Thursday, September 6, 2012

It Is Raining!!!!! Thanking Jesus!

Good evening sweet ladies,

I don't have much time tonight. I had my granddaughter Ellie spend the night on Wednesday night and she came to the college all day today. It was so fun for her to get to do that. She enjoyed herself also! When we all got home tonight there was chores to get done, because there was a storm that was coming in. I worked on getting all the chickens watered......outside.....then I went to check on the babies on my side porch. I looked in my little bird cage and the two, one day olds were out and on the floor........together. Eckkk! I scooped them up and put them back into their little birdcage. My fault! 

Then I went out to the Potter's Shed, to work on the wreath that needed some new bittersweet put on it. I have some more work to do to it. Need to buy some pretty ribbon to make a bow for it.  I like how it is looking.  It is on the door to the Potter's will be so pretty to greet the families we have during the fall.  

The sky was looking beautiful and the clouds were building up. I took this picture to show you our Kansas Mountains. Every time I see them do this.....I wonder if today will be the day He comes back for us! What a precious day that will be.

I also took this pic for Ellie of Denali and Juneau (his Momma).  I am not sure what happened to the pic, but Ellie and I like! He is getting so big. He loves it when she comes to see him. more day! Love my weekends......have lots planned. 

Thank you so for the comments you leave.....they mean a lot to me.....especially when I am at the bakery. Brightens my day for sure!

Remember only one more day and I will be picking a sweet lady to win the Peach Strawberry Jam! If you haven't singed up yet please go HERE to sign up! I will draw a name on Saturday at noon! 

Hugs to your day.....know that you are precious in His sight....and mine!



  1. Glad to hear you are getting some rain!
    That is the most beautiful picture of Denali and Juneau!!

  2. Beautiful photo's Friend.
    Happy Day its raining. JOY!
    Please join me for Girlfriend Prayer Day!
    Hugs,Love & JOY in HIM

  3. Linda, I'm so glad you are getting much needed rain. That in itself is a blessing, & sharing time with your granddaughter is wonderful I know! Boy, those babies want to get out and scratch don't they? smile.... I believe that is sunlight streaking across the picture of your horses! Love it!


  4. Our weather is hot, humid, and rainy. I need to do some serious weeding this weekend.

  5. How I love your uplifting post, my dear friend.
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
    Have a nice weekend,
    Carolynn xo

  6. We got a little rain! I am very grateful that God is good. I had a tough day today! I had to print a copy of the Ephesians, put on the full armor of God and hang it in front of me so I could look at it all day long! Oh how Satan loves where I work! But everything I did, including eating my little tricuits and cottage cheese with mandarin oranges snack made me smile and thnak God for His goodness!
    Your farm is beautiful! Hugs Anne

  7. hope the babies are ok! Love the picture of Denali! Oh! I would love to taste your peach strawberry jam! It looks scrumptious!
    Have a wonderful blessed week-end Linda, We are going to the fair with our son, daughter-in-love and two precious grands!
    Hope I win the jam!

  8. Hi Linda, I posted on your facebook, hope I win!


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