Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Winner and Autumn Lights Garland Tutorial

Good Morning sweet ladies,

We have a winner, but we don't have an email addy. The name we drew from was.......

 Nancy M.

She said, 
We've gotten some rain here in southern Missouri and are so thankful. The jam sounds great -- I've never had that combination before.

Yahoo for Nancy M. will have to email me! My email addy is up at the top right hand side along my side bar here on my blog.

I have to say.... every time I have a party and ask for a comment...... I get to know you all a little bit better. So do all of the rest of you ladies. I never dreamed that PFF would facilitate such sweetness among all of us! It is a precious thing and very precious to the Father.......I am sure!

Yesterday was a craftin' day for me..."ALL DAY LONG"......out in the Potter's Shed.......horses on one side and Willow on the other.......she would baa all day long as I would talk with her. I have to say it was one of my favorite days in a long time. The weather was beautiful. Not hot and just a light breeze. The morning doves were cooing as I did my work. I have a Momma and a Daddy that have been staying on the farm this whole summer. The sound is beautiful! I kept finding my self doing little shouts of praise to the was my communion time with Him. Our girls were gone, my sweet man was working on papers in the it was just me and the Lord. I was getting to do what I truly love.......designing......with a get the Potter's Shed for service. I kept hearing the Lord....all day......."don't just use this place of refuge for your friends"......."use it for those you don't know." I have a young couple at work, He has laid them on my heart......they don't know the Lord........I will be cooking for them.....asking the Lord to work that out! I have been praying......please pray with! 

I enjoy lighting a candle whenever I am craft working. I thought....."I can just take it outside" needed a little simple decoration. 

I started gathering my supplies......on my long farmhouse table......... that I keep in the Potter's is old.....I like it a lot!!!!! I started organizing.......

.....the silk flowers, berry picks.....leaves.....and some of my bittersweet.........fall colored fabrics......and some ribbon.

100 mini CHRISTmas lights........ 

and brown floral tape.

I started first by wrapping the brown floral tape around the Christmas lights. This was going to make the lights have a branch look. 

I was working away and my sweet Momma Willow was baaing behind the Potter's Shed wall. Music to this farmgirl's ears!!!!!!! I climbed up in the trough and this what I saw........had to take a pic. She knows her name! I love her! Just sayin'. 

After I wrapped the CHRISTmas lights I took a leaf (at Hobby Lobby I found a candle holder with leaves that I liked a lot) and attached it to the lights by tying 1/4" brown check  ribbon into a small bow. Simple! I did that on each 10th light. 

On the other lights I tied  1" wide ripped fabrics. It would be pretty to do lots of fabrics in between each of the lights also, but with my time constraints I couldn't. It was looking very colorful.......I liked what I had seen in my mind!!!!! God the Master Designer shares!

I put the lights up along the wall's edge. For some reason there has always been this aged chicken wire on the boards along the whole wall. I have liked it and will never take it has a story.....I just don't know what it is....and I would love to! The lights look so pretty against it, don't you think? I started adding some bittersweet and sticking it into the chicken wire. It added just the right touch! I will also be adding chicken feathers......just haven't done it yet. I will show when I do!

Hope you enjoyed the 

Prairie Flower Farm 
Autumn Lights Garland Tutorial. 

It was a sweet day for sure........there was only one thing missing.........

"All of YOU" 

What a precious day that would be! 

If you make one be sure to let me know......and it would be so nice if you emailed me a picture. Wink! 

I got to thinking maybe some might need some homespun fabric. If I had a kit of ripped fabric's......and chicken feathers..... would anyone be interested? Just let me know by emailing me......put in the subject line fall fabrics feathers. It would be about $5.00, $1.75 shipping. Sorry on the has become so expensive! Paypal, check or money order. 

May the God of the Universe who knit you in your Momma's womb.........touch your life this SONday. May He be ever so real in your LIFE as you go out and serve Him!



  1. LOve, Love, Love your idea! So beautiful and also love how you tie everything in with our awesome - awe-inspiring God! Praying for the young couple as God gives you the words to reach out to them. I'm home from church recovering from surgery today and was so touched by your post. Thanks for posting - I need more blogs to read. I enjoy following you! :)
    Ava from Texas

    1. Hi Ava, we stayed home also from church is 30 minutes from us and it just seemed to much! We are working outside the home now and sometimes we just so badly need a morning of rest on the farm. Thank you for your sweetness! God is so good to me to give me the art of design and "decorating my style"! Heehee I had such a precious day with him.

