Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Horses.......and A Walk

Good morning.........sweet ladies,

What a precious morning my sweet man and I had. The farrier is going to be here this morning to shoe all the horses. That means we have to hike up to the pasture and bring them back to the barn. They must have come down in the middle of the night to get some it would be some time until they come back down . 

The walk is so pretty........peaceful and quiet!

They saw us come over the hill. 

They started walking towards us. They really are wonderful horses. Our daughter Taylor has put many hours into them.

With Juneau being led by my sweet man all the others follow.

Kiowa and Lady were staying a little behind...eating some more! Silly girls. They saw that everyone was almost at the barn and they took off. I love watching them run!

It was a good day......tomorrow I will write about the farrier. It was fun to watch. It reminded me of when I was homesteading with my family in Alaska. My Grandpa Reid was a farrier........I have lots of fond memories.

Today I will be working in the Potter's is coming......tomorrow evening......we will take pic's of them in the back of this truck.....making some more memories!

Hugs sweet ladies to your day........may you be blessed........a Jesus,


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  1. Beautiful horses!!!

  2. You've created a lovely life with your family.

  3. The walk up to where the horses were has got to be a lovely walk for the two of you. A morning walk together would be so blessed and then the commune with our Precious Lord would be Joyful.
    Your horses are just beautiful, just one of God's great gifts to us. Have a blessed weekend and God Bless you and the Family.

  4. I love watching Gods creatures running in the fields!
    Hugs and blessings to you and your family!

  5. Oh to see how well behaved your horses are...looked like a wonderful day for you and your sweet

    Can't wait until tomorrow to read all about the farrier and about your company!


  6. What a beautiful and uplifting post!
    Blessings, my sweet friend,

  7. I love your little farm! We have a farrier come to take care of our two horses hooves once or twice a year. We have one horse who has severe problems with foundering and her poor hooves suffer severely for it :( Horses are such beautiful creatures. I especially love your palomino..always one of my favorites. :)

  8. I read and enjoyed very much in your blog.

  9. I love the photo of the horses walking single file toward the barn! I've always loved horses. They're such majestic creatures. Isn't Jesus an amazing Creator to think up such things!!

  10. Your horses are so pretty.
    May God bless you week.


  11. I loved the picture of the horses all walking in line. That was precious to see them.


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