  1. Sweet Annie is very sweet. Is she really that easy to make up? I have never finished a doll project.

    I'm praying for your family and Vitality. What a blessing you are being to this orphan.

    Blessings to you all,

  2. Yes she is. If you can sew around a circle, sew a straight stitch and use a needle and thread.........you will be set! She really is easy!

    Thank you so for your prayers? We just love him to pieces!!! Very well mannered and seems very happy! One host family had a little boy that didn't speak one word the whole month. That would be so hard!

    Thank you for your comment! Hugs, me

  3. I love your "Sweet Annie" kit! So adorable!!
    I need to tell you that the last two days I have read your postings, I have had to leave my computer and get tissues. I was soo touched by what is happening with your family and precious Vitality from Russia.
    Please know you are all in my prayers! God does own those zero's!

    Malinda @

  4. Malinda........I am with you...even as I write about Vitaliy I cry. It is amazing how much we have tucked him in our hearts so fast!!! It must be the love of Jesus that is coming through, because He died for Vitaliy. Thank you so much for your prayers. We are going to need it. He is so so sweet. CHRISTmas is going to be so special. Love your blog!
    Hugs, me

  5. Hi Linda,

    I have been reading your blog for a while now and enjoy it so much! I was blogging at homestead bloggers and a blogger there had a link to your blog. Thanks for visiting me. I love "Sweet Annie" She is so cute. I am praying for this sweet boy and your family. This has touch my heart.


  6. That is so cute I love your Annie!!!!

  7. Hello Sarah.......so nice to have you a part of Prairie Flower Farm family! Loved coming to your blog.....very pretty! Glad you like Sweet Annie! Thank you for praying for our family! It has touched our families heart also. He is such a sweetie!

    Thank you bj!!!!!

    Hugs everyone! Linda

  8. My heart cries as you tell about Josh! What an awsome God we have. So many prayers answered! Kitty

  9. Linda, how wonderful and amazing. I'd like to help. Please, if you are interested, email me privately at redpinemountainatgmaildotcom or message me on FB.

  10. I'm overcome with emotion just reading your post, it must be overwhelming living it. Have a blessed Christmas. Love and prayers to you and yours.


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