Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Heart Is Full!!!! God Loves The Orphans!

Tonya and Vitaliy meeting for the first time!

Good morning sweet ladies!

Last night we went with big signs to greet Vitaliy (the little orphan boy)...........we could see our daughter in love coming down the corridor with Vitaliy. Our son left us to go greet them...........I have to say that at this point I started to cry.........my heart was so over joyed! I know I have said it before....but sometimes when you raise your children in the Lord and then they leave and they have their own ideas of what they want to believe and they choose to live without Christ............and you weep, beg, bargain with your Heavenly Father..........but if you "Trust" He will give you the Faith to be faithful yourself to keep on. My honey and I prayed on our face.........for a long time. We asked God to search our own hearts and He did. God gave me a promise in the middle of it all, that He would "grow our son’s faith deep in Him"...........God did not disappoint us, but I have to tell you it was one of the most painful times in our lives. So yesterday, when I saw our son walk to go meet this precious little boy...........my heart was doing more than leaps.........in the quietness of my own heart I was thanking my God for a miracle!

I am welcoming Vitaliy! A night I will never forget!

When I went up to Vitaliy I said, “I am babushka”, he smiled. We hugged and boy can he hug, so can I. It was so wonderful ladies! Our grandchildren came one by one and shook his hand..... one gave a football booklet to him. We didn’t know what to call my honey , Vitaliy would call a Dad Poppa and that is what the grandkids call Phil.

Fox News did two videos last night about the 200 children that came from orphanages from Russia, Urkraine and Europe. Kevin and Angie OShields were there they helped our son's family working with New Horizons in hosting Vitaliy. In one of the videos you will see a little boy Nathan who was adopted by the OShield's family........ you will hear what Nathan (Russian boy) said about his adopted Momma, "I got her.........my sweet pea!" God is working............MIRACLES!

Some ladies were talking that our family know and they were not so keen on going over seas when there are so many here in the states that need to be adopted. My Tressy had a good point............ Jesus said, "to go into All the World." We are taking small steps at a time.........Jesus will lead.......we will follow. I am praying that we can keep Vitaliy in our family.........so he can walk with us. It costs 30 thousand dollars to adopt..........so sad! Our son said that the Lord owns the zero's I believe him! I love Vitaliy already......it must be a God thing.........my heart is full........there is always room for one more...right? Children ARE a GIFT from the LORD! I am liking this journey.........but it will be hard to say goodbye........won't worry about it until the month is over..........he will have to go back regardless. Then our son's family can start the adoption process, if that is where God leads them. Please keep our family in your prayers as our son's family pray about what they are to do!

Please go to my Prairie Flower Farm facebook page to watch the video of him coming in, if you would like. I am thankful we have a recording of our time meeting Vitaliy. I will treasure it forever!

Our boys grew up with Ginger (wrote the song on the video) and they schooled all together in a one room school house . She has since gone into singing for the Lord. A few years back their family adopted a little girl from India........now they have a new song to sing. It is meaning more to me now, than when I heard it before. They are picking up their little girl in this video.........it is priceless and will melt your heart!

We think that the computer problem has been fixed. We will see.........if you don't hear from me......that is why. We finally spoke to a man on the phone that knew what he was doing. IT is working better than ever before. Thank you ladies for praying. We truly appreciate it.

Have a busy day planned today..........later I will be going to our friend's (that I did the corn with last year) Tea Room for the holidays. They are two precious sisters that have never been married and care for their Momma, Gramma Liddy. It will be a very special day!

Hugs, Me



  1. You and your family will have a blessed Christmas season. Vitaliy will have a blessed new life and family. Give him a big hug from Michigan and welcome to the USA!

  2. Hi Linda
    What a wonderful Christmas you are going to be having sharing it with precious Vitaliy!
    Thanks for sharing about your son - I find it so encouraging - I have a sister that has strayed & all I can do is pray & continue to talk to her when she is open - I find it so frustrating at times.
    Have a wonderful day

  3. we adopted two special needs boys here in the states some 20 years ago..only cost us $35 for the court costs....they have been a blessing...I have mixed feelings about adopting overseas but will keep my opinions to myself...wishing your son and wife much happiness with the new addition and I will pray for wisdom for them also....

  4. Thank you for sharing this wonderful time with all of us. Know that you and your family are in our prayers. God bless.

  5. What a blessing that your family can take this little boy. We have some very close friends that adopted a girl from India about thirteen years ago she is now 15, such a sweetie. It was so exciting we got to be their when she came home. It was such an encouragement to me that you shared about your son, our son has strayed from the Lord, I needed this reminder. Have a blessed CHRISTmas.

  6. One of our daughters (and her husband) have adopted 2 children from the U.S. (The little girl is in sickle cell crisis as I type this comment. PRAY.) Our son and his wife have been to Ethiopia to meet their 11 month old daughter-to-be. They hope to get the call to return to pick her up before Christmas. And I DO know about the expense. I just don't understand it!

  7. Linda, I am just sitting here with my eyes full of tears....So happy for you all. The pictures are beautiful.....What a precious little boy....You all have a blessed Christmas....Love your blog...

  8. This is beautiful. Truly the meaning of Christmas personified. Bless you all.

  9. I have tears in my eyes as I type this. Blessings to you and this sweet child. Merry Christmas!

  10. Oh Linda...this is just amazing...bless you and your family and that sweet little boy..

    My prayers are with you....

    xoxo Gert

  11. Oh your post made me tear up. When reading about your son's walk with the Lord...all I could think of was....in God's timing...not ours. So hard...but He really does know best and that is what gets me through when things aren't going the way I think they should.
    That new little addition to the family is precious. May God keep you all!

  12. I am so sorry to bother you with this but I am contemplating purchasing the Miss Clarice apron pattern. I have been requested to make a matching mother daughter apron and I was wondering if the pattern comes in a little girl size. I tried to find where you talked about it on older post but could not find it. Could you let me know about this? Thanks and God bless.

  13. Jumpin in here.....Sorry donna I don't have it in little girls sizes. Sorry!!!!

    Hi everyone........had Vitaliy out yesterday...........he is the most polite and sweet little guy you would ever want to meet. I just love him so much already. He really has taken to me maybe because I am a Babushka and he loves Tonya.........we are blessed women. I just love everything about being a woman!!!!!! I have some pic's but that will be up tomorrow.

    Hugs and thank you each and everyone of you for commenting. I loved every comment and if I have time will come back and respond......having fun in my HOME! Need to get up tree!!!!!!!!
    Hugs, Linda


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