Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Old Bike

Hello sweet ladies, 

Do you have a memory of your bicycle? I would love to hear it! When I moved down here from Alaska, there was a bike in the barn. It even had a child carrier on the back of it. I put our son in the back and off we would went. We would go riding down to Peace Creek and then off on the other country roads. We picked lots of Kansas wild flowers to put in the front of our basket. It is older now, but I have so many precious memories. I wonder if you can still get new tires for it. It would be so fun to fix up. The frame is good. I will have to see. 

Now it sits by the Potter's Shed. I am working on fixing it up for fall and then winter after that. It will be a conversation starter I hope. I am sure we will hear about other's bicycle stories when we ask! We have invited a family that knows one of our sons to the farm. They have a little 2 year old. He wants to see some baby chicks. We are up to 8 now........I think we have what he might like. Can't wait! We will be serving them in the Potter's Shed..........hmmmm what will I fix? 

Have a sweet day and know that you have been prayed for this morning. I will be working out front taking meal tickets from the kids. I didn't tell you, but I was bringing a bucket of straw into the house. My sweet man had the hose going out from the back porch to the chickens.......yup......I tripped over it. Hit my knee cap. It hurts. Also got my shoulder. Not cool! I hurt. 

Love and hugs, 



  1. That's a great idea for an old bike! Mine was a 24 inch green bike. I remember learning to ride on the slope in the backyard when I was probably 8 years old. Fun memories!

  2. I remember my old bike. We hadn't lived in our current home very long and my dad was removing a fence surrounding the house that spring. The fence was covered in old fashioned rose bushes that were removed too. I know he patched my tires two dozen times each that summer. It seemed every day I said,"Dad, my tire is flat again!" He was so sweet and patient and fixed the holes every time. It took forever for all those thornes to finally disappear! I will be praying for your bumps and bruises today. Have a wonderful day!!

  3. I love my bike at home. It is funny seeing everyone here in their uniforms and combat boots riding their bike. There are so many bikes here. They all need work and some TLC. the sand and heat have taken a toll on most. but it is great to be handed down a bike when you get here and to know that you will be able to pass one on to the person who will replace you. It just adds a touch of home and freedom to be able to ride somewhere and not have to walk.
    My grandchildren are learning to ride so I am excite that we might get to go riding together when I get home.
    You can probable found tries and all kinds of parts to repair it. will take so work but it would be fun to ride all those country roads there. You see so much more when riding than in a car. God's beauty sometimes is that small flower or that deer you can only see from a bike.

  4. I am sorry you fell over the hose. I fell the other day also. LOL If I was younger it would not have fazed me but my hip is sore today. Praying the soreness will leave quickly for you.
    My bike was bright pink with a white basket. It had those handle bars that had a name but I forget what it was now. I loved that bike. It went many many miles with me. lol I remember learning to ride it and thought my mom was still holding on until I turned around and saw her walking into our front door. Of course I fell then. Wait were they called Sissy bars? Maybe! Thanks for the memories.

    1. My bike was white with blue flowers on the banana seat. We called them High-rise handle bars. The sissy bar was the tall bar behind the seat. We also called that kind of bike a spider bike. My dad was the one who taught me to ride on our gravel driveway. Ouch!

  5. Thank you for the bike memories which brought up my bike memories. Sorry you tripped over a hose and hurt your knee and shoulder. I pray God will heal you up fast. Hugs & prayers,

  6. Oh, no, Linda!! I hate you are injured. It sure can happen in a hurry when we least expect it. I PRAY it will be well very soon and you have no lasting effects from it.

    I was not much of a bike rider. It took a 10 acre field for me to turn around. Hahaha!!!

    GOD BLESS!!!

  7. Great memories you have about your bike!

    So sorry about your fall... I do hope you mend quickly!

  8. Boy, you sure bring some old but good memorys!

  9. Oh Linda, no! I pray that you are able to sit out front, get well soon!

    Love your bike, my 1st bike was green and white. try learning to ride in a hilly coastal town! I ended up going up the street to the high school and learned on the track field!

  10. Hope the ouchies are going away! My first bike was a full size one--would that be 26"? I can't remember!! It was used, but a Christmas gift from "Santa". I learned to ride it but fell one time - hard. (Oh, I did fall more than once!!) Bent the handle bar really good. Daddy had to try to straighten it, but it always had the 'scar' from the bend. It is out in the junk pile more than 50 years later. Time to go out and rescue it for the garden!!♥♫

  11. How I wish I had MY first bicycle back. I was in elementary brother and I both got brand new ones for Christmas...I DO have an old bicycle - no gears, etc. - that I ride to post office, etc. My husband painted it purple and sage green :) I wired a wicker basket on the bars to hold mail.

    I'm sorry about your tumble. I sure hope the damage was minimal and that you'll soon be perky as ever.

  12. Thank you for the bike memories which brought up my bike memories.

  13. Your bike is precious...and the memories are so sweet too.
    Are you feeling better after your tumble? I lifted you up in prayer.

    Have a lovely day, sweet friend!

  14. Ouch!! It seems the older we get the more those falls hurt :( At least it seems that way with me. LOL Hope you aren't too bruised up as a result. How blessed you are to be able to serve those who come to stay. Reminds me of the few short years we had with our Bed and Breakfast. I counted it a privilege to have guests in our home and saw it as a wonderful ministry.


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