Monday, December 6, 2010

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hello sweet ladies!

Tonight I was working in the kitchen.........I felt like someone was looking at me. There was him..........Mr. Snowman.......peeking at me as he is all nestled in my sugar jar.......I got the giggles. Thought you might need a smile!!!!

I think he is telling me it is time to do some major cooking.....we will be off for 3 weeks........I think I can handle it!

We are going to two of our grandchildren's CHRISTmas program..........can't is that time of year! Hope all is well!

Does anyone that follows me have snow yet? I want snow so bad!



  1. Yep we have snow here in Ohio.It is and has been snowing since yesterday but not really amounting to much. Mr Snowman is adorable.

  2. Yes Mr Snowman gave me a smile today. Thanks for sharing Linda

  3. Oh, we've had snow since early November and lots of it! Yesterday it was 43 here and loads of sunshine and it melted some of it and today it rained and snowed off and on. Our ski resorts opened early for record breaking recordings!!!
    Love the little snowman poking out of your canister!
    Yes, it's baking time!
    Blessings to you,

  4. Linda...Thanks to you I have 'snow' on my And about a week ago we got our first snow. Today was beautiful with frost on all the trees... I hope to get my pictures I took this morning up on my blog tonight!!

    xoxo Gert

  5. Love Mr. Snowman! We've been getting snow here in western NC since Saturday but thankfully not much has stuck here around my area. In other areas tho, several inches on the ground. It sure is cold tho!!

    I do enjoy reading your blog.
    Patty H.

  6. Helllllllooooo! Oh was it ever fun to come home tonight and see guests! Thank you for taking the time and leaving a comment. I can't answer each of you........but just know you are such a blessings. So good to see that some are having snow........lots of snow. and some will probably never see snow?????Does Florida ever have snow? I was told tonight that we have a possible chance of snow tomorrow. I will be peeking out the window at the cafeteria............if we do I will definitely have to go outside for a minute! You are such sweeties.........night........4:45 in the morning........UGH! 2 more days and I will be free for 3 weeks. YES!!!!!

  7. Linda I want snow too!! Not much chance of it here in Australia at the moment :-)
    Mr Snowman is too cute !! lol!

  8. Yes, we have snow. Snowed all day Saturday, it was just beautiful. It's frigid here, so it's going to stick around for a while.

  9. I live in upstate NY. It snowed all day yesterday but no accumulation. I took advantage and went holiday shopping.

  10. We had our first snow here in Bedford Virginia on Friday. It has been so cold, last night it was 14 degrees. Brrrr.. I love snow to. I really love it when my kids don't have school so we can all cozy up together by the fire. Love your snowman. I am starting my baking this week. Yeah. Have a wonderful time off Linda. You deserve it. :) Jennifer

  11. This is cute, I have measuring cups that have chickens on the handles and I nestle them down into the sugar or pop corn so all you see is this chicken sitting onto of the product through the glass. SO cute

  12. I miss going to see my daughter's Christmas programs. I think there was one last night in my small town. I need to get backing too but when I do my husband and I eat it all up in a day or so. HEE HEE!

  13. No snow yet. I've been delivering the Joplin Globe between 2 am and 7 am for my hubby. He found a job in KC and is staying with my dad during the week. I get to work the paper route until a replacement is found.

    I love snow; but, I am a little nervous about delivering in snow and ice on the country roads.

    Oh well, let it snow anyway!


  14. Winter came in with a blast at the beginning of November here in Alberta, Canada. Today it is cold, calm and clear but often we have terrible winds. Then the blowing snow drifts and closes roads. We have wonderful drifts in the yard. I would love to have a little snowman peaking through a drift of sugar or flour in my kitchen and I am on the hunt for one. Thanks for the cute idea.

  15. So CUTE! Can't wait to see what goodies you two:) bake up! Have fun and MERRY CHRISTmas!

  16. It's snowed here in NE Ohio off and on again the last three days. We probably have about 2 or 3 inches on the ground and more on the way by the forecast. I used to really dislike snow but then I came across the passage in Psalm 51 where David talks about our sins being washed WHITER than snow and now I think of it as a pretty neat reminder of my grace given standing with my Lord :)

    Thanks for sharing your snowman LOL
    Blessings on your day,

  17. Snow here in Floyd VA. We got about 4-5 inches over the weekend, Wind came after that. Gusts of about 50-60 mph. Wind chills below zero. YUCK! I love snow but not the bitter cold that follows it. We are staying warm though and so thankful to our Good Lord for our home and our wood stove. Enjoy your time off with your family and God bless.

