Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hugs to your Day......It is Friday!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies, 

it is very late and I am beat! The week is almost over and can't wait for the fun weekend we will be having with a young couple that we just love. They just got married this last summer and they will be coming to the farm for 2 days. My girls and I have been having so much fun getting the Refuge Cabin all fixed up for them. We will be eating around a camp fire and making a couch out of bales of wheat straw. If you remember we did it for another couple last year. I will take pic's. 

The "Girlies" are laying Yesterday I went out to gather the eggs with my apron on......look what they gave me and by the end of the day I got two more....sweet Girls! I put up a question on my face book and got some fun ideas on what to make with them.  I will share after I make them. 

I also have been selling my "Girlie" eggs at work to some of the ladies. For some time I have been adding a feather to the top of the eggs. The ladies like! Looked at this pic, this morning as I was putting fresh eggs in the egg cartons. Couldn't resist to take a pic! Love the way it turned out! I loveeeeeee egg pictures. 

Well today was exhausting. Some "sweet pea" at the college left me a waffle glued to the top and bottom of the waffle maker. They didn't even tell me........ugh! I am out in the front again scanning the kids meal tickets for the next few weeks. The morning didn't start to well.......I was rushed and then this. Took me twenty minutes to get the whole thing off.......I kept praying....asking the Lord to bless that "sweet pea".......who ever it was. Helped my attitude. Then that wasn't enough.....more things happened. Just kept praying! Then.......the inspector of the company came.....everyone went into high gear.....I was already exhausted with the morning stuff. Then I am sitting in the entrance of the caf......and in walks another inspector!!!!!! The State! Could the day get more fun????? Our boss said that this has never ever happened to him in all the years he has been in food. the time 2:30 was there......I ran out the door. Hee hee....really I just had to laugh at the day. I got more praying done! Smile!

I am going to ask the Lord for a break tomorrow........and this time I am keeping my eye on that waffle maker for sure!!!!!

Hugs and God bless you sweet ladies, thank you for all who prayed after I put up the request on fb! It didn't get better, but my heart was happy!!!!!!! 



  1. Thankful God gives us a happy heart even on the bad days!
    Sending you a hug.

  2. My dear Linda, I am so very sorry to hear about your stressful day. I do remember those kind of days...and yes, to continue praying through the storm really does help. My prayers are with you for a wonderful calm day!


  3. Don't you just love the color of the eggs we get from our Girls? They can brighten even a stressful day and I hope today is better for you.
    Blessings :-)

  4. Linda,
    You sure are very busy. I am excited for your special weekend for friends in the cabin. I love how God uses you to bless others all of the time. Do you have any updates on Tenlee? My class of Jr. High kids at church still mentions her when we pray and I was wondering if you have heard how she and her family are doing? Hope you have a wonderful day at the college and an even better weekend at the farm.


  5. I ♥ the feather with the egg thing! If I lived closer, I'd beg some of those eggs from you :)

    I've been pretty patient waiting on pictures of the Refuge Cabin!!!! I know your guests will be blessed, Linda.

    Grace to you and your entire family.

  6. Oh, Linda :D You crack me up! I hate that you had a hectic day, but your story made me smile!

    Hope all goes well with your company. I know they will love your hospitality ;)

    Love ya,

    Susan Montgomery

  7. My day was tiring on Thursday at work. And my legs hurt as well cuz I was tired. Then hubby wasn't home early as scheduled to make dinner. I got home then he came home a few minutes later. We walked over to Arbys for dinner. That was fun and my legs got a bit more rested. Had a good day today, off work and drove down to my former college and had a relaxing day. I needed it. That's it in a nutshell. Have a good weekend. I like you egg photo with the feather in it. Cute idea! Hugs!

  8. I use to buy eggs from a lady I worked with at the hospital. She knew chickens like I know myself! I really miss her stories. Your photos are beautiful.
    Working with mean spirited people is difficult. I hung a copy of the Full Armor of God (Eph 6) front and center so when I sit down it is staring back at me! I read it a lot these days! Smile!


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