Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hope Your Saturday is a SWEET ONE!

Good morning sweet ladies!!!!

The weather today is absolutely BEAUTIMUSSSS!!!!! I went out this morning and couldn't believe how cool and crisp the air was. 

I went to let all the teenagers out of their pens. They are so busy this morning eating bugs and worms! 

I was moving the canned peaches and chicken that I had canned this last week, down into the cellar. Heard this little baby chick peeping away. I had noticed that Missy Red had hatched a new one earlier this morning. Thought I would just keep it under her for a few more hours before I brought it into the house. I am always afraid of a cat hurting I hurried down to see the commotion..... this is what I found peeping away on the ledge. Eeeekkkk! Missy Red had taken a break from her nest and he just came out on his own. It is safe under a light now in the house with 3 11 in the last week. All of them are the sweetest! 
Some may ask why I am letting the Momma sit on babies at this time of year. Well the reason was I didn't realize that the other girls kept going in with her and laying eggs. I didn't realize that until it was to late. I was candling the eggs and saw that there were new the eggs.....I can't hurt them so that is why we are having babies. I keep the Milk House nice and warm during the winter months so the chicks will be fine......just case you were wondering. 

Found Here

It will be a busy day around here on the, decorating......getting ready for some newly weds that will be coming this next weekend! Can't wait to have them here on the farm! I will be making this.....for the front of the Refuge Cabin door.....isn't it so pretty? I have everything I need.....I will show you later what mine looks like....want it to look just like this!  

Hope all of you have a sweet day......and know that you have been prayed for...He loves it when we come to him!!!!!!!

Hugs from the farm, 


  1. I think we can fully trust little chickies in your hands : ) The wee one is SWEET!! Have a wonderful weekend in the Lord's blessings, Linda.

  2. Hi Linda...I just wanted you to know that I have been visiting your "little space" ... I enjoy it so very much. We are enjoying a perfect fall day here in our part of Kansas as well! Sweetest fall blessings to you and yours! Simple Blessings ♥ Teri

  3. What a sweet post....from your newest little peep to the Refuge Cabin for a young couple to stay. You have such a heart of gold...a heart after God's own heart!
    Blessings to you, Linda,
    Carolynn xo

  4. I have a broken rake laying in the yard! Ideas what I can do with it! Your wreath is beautiful!
    Our mornings are cool and crisp too. Although the temps are in the 70s I am making an apple crisp later. Our oldest son went to the Bronco game,, His friend won a pair of tickets! He is such a good young man. We are so short of everything this week and he got paid and pressed extra money in my hand for groceries! I pray some young lady will see the kind heart he has. He is such a beautiful man, kind, caring, loving. All the little ones and the pets adore him! I need to send you a note. I get too personal and I should save some comment time for others!
    I want to come visit you before Nick decides to leave Kansas. Oh, he will finish the year but it is real tough for him. I will e mail you.
    Blessings to you and yours

  5. the chick is adorable. I'm glad you found him, as he wandered away from Mommy for a bit. The rake is so pretty. I must look for some items to try this with. Thank you for the great idea!


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