  18. Hi Linda. Your snowman made me smile. We had a record breaking snowfall in November (40+ inches). We had a beautiful white Thanksgiving but we haven't had any new snow since. There's still plenty on the ground though and it makes everything look so pretty. Happy baking!

  19. Hi, Linda! Will you sell me your snowman? Don't you just love things like that. It has snowed in Ohio but not that much! Nice and cold though! Just came back from a Master Gardener planning meeting for 2011. We are going on The Fun Bus to tour several gardens plus lots of fun projects for the public to enjoy! Looking forward to Spring blooms! Life is grand...God is so good to us. Love, Mary

  20. Hi, Linda - Your Mr. Snowman brought a smile to my day today!!

    I also wanted to say a big "thank you so much" for posting the link to Dani at "Eagle's Wings" blog, for her 100th Follower give-a-way - I won!! First blog give-a-way I have ever won! And it's all because you were so thoughtful as to post that link - otherwise I would have missed it completely!

    Oh - and no snow here in northern Kansas yet - except what I'm adding to my blog! Hope we all get some soon here - to make it pretty like a Christmas card outside!

  21. Hi Linda! Your snowman peeking out is so cute! No snow yet here in Central Missouri but it shouldn't be long. Thanks for visiting and following my blog...I'm so glad you stopped by.


  22. Hello again.........I wanted to answer you all last night but I was so tired!

    Hi wonderful for you to watch all that snow falling........would love it! Isn't he the sweetest little snowman cup? are so welcome. I am glad he gave you the smile I wanted him to. When I looked at him staring at me it just was the sweetest site!

    That is a lot of snowing Sheila....... going on at your place. I would love it. Oh do come back and tell us what you are baking. Would love to hear! Thank you for commenting.

    Hi should be getting your orders soon! I love it when frost is on the trees. Not good for the trees when they break and all.

    Hi Patty fun for you! Thank you for the sweetness. I like my little snowman cup. I usually have warm cocoa in him......during the winter he is just sitting in the sugar "lookin" cute!

    Patty C. It would be different to not have any snow. Thank you for coming over! Love your stitches.

    Hi you pic with you and your adorable hat! Truly adorable! Do you ever get snow?

    Hi Amy.......miss getting to come over to your blog. This working thing.......well not as fun as staying HOME! I always love all your crafting things that you do. I will come and check everything out when I am off work! is time for me to get some shopping done also. CHRISTmas is going to be here before we know it!

    Hi Jennifer.......I remember when I was growing up and I got to stay home from school. if it snowed we built huge igloos. Fun memories!

    Annon. I have seen those chicken measuring cups.....very cute! Yes I do. I collect snowmen!


  23. made me smile! That is what you are suppose to do!

    Laura.........hi......oh my you have a huge job in front of you! I am with you...I don't like to drive in the snow either. You are doing a great job for your honey. Nice he has a job!

    Lori.......I think I got that snowman cup at a Hallmark store. I am not sure if you have those in Canada. I can look and see if I can find one for you.

    Yes.......and PB he will be a great helper! You also have a wonderful CHRISTmas. With kids it is always fun!

    Oh Connie....... I love that verse! It is a great reminder.......He is so wonderful to redeem us so. Thank you for the reminder!

    Donna......sounds cozy! 4-5 inches!!!!!!!!!!!!I really would love to get a wood stove. We have talked about would be so nice to have! Especially when the electricity goes out!

    Hello Amy...sound wonderful........I would love looking out the window! I thought we were going to get some.......not!

    Mary, I wish I could.........but he likes all my sugar! Spring 2011? Wow.......I need to have my winter first! smile

    Pauline.........that is wonderful. She had the prettiest stitcheries! So glad you won. Aren't you glad you came to my blog? smile!

    Hi Jackie....I will be coming and visiting some more after I get home!

    Have a blessed day ladies

  24. I love listening to all your farm stories. You so love your home and family, I love it and find it so refreshing from so much of the awful stuff we are surrounded by today. Anne

  25. We have no snow. None. Nothing. The mountains are getting it, but we have nothing in denver.
    Thanks for following. Your sweet comments made my day! laura


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