Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Planting time on the farm!

Hello sweet ladies,

What a busy time it is on the farm. Our son is planting wheat and that means family time. Memory making for me........... that will be tucked away in my heart for another day! It is a favorite time of year for a farm family. Nothing like it. 

Brother and sister putting wheat seed in the drill. Our family has been doing this for 6 generations. The grandchildren are the 7th. 
family heritage that has been passed down. Each one doing hard work to keep the farm going. Precious thing!!!!!!

Our girls have worked along side our family.....from the time they were 11 and 12. It gives them an appreciation for work and accomplishment. Their Grandpa Jack always loved watching them drive tractor. Just one of those memories I haven't forgotten. He is now gone to be with the Lord. We miss him every time we do another planting or harvest. Can here him saying, "make sure those rows are straight. When Josh our son left he said to Tress......make sure those rows are straight!"

Lots of laughing time going on!

My precious family!

We love to see "clean wheat" in the drill. Means planting time. We have a dependence on the Lord.......we ask every time for His blessing. It is so needed. 

Checking for the depth of the wheat. You don't want it to deep. We have rain in the forcast. Perfect timing. 

Another beautiful sunset from the Lord. He is letting us know that He is with us........for that we are thankful and blessed. He wants to be a part of our everything! We love to invite Him. He will now take the seed and make it grow. An amazing thing. New little life in the ground! 

I love Him!

Hugs to your day sweet ladies. Hope you enjoy it and that the Lord's presence is noticed......... as you go about your day!


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  1. Ah Linda, what precious pictures of your family and your beautiful sunset!
    Our Lord is blessing you mightely!


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