      Thank you so for following and being a PFFarmgirl with!!!!!! It is a big blessing for me! Hugs, me

  2. I want to thank you for your blog. I read every one that I get through my email or facebook. You are so grounded, makes me strive to be better, but I fail too often. We do serve an Awseome God. HE Blesses me everyday. He is in our life all day long. I just wanted to thank you for the inspirations, neat ideas & recipes. May God Bless you & your family. Have a great week. Rebecca, Western North Carolina

    1. Rebecca, thank you for the sweetness. You ladies are what make Prairie Flower Farm a special place! It is like a big family! Oh, my I want you to know......I fail.....many times. I am on the same journey you are on sweet lady! Anything I do right, I have to give Him the credit. He lives in me and is always telling me to go the right way! Sometimes I am off the path! Have a precious family that helps me! Glad we have friends to walk with! Hugs to your week also! Linda

  3. Linda , congrats to the winner :-) I was wondering if you could answer a question for me , how do you post your photos , what program do you use to resize them and place the watermark ? I recently discovered that I was almost at capacity for my photos so would appreciate any help you might have to offer .Thanks

    1. Hi Sheila,

      I use pic monkey and Ribbet

      There are things that I like about each of them. I think you just have to cost! If you need more help...just let me know! Hugs to your day! me

  4. That looks very good. You have lots of talent lady.

    GOD BLESS!!!

    1. You are sweet Missy Charlotte! Have a nice day! Thank you for the sweetness!

  5. What a lovely idea!! Just an FYI...Michael's carries mini lights in the brown colored wiring. It's the only place that I've found it but it is more expensive than the little green wired lights. I've used it for my fall decorating several times. :) I like the idea of adding fall-colored fabric strips!!

    1. Well there is that sweet face! I didn't know that Velma! How neat to know that. It did take some time to wrap the lights. Thanks for the info!

      Hugs, me

  6. Thanks for the cute garland idea! I might just have to do something like that! As I was reading along and got to the picture of Willow I just had to smile---so sweet!

  7. Congratulations Nancy M! I just know you are going to love Linda's Jam! Linda, I love your garland idea! I just might have to try that and put it around the deck of the house we are remodeling! We can see it from the cottage we are living in, it is above the garage and I just know it will look great! Sounds like you had a simply wonderful Saturday!

  8. Congrats to Nancy M.! You will enjoy that tasty jam! Linda that garland is so sweet and so country! I just L O V E it! I am resting watching the Bronco game with my honey! He drove me to Pueblo today to have lunch with 4 former classmates. One flew in from San Diego! Forty years ago we were all school girls! Oh my how we connected like we never left off!
    Your farm is beautiful. That Willow mama is sweet! What a wonderful sound to your ears.
    On a sad note please pray for the family of Lynsey! This beautiful 17 year old took her own life while the boyfriend who dumped her showed off new photos of himself and his new girlfriend on FB. Just a tragedy. My niece said her son Ryan is devastated but the pretty little teen suffered from severe headaches. I guess only the Lord knows what happened. So tragic.
    I an going to find some jam in my fridge and have a little snack before bedtime and enjoy a little quiet time with my honey!
    Love and Blessings Anne

  9. Thanks for sharing your garland idea with us. I love it. I will pray for the couple that you mentioned, and pray that God will use your farm, the potter's shed and your refuge cabin to reach the lost.
    We are praising the Lord today after the 100 mph winds that came through our farm yesterday here in Maryland. Lots of big trees down, but everyone safe and much of the corn still standing. Lots of work, but the yard clean-up was mostly finished today.

  10. You are so creative and I love your mini lights garland tutorial. I love how it all looks on your chicken wire too. It looks ready for the change of seasons. I think our season started to change when we got the rain from what was Hurricane Isaac and now we are getting cold fronts through and I love these warm sunny days and cool nights. I haven't done any autumn decorating yet but you are a real inspiration and write such an uplifting blog. I know the Lord uses you to bless everyone who follows your blog! Thank you dear sister in Christ. Donna

  11. Congrats to Nancy...what a treat for her :)

    I love the way your garland turned out!

    I would love to make one for the front of our barn; now if I could just get the electrician to wire up a plug ~~~*smile**

    Thanks for sharing, sweet friend.
    Hope you have a great week!


  12. Love how it is turning out Linda!

    What a fun and beautiful day that you had!


  13. thanks for the tutorial. it is a super idea.


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