Sunday, November 6, 2011

It is you are having a day of Rest!!!!!!!!

Hello Sweetie ladies,

I will be using it for Fall and later for CHRISTmas! 

Today I was able to do some things around the farm...........loved it, but it was sooooooo soooooo windy........way to windy for the Girlie Hens and myself. It was funny.......every time I went out to check on them and the egg production (I just love going and checking for eggs, the girls were inside the coop all huddled......don't blame them one bit! Just to much for them I guess to be standing outside being blasted by the southeast wind. Anyway......I crafted,  organized and  gave my sweet man a little project. I have wanted this "sweetness box" fixed for a long long time, but just have had to many other things to get done, soooooooo he did it for me!

I have had this box for sweet man has repaired it for me before well probably lots of times before. I know this picture looks like the box should be thrown away.......I can't do it! It is my favorite! One of my "things" is very old boxes! The older the better. 

This is the bottom........aged...........wood. Perfect!

The star has two broken parts Vitaliy says....."esssssssss okay"!

I like how it has the white washed looked. 

Well I have to say........I was reading to my sweet man about the earthquake on Friday night in Oklahoma tonight (Sat. night). About two minutes later I felt like I was swaying........then said to myself it is just in your head........well it wasn't, just east of OK. they had another 5.6 earthquake. I was in the one in Alaska when I was was very scary. Not sure I want to do this again!

Reminds me of end times.........are you ready to meet God, if you died tonight? Jesus came to save the lost (us) die on the cross for our sins.......if we accept what He did for us taking our place.......and turn to Him and accept His life for ours you will have  new life......He will give it. He paid the price! Tell Him, if you never have before that you need Him as Savior........He has been waiting. If you need to talk with me.....please email me. I would love to talk with!!!!!!!

Hugs and may the Lord bless you today!



  1. Hi Dear Linda
    Thank you for your lovely message on my blog! It is lovely to catch up a bit here! I have never been in an earthquake, but I imagine it would be so very scary. I am glad to have the assurance of my salvation no matter what the future holds. Thank you for your amazing witness!
    Love to you

  2. Hi Linda, scary stuff about the earthquake! I've only ever felt a couple of small ones here in the UK - one a couple of years ago, in the middle of the night, which shook the bed around!! I didn't like the feeling at all!

    My little hens are feeling the cold now too, as we move towards winter here - my little flock is now down to two, as we lost Bea & Maude recently to old age, bless them - just Betty & Dotty left!

    Loving your posts, as always!

    Love, Willow (Lindsay!) x

  3. Yes Linda, I know Jesus personally!!! Where would we be without him? I beleive the earth is groaning and letting us know...time is coming to an end...I ready! thanks for sharing so openly the opportunity to share your faith. I love the box too! Blessing andd have a great "Sonday"!

  4. Wow, you and me both! I love old boxes. I have a great old dynamite box with very fine dovetailed corners. I like the star. And I can hear Vitaliy's sweet accent as I read his comment. :-)

  5. Linda!

    You were right! I LOVE your box! It is so cute!

    I agree about the end times. Yes, I know Jesus personally. I would be so undone without him. I couldn't make it in this world without His love, mercy, grace, protection, and guidance. He is our hope in a lost, dark world. I am looking for His return and hoping it is soon.

    Great post, Linda! You are a great witness for Christ and such a blessing to others.

    Love you,


  6. The box is my cup of tea! It looks great! Yes, I am ready. We have earth quakes in California..I don't think about them..

  7. Beautiful day here even with cloudy sky.
    We went to hear preacher from Tennessee who my hubby loves to watch on tv and he comes to our area sometimes. Great message and the pastor said their church has had so many salvations in last few months. Yes it's harvest time and hopefully soon Jesus will return. We are waiting... and praying. Hope all are ready to meet him.
    Love the whitewashed box, Linda!
    Hope you have a good week ahead ~

  8. I have an old trunk that belonged to my phamily for many many years! It is so old and filled with so many memories. It is in my garage and I am going to do something with it once we get that garage cleaned out! I have my mothers hope chest and it is sitting at the foot of our bed. It was made in Kansas long ago! Ah...the sweet memories! Always a joy visiting here. Hugs Anne

  9. I just read the next few paragraphs. It is my opinion you add a considerable amount of energy to build this particular post. I really thank you for get the job done.

  10. Dear Linda,

    Hello there! Jill Novak sent me, and I'm so glad she did! :) I've read your work in the Girlhood Home Companion, but this is the first time I've come to visit.

    I truly enjoy what you have to share; you are blessing the lives of many!



    p.s. I'm compiling a book of stories about special chickens, and would love to include any you might have to share. Jill shared one about an ornery rooster that I think is perfect! :)

  11. i am *****always***** so uplifted
    when reading through your posts.
    what a gift you have, dear friend.
    and how sweetly our Lord is using
    your gift to bless and encourage
    others. {{{ hug }}}


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